WOW: Tongue. Look, you give me a prompt word like 'tongue' and you've only got yourself to blame …

Rated a great big scary T for sauce and pervertitude.

Disclaimer: I don't own either of the boys – but I do own several bananas.


She was blonde and pretty; and she had a banana.

She was also alone, sitting across the diner, and Dean was mesmerised by her - and her banana.

Carefully peeling it with elegant, teasing fingertips, she slowly lifted it to her mouth and smiled a predatory smile as her cherry red lips closed around its tip.

Her intense blue eyes never left his slack-jawed gape as the tip of her delicate tongue emerged from between those glossy lips and ghosted over the banana's fleshy length; first one side, then the other.

Then she bit it in half.

Dean fell off his chair.