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Oahu, Hawaii

May 6th 2017

Caroline adjusted Viktoria's gown before turning her attention to her daughter's unruly blonde curls. At five Viktoria had a mix of both her parents characteristics. She had Caroline's eyes, hair and mouth, but Klaus' nose, ears, and the loveable dimples. Zarek was a spitting image of his father, right down to the hot headed temper. Luckily, Caroline knew how to calm both of them down fairly quickly.

"I look just like a princess," Viktoria giggled as Caroline brushed her hair into a loose bun.

"Yes, you do sweetie. Absolutely breathtaking." Caroline bent down and kissed her daughters head.

"Will Grandma like it?"

"She is going to love it," Caroline said adjusting the pins in Viktoria's hair.

"How do I look?" Liz asked, coming out of the bathroom.

Caroline smiled at her mother. The cream colored knee length gown looked stunning. "You look wonderful, mom." She finished Viktoria's hair and then pulled her mom in for a hug.

"Thanks," Liz said pulling her tighter. "And look at you, my little princess." Liz picked Viktoria up and hugged her.

"Mark is going to lose it when he sees you," Caroline admired.

"I can't believe I'm walking down the aisle before you," Liz sighed looking at Caroline as she set Viktoria back on the floor.


"I know, I know, just maybe one day."

"Maybe," Caroline smiled. She had to admit it would be nice to have the fairytale wedding, but that wasn't Klaus. Besides they were great just the way they were. They had eternity to figure that out. "In the meantime, mom, you don't want to keep your groom waiting."

Caroline picked up the bouquets of flowers and handed her mother hers and took her and Viktoria's. "Are you ready?" She asked looking at her mom.

"Yes," Liz smiled softly. "I never thought I'd be doing this again."

Caroline gave her mom another quick hug before leading the way out of the small dressing room they'd been using.

Once they entered the courtyard the music began to play. Caroline walked first down the long sandy aisle. The sand pulsed between her toes as she walked toward the alter. Viktoria and Zarek came next as the flower girl and ring bearer followed by her mother.

Mark stood under the alter a giant grin on his face. Happiness filled Caroline, her mother and Mark were in love and she was glad her mom had found love again.

Klaus watched as Caroline came down the aisle way her long light blue gown flowing about her, tiny seashells adorning her hair and neck. She looked like a goddess. Their eyes met and he smiled at the love of his life. Caroline had given him everything he'd always wanted.

Zarek ran to come and sit with Klaus after handing his pillow to Mark.

The minister began the ceremony, but that did little to hold Zarek's attention. The poor boy too busy trying to wriggle out of his tux.

Not that Klaus could blame him. He thought these ceremonies were trivial, and didn't really see the need. Yet looking at Caroline and the tears in her eyes he knew she felt differently.

"Is it almost over, daddy?" Zarek whisper shouted at him as he tugged at the edges of his suit coat. "I'm hot."

"Soon, bud, soon." Klaus ruffled his son's hair and sat the boy on his lap.

"How much longer?"

"It's ending now," Klaus sighed as the minister declared them husband and wife.

Zarek scooted off his lap and watched as his Liz and Mark walked to the end of the aisle. Then ran up to them to give them both a hug.

"Hey," Caroline said walking up to him holding Viktoria's hand. "Did you enjoy the ceremony?"

"It was quaint," he answered honestly.

"Stop, it was nice and romantic," Caroline frowned.

"You both look beautiful." Klaus picked Viktoria up her long blue ball gown bunching up around her. "My little princess."

Caroline linked her arm through his and they proceeded to the end of the aisle to meet Liz and Mark.


New Orleans, Louisiana

August 23rd 2024

"What if I don't like it?" Viktoria asked as she picked at her peas.

"It's going to be fine," Caroline reassured.

"I don't get why we had to leave all our friends behind and start new," Zarek scowled arms crossed over his chest.

They'd moved from Mystic Falls to New Orleans a week ago. At first the twins had been ecstatic, until reality had set in.

"Unfortunately it's a part of our life. We stayed in Mystic Falls as long as we could, but your mother and I are supposed to be in our thirties and we don't look it. We can't risk exposure," Klaus explained.

"Why can't Aunt Bonnie just do a spell?" Viktoria suggested.

"I know its rough guys, but it's going to be okay. We get a fresh start and a chance to meet new people. I promise you are going to love it," Caroline said.

"And if we don't?" Viktoria glared.

"You will." Caroline said adamantly.

"Now eat your veggies Viktoria. School starts tomorrow," Klaus said. "You need to get a good night's sleep so you can work towards straight A's again."

"At least I don't have to worry about Susie Fell anymore," Zarek said making a face.

"I'm sure all the girls are going to flock to you anyways," Viktoria said. "Boys aren't interested in me."

"I fail to see the problem with that." Klaus growled.

"Everything is going to be fine, and Uncle Elijah and Aunt Katherine live only a few miles from us." Caroline tried to diffuse the situation with their daughter.

"What about Grandma and Mark?" Viktoria asked.

"They will visit often. You'll see everything will be fine." Caroline said quietly.


Caroline rushed to the school. It had only been three days. Never had she been called by the principal before. Now she'd gotten the call from the principal to come immediately. Of course Klaus had been out catching up with an old buddy of his, and now she was scurrying to the school by herself.

Pulling into the parking lot she found the first space available and hurried into the school. Nervousness pooled in her belly, what could possibly be wrong?

"Hi, I'm Caroline Mikaelson," she said breathlessly to the secretary.

The secretary gave her a look that only made Caroline's heart clench tighter, before she rudely pointed to a closed door. With a sharp inhale she walked to the door knocked lightly and then opened it.

Viktoria and Zarek both sat on a bench arms crossed over their chests. They looked quickly at her and then back to the floor, not a good sign at all. The principal, sat at a desk he looked up at her as she entered.

"What's going on?" Caroline asked looking between her kids and the principal. She swallowed dreading the answer.

"I don't even know where to start," the principal stated, his voice shaking as he spoke. "But I want them out of the school and don't want them to return."

Viktoria started balling and just as Caroline was about to question her, papers started floating up off the desk.

"Oh," Caroline sighed. Shaking her head she walked toward the balding middle aged man who had retreated to a corner. Eyes dilating she locked eyes with him. "Who else saw this?"

"A teacher and the 2nd period English class." He answered mesmerized.

Perfect! She could fix this, it would take a while, but she could do it. But what if she missed someone, what if they were all exposed. No, she wouldn't let that happen. Taking a deep breath in, "Here's what you're going to do. Burn any records that Viktoria and Zarek Mikaelson were ever students here. You're going to forget you saw, heard, or ever met them, do you understand?"

An hour and a half later and Caroline had single handedly compelled every student who had seen the incident. She still wasn't sure what the incident was, but she would get it out of the kids when they got home.

"Let's go home guys." She pulled both kids into a tight hug. "We'll talk about it when we get there, okay. I'm not mad. I just need a minute to process everything, alright?" Caroline hugged them a little tighter before releasing them.

She wasn't mad, but she was frazzled. Of course there had been the possibility of them being witches too. Still she worried about exposure and what could happen to them if others found out.

Zarek and Viktoria followed her to the SUV and got in. The drive back to the house was quiet. It was a shame they would have to leave New Orleans already. She really liked this house. The time her and Klaus had spent here so many years ago had been a defining moment in their relationship. It was part of the reason she'd decided to move here.

Klaus met them in the driveway as soon as they pulled up. "What happened? I've called you a dozen times, Caroline?"

"I'm not entirely sure yet, but there were some floating papers, and I just compelled four adults and twenty three middle schoolers. How was your morning?" Caroline answered sweetly as she walked into the house.

Klaus looked at his kids and saw the defeated look in them. He knew it was the situation Caroline was upset about rather than them. He walked toward them and put an arm around each of them leading them in the house. "Your mother just doesn't like compulsion. And gets stressed out, the last thing any of us want is to be ousted as supernatural creatures."

They walked inside and Caroline gave him an exasperated look as tears welled in her eyes. She pulled both kids into a tight hug. "You have no idea how scared I was. Come on let's sit down and talk about what happened."

They all sat down on the black leather couch together. Zarek started. "This boy was making fun of Viktoria, and I said something, than he pushed me and next thing I know he's falling to the floor clutching his head."

"I didn't mean to, he was going to hurt Zarek." Viktoria added wiping at tears.

"You should never feel bad about helping out your brother," Caroline said softly pulling Viktoria close. "I know it was an accident. We're going to have to work on controlling your power. You wouldn't want to hurt anyone."

"I'm proud of you for sticking up for each other, but magic can be very dangerous. I think now that we know you're indeed witches, we should have Bonnie teach you how to properly control your power," Klaus added.

"Does that mean we can move to the Philippines with them?" Zarek asked excited.

"That's something your mother and I will talk about," Klaus stated.


"I just got off the phone with Bonnie. She said they would be glad to have us till we find a place. Rebekah and Stefan are there also." Caroline lay down next to Klaus and snuggled into him.

"Are you sure Bonnie is the best one to teach them?"

"Yes, she knows what it's like to lose control. I think she is the best candidate."

"I guess we're moving again."

Caroline sighed. "I was really hoping for a proper tour of the city."

"We have eternity, Caroline, besides school can wait a few more days. It will be a family vacation."


"Mom, look what I can do," Viktoria exclaimed excitedly.

Caroline smiled and watched as Viktoria shut her eyes and slowly the pillows began to rise off the couch.

"They've both come a long way in a week." Bonnie came up beside her smiling. "They're going to be strong. I think it's best to keep them home till they learn control and before putting them back in public school. I'd venture to say they will be more powerful than me."


Bonnie nodded watching as the pillows swirled around the room. "Viktoria seems to be mastering control better than Zarek. But they both are remarkable. Esther was the original witch, I have no idea how powerful she was, but I don't think we have to worry about them being able to protect themselves."

Caroline sighed. A weight lifted off her shoulders. That did make her feel better.

"Look what I can do," Zarek said as he focused on a pillow and sent it careening back into the couch. "Pretty cool right?"

"Very cool," Caroline smiled.

London, England

December 23rd 2032

"Viktoria is bringing home her boyfriend tonight, and I expect you to be nice," Caroline said. Her eyes stayed fixed on his as she ran a brush through her long blonde hair.

"I'm always nice," Klaus smirked kissing her collarbone.

"Sure, that's why our daughter hasn't brought home a guy since she was sixteen."

"If I recall that was mostly Kol," Klaus laughed. The boy hadn't even lasted through dinner.

Caroline sighed and glared at him. "And she hasn't brought home anyone since, which means she must be serious about this one."

"She's our daughter Caroline. I've seen enough things in my lifetime to lock her up and never let her out, all to keep her safe."

"Look, I know you want to protect her, Klaus. I do too, but we have to let her live. She is old enough to make her own decisions. And from what she's said, he sounds nice." Caroline wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave him a feather light kiss to the lips. "At least give him a chance. They're coming for dinner tonight before everyone else."

"Does he know about us?" Klaus growled. The more time he spent with Caroline the harder it was to tell her no.

"Yes, Viktoria said he knows."

"And he's still coming to meet us? Is he human or something else?" The boy was either very brave or very much in love.

"Human. All the more reason to be nice. Like I said he is important, he might be the one. Promise me you'll behave." Caroline pleaded.

"I'll try." The one? Klaus didn't want there to be a one. He wanted to keep Viktoria safe, but at the same time did Viktoria not deserve the same happiness he and Caroline had?

"I don't get it Zarek can bring home dozen of girls and you don't bat an eye, but Viktoria…."

"Zarek can take care of himself, Caroline. He's a witch and a wolf. Viktoria, she reminds me too much of Bekah. Falls too easily and trusts to easily. I don't want her to get hurt."

"Viktoria's a strong witch, Klaus. There is nothing wrong with falling in love. Besides, she's always been a good judge of character."

"Yes, that last boy was a real winner."

Caroline scoffed and rolled her eyes. "This boy is important to her, Klaus. And Zarek likes him, they use to be roommates. He's always teased her about her other boyfriends."

"Wait, Zarek's roommate? You're telling me our daughter is dating our son's wingman?" Klaus could practically see red.

"Oh please, Klaus, you knocked me up when we could barely call each other friends. We didn't get married until six years ago, and you think you have the right to be judgmental? Besides, Zarek wouldn't approve if he was still a player."

Klaus opened his mouth to respond when the front door opened.


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Viktoria bit her lip nervously as she squeezed her boyfriend, Isaac's hand.

"It'll be fine," Zarek shrugged patting Isaac on the back. "Dad's a little scary, but my mom's pretty good at keeping him calm."

"I shouldn't have brought you," Viktoria felt like she might get sick. Isaac and she hadn't started off as friends. In fact she'd despised him since he always hit on her. Than one fateful night he'd saved her from an attacker. Sure, she could have taken care of herself, but he hadn't known that. Things had gradually progressed between them and then one night he'd kissed her, and they'd been together ever since.

"I've met them once before but as your brother, and his wife. They seemed nice than." Isaac shrugged.

Viktoria sighed as Zarek opened the front door and they followed him in. Here went nothing. She nervously twiddled the diamond ring on her ring finger. Hopefully they didn't scare him off.

Caroline rushed down the stairs a few steps behind Klaus. Both moving at a speed somewhere between human and supernatural.

"Hi." Caroline hugged Zarek than Viktoria. "And you must be Isaac. It's nice to officially meet you as their mother and not sister in law." She pulled away and offered her hand to the dark haired boy.

"Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Mikaelson." Isaac shook her hand.

"Please call me Caroline, that makes me sound old, this is Klaus."

Caroline nudged Klaus hard in the ribs hoping he'd behave. He may not have seen it yet, but the large ring on Viktoria's finger hadn't gone unnoticed by her. She already felt the excitement kicking in.

The front door opened again before Klaus had a chance to respond. Kol, Bonnie, Rebekah, and Stefan came in.

"Hello," Rebekah said smiling as Stefan struggled with the luggage behind her. "We caught an earlier flight and came a little earlier."

"And it looks like we are just in time for the fun," Kol smirked eyeing Isaac. "Who might you be?"

"This is my fiancé, Isaac," Viktoria said glaring at Kol.

"Fiancé, oh my god, this is so exciting." Rebekah hugged Viktoria tightly.

Caroline smiled and Klaus growled earning him another nudge in the ribs. "That's wonderful," Caroline said joining the hug.

"Wow," Bonnie added bumping Kol and frowning at him. His smirk only widened.

Klaus stood still, his mind processing the news. Of all the things he hadn't seen that coming. He could see how happy Viktoria and Caroline were. He didn't buy it. This boy would be put through the ringer before he earned his blessing. If that boy did anything to hurt Viktoria he wouldn't be breathing for very much longer.

"This is going to be even more fun, than I thought. Merry Christmas, Nik." Kol said setting his and Bonnie's bags down.


After a long hour it was finally time for dinner. Viktoria led Isaac to the dining room. This was where it always went bad. So far everyone had left them alone, but dinner was where it would all happen. She just hoped her family didn't scare Isaac off.

"Your home is really amazing, Caroline." Isaac complimented as they took their seats.

"Oh you might not want to sit there. I took the liberty of lacing our champagne with blood, you should sit on the other side of the table with the other humans," Kol smiled evilly.

Viktoria got up with Isaac moving to the other side.

"Well then, I guess I won't be sitting with you," Bonnie retorted taking a seat next to Viktoria.

"Be nice, Kol." Rebekah glared as she smacked him on the back of the head. "You know not all of us drink blood."

"Still on the bunny diet?" Kol smirked at Stefan.

"Enough Kol."

"So you're not a vampire either?" Isaac asked Bonnie.

"No, I'm a witch." Bonnie smiled. "Don't worry about my husband. Kol takes nothing seriously."

"Yes, let's have a nice meal, shall we?" Elijah said as he and Katherine sat at the table.

Viktoria smiled at her uncle. Elijah always was proper and polite. She loved that about him.

"Alright, I think we're ready." Caroline said as she set a heaping plate of roast beef on the table. She took her spot next to Klaus.

"So you two are getting married, have you set a date?" Katherine asked.

"We were thinking sometime not this spring but the next after graduation." Viktoria smiled softly.

"A spring wedding is nice," Rebekah smiled.

"I agree," Caroline added excitedly.

"So, Isaac, why don't you tell us what exactly it is that you're majoring in?" Klaus asked.

"Uh, um, I'm studying photography."

"And what kind of pictures do you take? Anything naughty?" Kol asked.

"I've done a few weddings and birthdays, that sort of thing."

Kol opened his mouth to speak again, but Bonnie stepped in. "Kol."

"What, inquiring minds want to know." He answered innocently.

"It's obvious the boy must fancy her," Klaus sighed leaning back. "You'd have to be a fool or in love to sit down at a table full of vampires, four of them being from the oldest and deadliest family of vampires in existence." With that said he took a long drink from his goblet his eyes flashing yellow for a moment before returning to their natural blue.

"I should have used more champagne and less blood, my mistake." Kol took a long drink from his glass.

"Please stop," Viktoria pleaded quietly.

"This is supposed to be a nice family Christmas dinner." Caroline chided.

"Is that why Damon and Elena didn't come?" Kol joked. "Shame too, I miss the annual neck breaking, although…" he turned his gaze on Isaac. "There is still a possibility."

"Nobody is getting their necks broken." Elijah said sternly. "Caroline is right, this is supposed to be a nice meal amongst family."

"Thank you." Viktoria nodded at Elijah.

"I know I'm new here and you don't know me. I've known Zarek since freshmen year of college and Viktoria shortly thereafter. I love Viktoria, and I really would like to…become a member of this family. If you'd allow it?"

"That's good enough for me." Stefan broke the tense silence.

"I second that, can we please eat. The full moons tonight, and I'd really like to enjoy my dinner before locking myself in the basement," Zarek said.

After a few heavy sighs and grumbles the family started eating again. Conversations returned to normal, or as normal as a family full of vampires, hybrids, witches, and humans could be.

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