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"The righteous hates falsehood, but the wicked brings shame and disgrace!"

"Mr. Masen, please! You is hurtin the poor boy!"

"Stand back Elizabeth! You ignorant woman! Let me finish God's word!

Why did I lie? Why was I so stupid? I'm such a fool. I'm a wicked fool.

Father kicks my legs from under me. I fall painfully and violently on my knees. He begins to forcefully rip my shirt open from the back. He's never been a strong man. His clumsy attempts to rip the cloth from my body cause it to painfully dig into my skin.

He forcefully pushes my head down to face the old and stained brown carpet of our home's living room. I hold myself up with my thin arms as he continues to shout versesfrom the Bible

I wish I could fight back.

I can't wait to be a man so I can raise my strong fist.

But I would be disappointing God.

But why should I have to endure such pain?

Does He almighty really want this for me?

I cry out as Father's knee digs into my ribs, only making him more upset.

"Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul…"

I can feel the spit from his words on my now bare backand suddenly it's accompanied by a stinging and powerful thwack from his belt.

I cry out. Like a coward, tears run down my face and I watch as they soak into the ugly,rough carpet. My sounds of agony and my pleading for him to forgive me do not stop the constant stinging thwacks.

I dare turn to my mother who watches on with horror and shame in her eyes. But she dares not move or speak.

She will not defend me. Today, like so many times before, she will cower away to Bible meetings and songs and run her fingers through the beads of that old rosary Father gave her. She will pray to God on her weak and stubby knees that all her sins will be forgiven when death shall come and claim her.

And I'll be alone with my pain.

My heart hammers in my chest as I run with every might in my body.

The hot sun dries the sweat drops runnin' down my face, medals of my hard labor. I can feel how the remaining salty sweat seeps into my bloody knuckles and it stings like a burnin' hell. I think my hand is broken. I hit that son of a bitch with all that I had.

But I don't give a damn. I run like a madman and don't even stop to breathe as I jump into my truck and stomp on the gas pedal.

I have to get to her before he does.

I have to get to Bella.

I have to tell her what I've done. Though she'll hate me regardless, if she hears the truth from someone else's mouth, I know I'll lose her forever. She has to listen to me. She has to know my story.

He was a crazy son of a bitch. I know I should have done the right thing, but I'm only human.

As I drive down the interstate and pass that same spot on the road that haunts her every day, I pray that she'll find it in her heart to forgive me.

God only knows how much I've fought to earn a place in it.

I've been a troubled man with the devil dancing heavily on my shoulder for too long. I've spent this lifetime with my tightly joined hands askin' for forgiveness and lookin' for my haven. Deservin' of it or not, I'll do anything and fight anyone to keep it.

To keep her.

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