Moses had never given much thought to what he would become of, but a murder was not a good start for him. But he didn't want to kill did he? He simply saw something unjust and set out to take care of it, he forced himself to think this as he walked away from the man he had just buried in the sand. He had seen the Egyptian man beating the small Hebrew up, and he felt this sort of anger stir in him, especially since it was one of his own people. He made sure no one was watching and he wasted no time lunging at the Egyptian man and strangling him with his bare hands. The man turned purple, and his heart beat was no longer there. The Hebrew man ran off, scared of the brutal man that had just killed the Egyptian. Panic surged through every part of his body and he quickly buried the man in the sand. He tried to pretend as if nothing had ever happened, so he walked away, showing no emotion on his face, yet in his head he was constantly begging the Lord for forgiveness of what he did. The next day he came across two Hebrew men who were fighting and a confused expression was planted on his face, "Why are you fighting?" He asked them.

"Who made the ruler? And who gave you the right to ask questions? Do you plan on killing me like you killed that Egyptian man?" He said in an angry tone. The fear in Moses was obvious by now, and he knew that he could no longer be here. Soon even Pharaoh found out of this, so Moses fled away from Egypt and left to Midian, where he met his true love by a coincidence.


Zipporah was a beautiful woman, with long locs of hair, dark skin, and beautiful eyes. She was unlike other woman, who fantasized of marrying and settling down. She wasn't sure what she wanted, she only knew that whatever happened, would be in God's will. She was wanted by many men for her fierce attitude, and curvy figure, but she didn't care much for them. She never really took much thought into who she would be with with, or who she wanted to be with. However, she would have never expected to fall in love with a fugitive from Egypt. One day, Zipporah left with her seven sisters to draw some water for her father's flock. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, she casually chatted with her sisters as they drew the water when some shepherd came and tried to drive them away. Zipporah didn't know what to do, but luckily she didn't have to do anything, for a tanned skin man came and drove the shepherds away. He then began to help the girls. When she locked eyes with him, she felt the butterflies in her stomach, in that instant she knew that something about him seemed to attract her. She tried to ignore it, but his face stayed planted in her brain. When she arrived back home her father asked why she got home so early and she told him the whole story. Her father was displeased that she hadn't invited him home, and even more displeased that she had barely spoken two words to the seemingly kind man. He sent her out to find him, and when she did she was nervous about asking him to come home.

Her father and Moses started to talk as they ate some bread and meat, and Zipporah was surprised that he got along with Moses despite the religious differences. She was even more surprised when a few days later her father told her that they were to be married. She felt her cheeks flush, she had never been with a man before, and she wasn't even sure if she wanted to be with Moses. There was a tiny bit of doubt in her mind, she barely knew this man, and yet she was supposed to be married to him? Nevertheless she went through with it. Their wedding went on without a hitch, and Moses admitted that when he first saw her drawing water, he knew that she was a woman that he could fall in love with. They then spent the rest of the night loving each other in a way that Zipporah had never experienced before.