"Ah, Arthur, good thing that you are here" said Uther as Arthur walked into the throne room.

"Well you asked for me sire" said Arthur as he dipped into a low bow.

"Ah, yes of course, anyhow. I just found you a new servant" said Uther and a young man walked forward.

Shaking more than a bowl of jelly.

"He will be your servant until I find a more decant one" said Uther as he threw a dirty look at the shaking servant.

"Indeed" said Arthur.

'This is going to be fun' he thought.

"Wonder how long this one is going to last?" Morgana whispered to Gwen.

"One week" said Gwen.

"One day" said Morgana.

"What is your name?" asked Arthur.

"P-P-Phillip, my lord" said the shaking servant.

"Well come along, I have training in half an hour, and we need to get ready" said Arthur and he walked out, the shaking servant followed after him.

Gwen and Morgana looked at each other.

"One hour" they said at once, Uther ignored them.

"Is that the servant I saved?" asked Merlin.

"I think so, anyway, now we need to meet the others and watch you save Arthur's ass" said Will.

They disappeared in white light.