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As if the trip into Richmond hadn't been a complete waste, shopping without your friends just didn't work sometimes, now her car was broken down in the middle of nowhere. This day just wasn't getting any better. Sighing she dug through her purse and grabbed her cell phone. Jamming her fingers into the buttons she pulled up Tyler's number.

"Hey Care, what's up?" Tyler answered after several rings.

"My car broke down, can you come get me?" She grumbled into the phone.

"Oh." Tyler said quietly. "I um, where are you? Have you called a tow truck?" He stumbled.

Biting her lip she tried to shake the odd feeling that he wasn't coming to her aid. It was ridiculous of course he would come. "I'm on 64, and yes I have. They can't be here for a few hours." She replied annoyed. What good was having AAA if you had to wait forever for a tow truck, and she didn't want to wait let alone ride with the strange tow truck guy all the way back to Mystic Falls.

"Care." Tyler started. "Where are you?"

"I'm not far from home maybe thirty miles or so, please come get me." She said her irritation starting to get the best of her. Why wasn't he already on his way? Shouldn't he at least be getting in his car by now?

"I'm kind of in the middle of something Care. Hayley and I just about have Adrian broke of the sire bond..."

"Seriously?" She yelled into the phone cutting him off. Yes, she understood how important this sire bond stuff was for him and Hayley, but she was stranded in the middle of nowhere. Shouldn't she take precedence over the sire bond? Lately they had been spending less and less time together. Yes there was the whole ruse with Klaus to keep up, but still this was unacceptable. Caroline needed Tyler right now, he couldn't take an hour from his mission to come to her rescue? "You can't come get me because you're helping one of your hybrids. You're just going to leave me in the middle of nowhere?"


Caroline didn't give him a chance to finish before hanging up on him. Taking a few moments to compose herself she picked up her cell phone again and began to look through her contacts of people she could call. Her mom was working, Bonnie was with the creepy professor, Elena was with Damon doing god knows what, Stefan was meeting with an old friend of his about the sire bond, Matt and Jeremy both had their shifts at the grill, and than their was Klaus.

Groaning in defeat she pulled up his contact info, cringing as she distinctly remembered the conversation they had when he'd put his number in her phone. She'd sworn she would never ever call him and here she was doing just that.

"Hello sweetheart." He answered on the first ring, and she could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

"Hi, so here's the thing. My car broke down and I'm stuck. Can you come get me?" Caroline asked despite herself a smile crept across her lips as she heard what sounded like keys jingling and heard his footsteps on the ground.

"Where are you?"

It had barely been fifteen minutes when Klaus's black BMW pulled up next to her car. He gave her a smirk as he got out of the car. Sliding out of the drivers seat, she gave him a small smile. It really was sad that Klaus, her quote un quote enemy, was the one to come and her rescue while her boyfriend who loved her was doing god knows what with Hayley. Not that she was jealous, because she wasn't. How many times did she have to tell herself that before she believed it?

Of course she was jealous, her boyfriend was with a beautiful she-wolf almost 24/7 recently. Who wouldn't be jealous? As much as she would like to believe that nothing was going on, she couldn't shake the feeling that there was something. They seemed way to comfortable with each other. Yes they were pretending to be separated, but why did it all seem so real? Tyler hadn't even called her these past few days.

This however was not the time or place to be worrying about her maybe cheating boyfriend. Klaus thought they were really broken up and she needed to keep up the façade so that Tyler and Hayley could free…what's his name…of the sire bond. Lying to Klaus was taking a toll, especially when he was being so nice to her. Unbelievably nice, and what was worse, he was treating her better than her own boyfriend and that bothered her.

"Thanks." She smiled at him.

"No problem love. Why don't you pop the hood let me take a look." He said walking to the front of the car.

"You know how to fix cars?" She asked skeptically.

"Caroline love, I was alive when the car was invented. I may know a thing or two about cars." He replied smugly.

"Well I guess I'll just add mechanic to the list of things you can do." It made sense he was a thousand years old, he was probably well versed in many different things. Her mind started to wander, as she took in the sight of him in his dark grey Henley and dark washed jeans. Shaking her head, because she refused to go there with hi, she opened the car door and reached for the lever to open the hood. Sighing she sat in the drivers seat as he did whatever it was he was going to do, because looking at him right now was not a good idea. He looked way to sexy for his own good. Ugh she should not be thinking about him like that.

"It looks like a lot of your fluids are low. When is the last time you had your car serviced?" He asked wiping the black smudges on his hands onto his pants as he walked toward her.

"I don't know." She shrugged knowing that was a pretty dumb answer. "My dad use to be the one to do that when he came into town." She looked down at the ground as she drug her sandal through the sandy ground. It had only been a few weeks since his death, and it was still hard to talk about. It was in the little moments like this that she remembered all the good things her dad had done for her.

"It's nothing serious sweetheart, but nothing I can fix at the moment." Klaus said looking at her. "Have you called a tow truck?"

"Yeah it will be a few hours."

"Well come on love hop in I'll give you a lift home." Klaus smirked.


As if it wasn't bad enough that her boyfriend had abandoned her on the side of the road, now he wasn't answering his phone. To say she was mad was an understatement more like perturbed, pissed, irate, those were much better words to describe her mood. After dropping her at home, Klaus had been so kind as to lend her his BMW with a smirk and a 'oh don't worry I have others', or course he did. Why did he have to be so perfect, and make her real boyfriend look like an ass at the same time? She really didn't want to delve into the answer to that question afraid of what she might find.

Why was she comparing the two men who were vying for her affections? Tyler was the good, honest, a kind-hearted guy, and Klaus was simply put, the bad guy, the villain who would probably end up hurting her in the end. She was so over the bad boy faze, that had gone out the window after Damon the douche bag Salvatore. Tyler was safe and she could have a safe happy future with him.

Or so she thought. As she approached the barn where Tyler and Hayley were attempting to free all of Klaus's hybrids, she couldn't help but hear...well it sounded like someone was having sex. Caroline had never been one to shy away from anything, but she really didn't want to know what was on the other side of those walls. A part of her wanted to run away and pretend she'd heard nothing, but that wasn't going to happen, because she had to know.

Sucking in a deep breath she rounded the corner and stared into the open barn. Having her suspicions confirmed as she saw Hayley riding her boyfriend, Caroline let out a hurt yelp. Both parties turned to look at her. Tyler stared open mouthed at her as Hayley slowly slid off of him and moved to get a blanket to cover herself. Caroline stared for a few seconds as tears burned the back of her eyes before she turned and ran back to the car.

"Caroline wait." Tyler yelled after her as he fumbled to get his pants around his waist.

"Leave me alone." She snapped as she fumbled to find the car key in her purse.

"I can explain." Tyler said stepping in front of the car. "Whose car is this?"

"Does it matter?" She hissed. She had just walked in on him fucking another girl and he wanted to know whose car she was driving. Seriously?

"I'm sorry Care. I…it just…"

"Save it." She interrupted. "I don't want to know."

"It's not what you think." He said putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Oh so what, she fell on you and you just happened to be naked?" She asked shrugging out of his grip as she fought to see through the blurry tears.


"You're only making it worse. Stop trying to justify what you did Tyler. I just want to know one thing, was this the first time with her or did you lie to me before?" She asked. He owed her this, owed her the truth. He looked away at the tree line and she knew she had her answer. Scoffing in disbelief she got in the car and sped away flinging rocks up at him as she sped away from him.


Caroline slumped down on the couch next to Stefan. They both had been going through the motions all week long. She had at least been making attempts to appear her normal perky self and was finally getting to the point where she was succeeding. The more time that passed the more she thought about her relationship with Tyler. Yes she loved him but had she really been in love with him? She wasn't so sure.

Stefan on the other hand wasn't doing so well. He was one step from falling off the proverbial wagon, and it scared her. Elena was his soul mate, he truly loved her with every fiber of his being and this thing between Damon and Elena was killing him. Yes there was the sire bond, but Elena only had the sire bond because she felt for him as a human. Now those emotions were heightened. She was sired to Damon but in love with him, or that's what Elena thought. Elena had made it clear that she didn't want Damon to leave, and of course he had complied with her wishes.

Caroline was doing everything she could to help comfort Stefan, and wanted to reassure him that everything indeed would be fine, but she wasn't so sure it would be. Elena had made her choice and it wasn't him, no matter how much they both would like to change her mind for her. It wasn't their decision to make.

As much as she disliked Damon, Caroline understood that maybe there was something more to the relationship than just the sire bond. Elena had always cared for Damon and while she still thought it was a mistake, she was trying to understand it all for her friend. That didn't mean that she was giving up on Elena and Stefan rekindling their romance either. In the meantime Caroline needed to do something to cheer him up and get him out of the house.

Standing up she grabbed his arm and pulled him up. "Come on let's go out."

"No thanks Caroline." Stefan replied.

"Come on Stefan it's a Friday night, we've been shut in all week. At least go to the grill with me to get something to eat." She said putting her hands on her hips, she wasn't going to take no for an answer. If he wasn't meeting with his mystery friend, he was back here lounging on the couch watching TV. He needed to get out for his own sanity.

"Fine." Stefan sighed after a long moment.


Klaus walked into the grill hoping to find a victim. The sour mood he was in caused him to need to drink from the vein and whether or not the person would live or die still remained unforeseen. He scanned the room when his eyes spotted the pair sitting in the booth.

If it wasn't his two favorite vampires, the woman he desired and the friend he had lost and hoped to someday regain. He would never tell them that though, well at least not Stefan. Surely Caroline had to know he had some sort of feelings for her.

Although after his unexpected visitor this afternoon he was not too happy with Stefan. Removing the dagger from Rebekah had been a bold move. The question was why had he made such a brash move. Perhaps he would go and find out.

"Hello Caroline." He said as he stopped in front of the table smirking at her. She smiled up at him brightly and Stefan just sighed and continued nursing his glass of scotch. "Can I join you?" He asked focusing on Caroline.

"Um sure." She said scooting over for him. "We were just about to order."

"You know the last time I had a meal with you someone got daggered." Stefan said eyeing Klaus and then looking at Caroline.

Caroline gave Klaus a questioning look and he just smiled. "Yes, well you've awoken Rebekah so we can just move past that."

Caroline looked back to Stefan frowning. "Is that who you've been spending all your time with?"

"I was hoping she could help me with the sire bond." He said taking a giant swig from the bottle. "Or might have some more information about the cure."

"Hey." Caroline chided. "I thought we agreed not to talk about that tonight."

"I think I'm just going to go." Stefan said as his eyes drifted to the bar.

"Oh." Caroline said as she looked around Klaus to the bar and saw Damon and Elena sitting on the bar stools, lips locked in a heated kiss. "We could switch spots." She suggested.

"No, I'll see you at home. Are you going to be fine here with him?" He asked his gaze landing on Klaus.

"Yeah." She waved her hand. He was the one who had been drinking not her. Klaus wasn't her first choice of company, but the thought of spending another evening in with Stefan just didn't sound appealing. "I'll see you at home."

Klaus raised an eyebrow, home? When had that happened? "Did I miss something?" Surely they didn't have something going on.

"Stefan has been staying on the couch since Elena moved into the boarding house…with Damon. You know listening to your brother and ex girlfriend have sex is kind of not something you want to do." Caroline sighed.

"Ah. I didn't realize you and Stefan were so close."

"Stefan is a good friend, he was kind of like my mentor when I first turned. If he hadn't helped me I probably wouldn't be here right now. He helped me when I needed help and now I'm helping him." Caroline said quietly.

Interesting that the ripper was the one to teach her about control when she first changed, but he was thrilled to learn it was just friendship between them. She was finally available and giving him a chance, he would hate for someone like Stefan to get in the way of that. "Is that why you are so team Stefan?"

"That's part of it." She said adverting her eyes from him, glancing at the bar. "I don't think Damon is a good choice for her." She whispered, whether because of supernatural hearing or some other reason, he was unsure.

"Why?" He asked out of curiosity. Was it because he was the bad boy, the unsafe choice? This intrigued him as she herself was in kind of a similar situation. Was she just projecting her fears onto Elena and Damon's relationship?

"Well for starters Damon is a man whore who sleeps with just about anyone. He snapped Jeremy's neck without even checking to see if he had his ring on, almost killed Bonnie, almost killed me." Not to mention other things that she certainly wasn't going to tell him, ever. "He lashes out and does stupid things when he gets angry, like sleeping with Rebekah. If you really love someone you don't go out and screw some one else just because things don't go your way." She said reaching for the half full bottle of scotch and taking a swig. "But Elena is my best friend and I want her to be happy so…" She trailed off taking another drink.

Klaus took the bottle from her and took his own sip. "Enough about them, let's talk about you."

Sighing she gave him a look. "Alright." She said drawing the word out.

"I was just wondering about taking you on another date, a real one this time." He said turning to look at her. He was nervous about her answer this wasn't a negotiation this time. They had fun the other weekend and she had called him for help when her car broke down. Maybe he did have a chance.

"I don't think so. I already fulfilled my obligation." She said glaring at him pointedly.

"Come now Caroline. We had fun, didn't we?" She had enjoyed herself he was certain of it.

"Just because you were half way decent doesn't mean you will stay that way. I know how guys like you are, all nice and charming till you get what you want and then it goes downhill from there." She said taking another sip.

"I'm not all that bad."

"You daggered your sister."

Of course she would bring something like that up. He wouldn't expect Caroline to understand Rebekah and his relationship. It was very complex. "So what are you doing after graduation?" He asked changing the subject.

She sat quietly for a moment, studying him as if she was going to call him out on the abrupt subject change. "Hmmm. Not sure about this summer, but college in the fall."

"Is that why you were out of town? To visit colleges?" He asked taking a sip of the scotch noting the bottle was quickly diminishing. "How is your car by the way?"

"No colleges, I was out shopping. My car is fine. Thanks again by the way."

"It was my pleasure love."

"So why'd you dagger your sister?" Caroline asked finishing off the last of the bottle.

They were back to that again sighing in defeat he replied, "If you really want the answer to that we are going to need another bottle." He said waving the empty container in front of her.

They had been talking and laughing idly for at least a few hours when Alec the waiter came up to the table and let them know the Grill was closing. It had been a good evening and thankfully Damon and Elena had left without ever seeing her sitting in the booth with Klaus.

"Well I guess this is goodnight." She said stumbling as she followed him out of the booth.

Klaus reached out and grabbed her to keep her from falling on her butt, and she couldn't help but giggle and then the hiccups began. "At least let me walk you home love." He said his words slurring together.

"I'm not ready to go home yet." She mumbled as she hiccupped again.

"What did you have in mind?"


Caroline groaned as she tried to burrow further into her pillow. It took a moment for her clouded mind to register that her pillow was much to hard to be a pillow. In fact it was warm and moving, gently rising up and down. Her eyes popped open and she closed them again against the offensive light from the window. She groaned as her head felt like it was spinning. How much had she had to drink last night? Why was her head spinning? She was a vampire for goodness sakes. She would worry about that later, first she needed to figure out where she was.

The events of last night slowly came back to her and she quickly sat up with a gasp and looked down at the hybrid next to her. She'd slept with Klaus. A part of her was freaking out a little, the other part kind of wanted to do it again. Sex with Klaus had been…amazing. The shameless, needy Caroline, wanted to stay in bed, but the Caroline who loved her friends knew she had to leave the bed. Preferably before the hybrid woke up.

Quietly she got out of the bed and began fishing for her clothes. Her head was pounding but she was driven by the fact that Klaus could literally wake up at any moment. Last night had been kind of wild; they'd barely even made it to his bed. In fact they hadn't the first time. They'd made it to his room at least, and he'd pressed her up against the door. Oh god she had sex with Klaus more than once. She hit her head with her palm and groaned. Oh what had she been thinking? She hadn't, she had been drunk; they both had been.

To be honest the old insecure Caroline had come out last night. The girl who just wanted someone to notice her and who wanted to be someone's first choice. Klaus made her feel special in a way no one else ever had. Maybe that was the reason she had suggested going to his house to continue drinking. Nobody ever chose her, not Damon, Matt, Tyler, or Stefan. Now Klaus, he wanted her and it felt really nice to have someone lusting after her for once, and not feeling like a consolation prize.

Her gaze flicked down to the sleeping man. His chest was smooth and chiseled and she remembered the way it had felt pressed up against hers, and the scratchy way his stubble had felt as he'd kissed her. They had both been drunk, confiding in each other, finding comfort in each other, obviously a little too much comfort.

She was almost dressed, just needing her shirt and and hopefully she could get out of this house before he woke up. Caroline was thankful he was sleeping so soundly for she really wanted to avoid the awkward morning after conversation with him. Where the hell was her shirt? She thought back to last night. Once they had come inside their coats and clothes had come flying off. It was downstairs next to the couch, and her coat was by the front door. God she hoped nobody else was home. Their shouldn't be, Kol and Elijah had been MIA and Rebekah had her own place now. The last thing she needed was for one of his siblings to catch her doing the walk of shame.

Quietly she made her way down the stairs, stilettos in hand so they wouldn't make noise against the marble floor. Sighing she grabbed her shirt and quickly threw it on, adjusting it before running toward her coat. Just as she was bending over to pick it up the front door opened.

She bit her lip as she slid her jacket on as she saw Rebekah, of course. Of all the originals it had to be her. "Sorry I was just um..." She pointed to the door and walked toward it as she slid her shoes on. "…leaving." She finished lamely. She tried her best to ignore the other girl's stares as she snuck her way to the door.

"What did you do?" She hissed venomously.

"Uh…" Caroline wasn't quite sure how to answer that question. Shouldn't it be pretty obvious what had happened?

"Don't play coy with me Caroline. I know you had something to do with this. What did your friend do?" Rebekah yelled.

"I don't..."


Klaus rolled over reaching out for Caroline, groaning when he realized she wasn't in bed. Sitting up he saw her clothes that had littered the floor were gone. He shouldn't have thought anything would change after last night. What had meant something to him was just a one-night stand to her. Perhaps it was a start to something though, he could only hope.

To his credit it had been her suggestion to come here when the Grill had kicked them out to close for the night, although he had spurred them on by opening another bottle of scotch. At some point they had started to sober up he had quite clear and vivid memories of their third round and a fuzzy recollection of the first two. The night had been good, and she was even more exquisite than he had ever imagined.

"What the hell are you doing?" Caroline screamed.

Jumping out of bed and ignoring the throbbing pain in his head he found his pants and quickly pulled them on. He wanted to speed downstairs but he seemed to be moving in slow motion. Something seemed off wrong.

He stopped on the top of the stairs as he saw Rebekah who had...it took him a moment to process the blood trickling down Caroline's hand. "Rebekah, what the hell are you doing?" He demanded as he continued his way down the stairs. He honestly felt like he might throw up from the pain in his head, which was odd but he proceeded anyways.

"Look." Rebekah said holding up Caroline's hand.

"You attacked my guest I see that. Why?" He growled as he took in the small cut on Caroline's hand.

"It's not healing Nik." Rebekah glared. "We're human."

"What?" He and Caroline asked at the same time.

Caroline wrenched her hand free from Rebekah's grip only to have Klaus grab it to inspect it. He waited for the alluring smell of her blood to trigger his blood lust, knowing she probably tasted divine. Nothing happened. Blood continued to roll down her hand and drip to the floor. She really wasn't healing, and he really didn't feel the urge to drink from her.

"Why aren't you healing?" He growled his grip tightening around her slender wrist. Had this been another trick so her friends could kill him? Caroline wouldn't stoop so low as to use her body would she?

"I don't know." She said still staring at her hand in shock.

Klaus studied her for a long moment trying to see if she was being honest or not. He could see the panic and confusion evident on her face, and came to the conclusion she had no idea what was going on. Last night hadn't been a ruse to distract him. It had been real. That little bit of knowledge made him feel better. He could almost ignore the fact that she had been sneaking out of the house when Rebekah had attacked her.

Caroline felt tears pricking at the back of her eyes. Her head was pounding, Klaus was yelling, and Rebekah was staring daggers at her. She just wanted to crawl under a blanket and die. No more one night stands for her they did not end well.

"When did this happen?" Klaus asked his voice angry but not as loud.

"Last night. I suppose you were to occupied with this twit to notice." Rebekah sneered. She had been hoping Nik would come to her so they could find out what was going on together. Despite everything, she loved and missed her brother. Instead he'd been to busy screwing Caroline to realize anything was wrong.

"Mind your manners Bekah." Klaus growled.

"We're human Nik, do you not care?" Rebekah screamed hitting her thighs with her hands in exasperation.

"Of Course I care." Klaus snapped grabbing Rebekah's shoulders roughly. "Tell me what happened."

"She did this. Her and her friends did this to us…"

"Enough Bekah." Klaus yelled. Caroline hadn't done this she wouldn't. At least he hoped that she wouldn't do that to him. She wouldn't, would she? She had looked sincere earlier, like she had no idea what was going on. Doubt once again clouded him. He needed to figure out what was going on but he needed his sister to stop screaming in his face and get rid of the pounding in his head first.

"Or what? You'll snap my neck again? Dagger me? Go ahead Nik do it. If Stefan hadn't of pulled the dagger out of me I'd be dead now. Like for real dead." Rebekah screamed at him as hot tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Calm down Bekah you're making a spectacle of yourself." Klaus sighed rubbing his head. He just needed a minute to think. This had to be a nightmare or something. They couldn't really be human. His eyes flicked to Caroline's hand again and his anger bubbled up to the surface.

"Calm down. I could be dead Nik and you're telling me to calm down. You were so busy fucking this …"

"Mind your tongue." Klaus snapped as he pushed Rebekah into the wall and slammed his fists on both sides of her. Anger surged in him at her insults of Caroline, and she wasn't answering the questions that actually mattered. "When did this happen and how did you find out?" He demanded as he tried to make sense of the situation.

Caroline slowly backed away from the fighting siblings. This situation was rapidly deteriorating, even more than it already had. She really just wanted to get out of this house with a shred of her dignity left. Klaus and Rebekah were now yelling at each other and she was glad that they were both distracted.

Slipping out into the cool morning air she breathed a sigh of relief, until she realized her car wasn't out front. Groaning and putting her face in her palms she started walking down the driveway. She could still hear them shouting from the open doorway, and there was no way she would be going back in that house again. Ever. Her head was pounding and her feet would no doubt be sore it was going to be a long walk home.

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