Heart of a Freeman


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Ten Years Later

Setting: Basketball Court-Harper Hill Park, Harper Hill-Southside Richmond; Richmond, Virginia

Date: June 23RD, 2030

Time: 5:00 P.M.


If We Ever Meet Again

Robert Freeman JR.

"And once again we're live in Harper Hill Park just as Ray Rafael takes his final shot, if he doesn't get this then he has lost to Robert Freeman Jr. in the simplest game on the Planet Earth…Horse. He already has the first four letters and if you pronounce it without the 'E' then it simply sound like 'whores'," I said pretending to be an announcer. I was at the park with my best friend since fourth grade, Raymond 'Ray' Rafael. He moved down the street from me when he was nine and after hanging around me like a lost puppy for a week when he first started Elizabeth D. Redd Elementary, we became best friends and now we were only months away from being seniors. He was my first and only guy friend since I had no interest of playing on the basketball team at our high school, Huguenot High. Ray looked over at me and rolled his eyes, my humor was definitely something I got from my Uncle Caesar. I got my basketball skills from my Uncle Riley and my intelligence and wisdom from my father.

In my whole family, I was the oldest out of eight, but in my household…I was the oldest out of four. My Dad, Huey Freeman married Jazmine DuBois when I was eight. She was more of a Mom than my birth mom, who left me and my Dad when I was baby. He didn't meet my official Mom until I was seven and she was engaged to marry another man. I didn't really know why that marriage got called off until I was thirteen and my Dad told me that her former fiancé was having a dirty affair with the woman I'm supposed to call Grandma, but we hardly talk. I don't know if they're still together or not, it didn't matter to me.

Jazmine had two other kids from her previous engagement; Alexandria and Tom Jr. who were both ten and two years after they got married, they gave birth to another daughter named Camille, after my birth grandmother. She was now eight and the three went to the same school, along with my Uncle Riley and Aunt Cindy's two kids; his nine-year-old daughter, Raleigh Cynthia Freeman and his son Raul Escobar Freeman. My Aunt Taylor and Uncle Caesar had only twin daughters; Ashleigh and Amelia and they were starting high school this year.

My Dad and uncles owned AfroCentric; a fashion store that they've had since college—it was still popular today; Ray and I worked there as cashiers on Mondays-Fridays and half of my paycheck went towards my college education. I wanted to go to my Dad's alma mater, Virginia Union University. When we were at work, Ray and I were strictly about business, but there were times we goofed off in the employee break room. Sometimes, my Dad would even let us come upstairs and we helped them with whatever ideas they needed. Mom still worked there, but she was actually apart of designing the women's line of fashion. It's only brought more popularity to AfroCentric. The store even got more notification in the West Coast and has participated in more underground and high end fashion shows as the years went by.

I watched as Ray tried to make the half-court shot that was impossible for some, but not for me because I trained under Uncle Riley. He dribbled the ball a few times; all of his energy was focused on the ball as he jumped up to take his shot. He missed it by a quarter of the way towards the basket.

"And the crowd goes wild as Robert Freeman Jr. wins the simple game of 'Horse' and as promised, Ray gets to buy the winner ramen!" I said. I pretended to make cheering fans as if we were in a stadium as Ray threw my ball at my chest, but I caught it and laughed.

"Amigo, you got lucky with that half-court shot, but I did get the letters 'H' and the letter 'O' out of you," he said as I grabbed my duffel bag from under the bench we were sitting at before and wiped my face off with it. It was hot as fuck out here, it was a scolding 97O out and even the plants were dying. I was thinking about just staying in the house where it was air-conditioned, but Ray desperately wanted to get out so I just said screw it and told him to meet up at the park. Ray lived with his Mom and drunken Dad, so he always found refugee staying with me whether it was for a night or a week. Mom and Dad didn't mind, we barely had any alcohol in the house because of the three younger ones. If they wanted to go drinking, then they would go over to my Uncle Riley's, he had all the alcohol locked up tight so Raleigh and Raul couldn't get to them it.

"Did you wanna get changed at my house before you give me my dinner?" I asked him as we started walking down to our houses.

"Nah, my Dad's not there," Ray said. Ray was full on Hispanic and like me; he was fluent in Spanish, English, and Korean because we've both been taking Korean ever since high school in my Aunt Taylor's class. He had curly, jet-black hair that reached his shoulders and eyes that reminded me of the deep end of the ocean. His skin was olive and smooth and he was starting to develop a six-pack from all the running he did. He was on the track team and the girls in our school loved him. When he wasn't around me, he was on dates, but he wasn't a womanizer. If he didn't like a girl, then he would tell her right then instead of going out with her and then telling her that he wasn't interested.

When we reached Ray's house, his Dad's truck still wasn't in the lot which was a good thing and I told Ray that I would see him in a few. I decided to pick him up in my Land Rover that Aunt Cindy got for my sixteenth birthday. I took really good care of it, I even repair it myself whenever there was a problem with it. I even gave her a name, Black Beauty.

When I got back to my house, I opened the door and saw the little ones in the living room doing their summer homework. Alexandria and Tom JR. looked like Mom more than their birth father. Alexandria's hair was in a puffy ponytail just like Mom's used to be when she was younger, so I could only imagine that Alex's hair would become curly as she got older. Tom's hair was curly like Ray's, it reached his shoulder blades and he often kept it in a ponytail so it wouldn't fall over his face. They both carried Jazmine's emerald green eyes and they like they could be identical even though they were fraternal because of their genders.

Camille was the baby; she was named after my grandma who died when my Dad was eight due to a brain aneurysm. She had my Dad's Afro that she kept in a ponytail and those Freeman eyes, round and the color of red wine. I snuck up behind her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Ew, you're all sweaty. Where were you?" Alexandria asked looking up from her homework.

"I was with Ray," I said as I went in the kitchen. "Where are Mom and Dad?" I grabbed a water bottle from the forever packed fridge and drunk about half of it.

"They went out and they left me in charge," Alexandria said.

"How long are they going to be gone for?" I asked her with a smirk. They did the same thing with me when I was younger, I could only stay by myself for no more than an hour.

"They just went to get something from the store, they should be back any minute," Camille said. I smiled as I patted her head; always go to Camille for information.

"I'm going to take my shower now, if anybody knocks ask who it is before answering and if it's a Jehovah Witness, then tell them Dad's going to kick their ass and they'll run away," I said as I headed upstairs and walked in my room. I asked Dad for my own room and bathroom when I was thirteen and the twins were six. Tom would ways come in there often while I was taking a shower and I got tired of it, so it was either kick Tom's ass or get my own bedroom/bathroom. I got the sole bedroom/bathroom and now I always locked my bedroom door.

After I took a shower and drying my Afro—it was a long process and one of the major downfalls of having an Afro, but I was used to it after seventeen years, I put on a pair of cargo shorts with a black tee and black sneakers and headed downstairs where I saw Mom and Dad just coming back in.

"Where have you been?" I asked them even though I could tell due to the hickey on Mom's neck. Whenever they're both going to the office and they weren't working, they would usually just go to make out. I knew my parents better than anybody else, they were pure freaks.

"Just to the office," Dad said.

"You're both freaks, as if I need another sibling. We don't have that much family left, unless you want to name another boy after me," I said as I grabbed my car keys from the bowl. Mom blushed as she headed upstairs. Dad just raised an eyebrow.

"Going out?" he asked me.

"Yep, Ray promised to buy me ramen, we were playing basketball earlier and we bet that whoever lost gets to buy the winner ramen," I said. My Dad and I were of the same height and our voices practically matched. For me, it was like looking in a mirror, in twenty years if I worked hard enough then I could be just as successful as my Dad and he hardly worked. The only thing they did in that office was goof off before they actually got to work.

"Don't stay out too late," Dad told me in his baritone voice.

"As in…"

"No later than one or your sparring with me for a week," Dad said. Even in his thirties he's a better sparring than me; it was as if he never believed in getting old.

"I wouldn't mind winning again, if that's what you mean," I told him with a smile. He rolled his eyes as I walked outside and quickly got inside Black Beauty. I started the car up and it wasn't long before an old Hip-Hop group and the air conditioner came on. I quickly cooled off as the passenger door opened and Ray climbed in and I drove off. We were halfway up the street when I saw a moving van in front of one of Harper Hill's empty houses. There were two moving trucks outside and two cars parked in the new driveway. I saw the Harper Hill House Association come by earlier in the week and spruce up the house. A family of three emerged from the first car and a girl who's about our age emerged from the second car.

I looked at the girl who came out of her own car, it was a dark blue and silver PT Cruiser. She had long, curly scarlet red hair and eyes that were round and purple. It was her eyes that drew me to her. She looked over at me and I smiled at her. She waved back before grabbing a box from her the trunk of her car and turned towards her new home. I turned over to Ray and smirked at him.

"It's too hot to help," he told me.

"Stop being a pussy and let's help," I told him as I got out. Ray rolled his eyes and ran to catch up with me as we walked across the street to where the movers were getting stuff out the second truck. The girl spotted us and walked over.

"Hello," she said with a smile.

"Hey, I'm Robby and this is Ray. We were wondering if you and your family needed any help," I said.

She was taken aback. "OK, let me see with my Mom first and then I'll let you know." I nodded as she ran over to where her Mom was. The two only conversed for a few minutes before she ran back over to where Ray and I stood.

"She says that she doesn't have any money at the Mom, but if you still would like to help then she can give you two like fifty bucks each tomorrow afternoon," she said.

I looked over at Ray. "It's fifty bucks. What do you say?"

"OK," he said. We walked over to where the movers were and grabbed some boxes, hauling them inside the empty house.

"The boxes you have are straight for the dining room and living room, we already moved the boxes that were for the upstairs and kitchen," the girl said as she carried a box and dropped in into the apparently living room. I nodded and placed the box marked dining room and put it gently down. We kept repeating this process for an hour and when the last box was moved in, we stood up with the girl and her family.

"We would like thank you so much for helping us, it's nice when such nice boys come and help," the woman said with a smile. "We'll pay you tomorrow afternoon if you come by around three."

"OK, but we really didn't do it for the money," I said. Ray cleared his throat and I elbowed him in the stomach. "We just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."

"Well, I want to pay you for all your hard work. No good deed goes unpunished you know," she said. She smiled as her and her family went back in the house. The girl smiled at me.

"You remind me of a friend I used to know," she said.

"Did you want to hang out with us? We're going to get some ramen in AsiaTown and probably catch a movie," I said. She nodded and went inside the house to tell her Mom and Dad where she was going. A few moments later, she came out and I introduced her to Black Beauty and she got in the backseat while Ray and I got in the front and I started to drive off.

"So why don't you give us a name, we don't want you to feel like a stranger," Ray said.

"Gina Stevens," she said. "And who might you two be again?"

"I'm Ray Rafael and this is my best friend, Robby Freeman Jr.," Ray said.

"You don't have to add the "Jr." part though, you can just call me Robby," I said.

After eating ramen and catching a late-night movie, it was 12:30 in Harper Hill and I still have thirty minutes to spare on my curfew, good thing to because after all that moving I did today, I didn't have the strength to spar with the King of Sparring. We pulled to Gina's house first and with Ray asleep in the passenger seat, I decided to walk Gina to her door. I could also talk to her privately because I knew who she was.

"You have no idea who I am do you?" I asked her as I walked to her front porch.

"What makes you think I don't know who you are, Robby Freeman," she said with a smile. I smirked at her as we stopped at her front door. "How have you been?"

"I've been fine, I got taller you know. I couldn't stay that short forever," I said.

"I see that you got taller, you're probably just as tall as your father. So I was wondering when you wanted to hang out again, just the two of us so we could catch up."

"As much as I would like to hang out with you and you force me to play with Barbies, I'm going to be busy tomorrow. AfroCentric still stands and tomorrow is inventory day, but if I get off early I can pick you up and we can go to the park or something," I said.

"Cool. I'll see you then." We exchanged numbers on our phones and I waved bye as I walked back to Black Beauty and got inside. I watched to make sure she got in her home safely, then I drove back to my place and both Ray and I headed inside for the night.