Title: The Enchanted Phallus (1/2)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary:Regina absorbed too much fairy dust and needs Emma's help to release it. (Not G!P! My humble apologies)

A/N: Playing with story structure so events are out of sequence.

"You say I'm foolish for pushing this aside but burn down our home… I won't leave alive…Glaciers have melted to the sea. I wish the tide would take me over. I've been down on my knees, and you just keep on getting closer," ~The XX "Crystalized"

"I can't...I...no more….oh, fuck!" Emma writhed on the bed, her sweat soaked hair stuck to her face. Her breath whooshed out desperate and ragged. She was trapped beneath Regina's undulating hips. Regina stared at Emma's face, her eyes hard and focused on Emma's tossing form.

"Yes you can, dear, come on!" Regina gritted her teeth, leaning forward to savagely claim Emma's painfully hard nipple between her teeth.

Emma let out a suppressed moan, hers eyes fluttered and her brow worried as Regina increased her pace, rocking herself into the dildo strapped tight around Emma's pelvis.

"Almost…there…" Regina let go of Emma's nipple and straightened her back arching forward and pushing out her chest. One hand found purchase behind her, digging into the top of Emma's thigh for leverage; the other hand restlessly toyed with her own nipple. Regina bit her own bottom lip, and stopped moving altogether. Her mouth fell open to release a series of choked panting breaths, and her body tensed before convulsing and glowing translucent green as another impossibly powerful bolt of magic coursed through her.

Emma felt her body automatically counter the lightning-like swirl of magic. Her clit stung and her pussy clenched as they both experienced the most forceful orgasm yet. The sensation was overwhelming and magnificent. Regina shot off of the cock like a bottle rocket, screaming and grunting, as a torrid spray of clear fluid soaked Emma and the bed.

Emma rolled away to catch her breath and come down for a moment of rest. Regina was completely relentless in her need to rid herself of the toxic fairy dust. She watched Regina continue to spasm, toes curling and muscles jumping under taut skin. Even as Emma saw stars in her field of rapidly dimming vision, and felt the warm clear wetness on her, she worried that maybe that one was too much. At first, Emma thought she had hurt Regina if not for the huge smile on her face. After long minutes, Regina stopped twitching and relaxed. The only sound in the room was the soft buzz of electrified magic and their barely controlled breathing.

"Was that all of it?" Emma asked wearily, watching Regina's soft, satisfied face as she yawned and stretched beside her.

"No, not by a long shot, but I am feeling much better already. You're a very powerful Shielder… truly remarkable," Regina said in awe as she rolled up to face Emma. She brushed stray strands of hair behind her ear, and looked at Emma with something that resembled affection, then smacked her lips gently and closed her eyes. She released a long humming sigh of contentment, and burrowed her warm and freshly spent body against Emma's while entwining their fingers.

They'd been fucking for six hours and no fewer than twenty-seven "I'm really gonna die from cumming this hard" orgasms and they weren't anywhere near done dispelling the huge amount of fairy dust from Regina's body.


After Regina had sneezed and inadvertently incinerated Storybrooke's clock tower she realized she couldn't hold the huge quantity magic inside of her. She had absorbed the soupy and dangerous magic from the portal for Henry's sake, but had little time to contemplate the aftereffects of sucking up enough dust to provide power to all of the Enchanted Forest for more than a year.

Fairy dust had other unpleasant side effects. Regina couldn't sleep. She'd been awake for three days and the visual hallucinations were alarming and disturbingly real. At one point, she thought her apples were talking to her about sex and cinnamon sticks.

Sex: the other untold side effect. Fairy dust was a powerful aphrodisiac and Regina was so horny that sex was all she could think about, and every time she did her hair grew. It was embarrassing. Her body was literally electric and even putting on her panties just about made her cum. As terrible as that was, she was even unable to relieve herself. When she'd tried to touch herself she'd nearly blasted off her own hand when a fireball shot forcefully out of her vagina and singed the inside of her thighs. This simply wouldn't do.

As much as Regina hated to ask for help, she had to go back to Gold: the one person who would know what she needed to do to rid her of the excess so she could go back to feeling normal.


"Okay, we need to change the sheets before we...go again," Emma stated plainly, waking Regina from her light sleep.

"Linen closet," Regina mumbled, but felt unable to let go of Emma's body. Emma was surprised to find she also found it difficult to leave Regina's side even for a minute. She took a breath and wrenched away from Regina's tight grasp, and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

"Seriously, what the hell was that?" Emma asked again; she was at once amazed, confused and concerned.

"I'm not here to give sex education lessons. Now hurry and get the sheets," Regina snapped and turned over clutching a pillow to her body in place of Emma. The only thing that kept Regina feeling cool and soothed was Emma's skin pressed against hers. The burning sting of pent up magic flared immediately when Emma got up.

Emma looked back, trying to fight the strong desire to hop back into bed and hug Regina tight. Her eyes widened when she saw Regina's hair grow a full inch before her eyes.

"Two minutes, Ms. Swan. You have two minutes to make the bed, and then I expect you down on it- on your back and ready for me," Regina took a shuddering breath and wrapped a dry blanket around her naked body as she stood up and pulled the ruined sheets off.

"Um…Regina, why the hell is your closet full of my clothes?" Emma hollered back completely puzzled.


"Gold, we need to talk! This fairy dust I took in- I need to get it out of me. Now!" Regina stomped into the pawn shop and slammed the door behind her.

"Ah, can't handle all that power, hmm? Feeling a little frisky are we?" Gold circled Regina and gave her noticeably longer hair a playful flick.

"I'm not in control of my magic. I promised Henry I wouldn't use any, but it's becoming…painful. What do I do?" Regina's voice sounded stilted and sharp. She felt waves of magic running up and down her body like a strong current. The sensations were always slightly uncomfortable and wholly arousing. Her nipples hardened instantly as the pulsing energy settled deep and low in her belly.

"You're in luck, dearie- I have just the thing. Of course, it's but one piece of the puzzle. You'll need help…" Gold trailed off vaguely as he headed to the back of the shop in search of the item Regina needed.

Regina shifted her weight in impatience. She ran a hand through her own hair, blinking when she reached the ends and realized how long it had gotten in such a short time. Gold returned carrying a dusty old box. He smirked coldly and looked Regina in the eye as he unlatched the creaky hinges. His attention shifted to the object inside.

Regina crossed her arms and tried not to obviously crane her neck to see and betray her desperation. A pure white light shone from inside the box illuminating Gold's face brightly. Gold lifted the rather large dildo from the case and held it out for Regina to inspect as a neon rainbow of magic flitted through its translucent shaft.

Her eyes narrowed when she realized what it was, "Is this a joke?"

"Hardly. It's a very serious and dangerous process to extract magic as powerful as fairy dust from a living body. I'm afraid with the amount currently inside you you'll have to approach this situation with extreme delicacy. This is the Enchanted Phallus."

"It's enchanted?" Regina's curiosity was piqued, and her desperation to extricate the magic ensured she'd try just about anything that might work no matter what the cost, though her suspicion was obvious as she stared at Gold through slanted eyes.

Gold's eyebrows lifted subtly as he noted Regina's awestruck and mixed expression, "Yes…now dear a word of caution, this phallus acts much like lightning rod- it draws in the magic, but if you try to use it with someone not…protected, or even by yourself the consequences could be dire. You need a grounding force: someone who can withstand and repel the magic so it is channeled properly into the dildo."

Regina recalled how Gold originally collected the fairy dust from the diamond mine by funneling it into the sharp dagger.

"Well, who can do that? It's useless without a Shielder and there is no such person in Storybrooke who has that power," Regina licked her lips, her center throbbing anxiously in anticipation of satisfying her out of control libido. She was already contemplating taking her chances with the dildo on her own.

"Oh, but there is someone with the very ability you need," Gold waved his fingers in the air, and smirked with judgment.

"Who?" The need in Regina's voice was obvious, as she looked back and forth between the dildo and Gold.

"Why the Savior of course…the product of true love," Gold's voice lilted mockingly. "She will be your grounding force, and she must wear the Phallus while you…hehe…release the magic. It is the only way to ensure you will both be protected."

If Regina was taken aback by the indication she would have to fuck the magic away on an enchanted dildo while it was attached to Emma, she gave no hint. Her nostrils simply flared before she took a beat and then casually asked, "How much?"

"Very good. I trust you will have no problem convincing the Savior?" Gold asked with more personal curiosity than object concern.

"That is my concern," Regina brushed off the question, and looked at the glowing dildo in contemplation.

"It was very foolish of you to take in the fairy dust. You are aware that time is of the essence? To reference one of the character's young Henry is so fond of in his comics: you are like the Incredible Hulk of sex. If this…problem…is left unchecked you will eventually explode in a nuclear blast that will destroy the entire town, dear. I suggest you make haste."

"The price?" Regina reiterated as she turned Gold's words over in her mind.

"Seeing as I am in a rather generous mood, a freebie. I do ask that once the magic is collected in the dildo you return it to me."

"Deal," Regina said as Gold placed the phallus with cautioned reverence back to its dusty and worn box.

"Oh dearie, the leather harness is not included in the offer. That will cost you $49.99…please," Gold held out his hand while Regina shook her head and handed over her visa card.

Regina knelt on the fresh linens, ass up as Emma fucked her from behind. She fell forward on her hands, whipping her hair back and forth as Emma buried the dildo in deeper and deeper. Emma rubbed her clit wantonly on the base of the cock as she humped against Regina, bare thigh to bare thigh.

"Touch me," Regina begged as she lurched backwards forcefully willing Emma to fuck her harder. Emma gladly obliged stroking her palms slowly over Regina's tense sweaty back. The magic shimmered under her skin, drawn to the surface like blood, everywhere Emma touched. She scratched along Regina's sides feeling her expanding ribcage as Regina sucked in deep breaths, and let out a long growling drone of need as her body grew impossibly hot, drawing closer to another orgasm. Emma squeezed Regina's breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples between her fingers as she leaned forward and draped herself over Regina's back in a smothering hug. She let her hips circle and drive the hard and heavy dildo into Regina's unsatisfied and needy pussy.

Regina felt strong blasts of magic ripple through her entire body before shooting out of her and into the oversized cock that filled and stretched her. Emma's innate counter magic reared into action as a blinding light emanated from inside her to balance and contain the dark magic of the fairy dust. The effect was intense and Emma's nipples hardened painfully as she rubbed them against Regina's back, her arousal amplified and she felt herself get even wetter.

"I need to cu-cum…" Emma's voice was high pitched and desperate to her own ears. The apparent need spurred Regina on as a humongous amount of magic swirled inside her like a tidal wave breaking over a dam.

"Now…" Regina huffed, her arms growing weak and jelly like. She was unable to support her own trembling body. Emma pulled up Regina's leaden limbs without breaking their sensual rhythm so their weight was disbursed over Emma's strong thighs. She rested her head on Regina's shoulder, panting in time with her thrusts.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," Emma exclaimed as she felt her body careening toward a gut wrenching yet addictively pleasurable orgasm. Regina bore down, circling her hips in shallow erratic circles over the dildo as the magic began to flow out of her. Her eyes rolled back and her fluttered as if she was possessed. They came together, Regina screaming and Emma breathing ragged and wet before collapsing beside each other on the soft bed. Emma didn't want to pull out of Regina yet, she couldn't- not when the need for their continued connection was so overpowering. She breathed in the scent of Regina's hair, and Regina blindly clung to Emma's body, using one hand to softly stroke her stomach, and then lower to feel the warm heat where they were still joined together.

"Regina, I-I've never like this before…," Emma smiled brightly cupping Regina's cheek gently and looking into her shining brown eyes.

Regina walked with purpose into Granny's. She knew Emma would be there probably regaling an audience with exaggerated tales of her heroics from her time on the other side of the portal. She honed in on Emma's form, and smirked ruefully when she saw what Emma was wearing: a high-waisted pink pair of pants and a poofy button up from Snow's wardrobe.

"Regina! Hi!" Emma jumped off her bar stool noting the urgency of Regina's marching steps drawing up behind her. "Oh, you look kinda green. Are you sick? And your hair is…different."

"A word outside, Ms. Swan," Regina ignored Emma's hesitation and grabbed her arm to practically drag her out of the diner.

"Okay…what's going on?" Emma had seen the charred remains of the clock tower and knew Regina had had something to do with it, but she had been trying to keep her distance from the woman.

"I am in need of your assistance," Regina began her spiel with great difficulty. Regina had been avoiding Emma as well, but for different reasons. She shifted her weight and felt her hard clit rub on the wet seam of her slacks. She was painfully and uncomfortably aroused almost all of the time, and the effect intensified in the mere presence of Emma. Magic was so sexual and those who had power were especially hard for Regina to be around. Emma's damned magic Savior pheromones were irresistible.

"What now?" Emma rolled her eyes and took her turn shuffling her feet and stepping closer to Regina, while she tried to look anywhere but at the beautiful and exotic green aura surrounding the former mayor. She attempted to take a step back when Regina stepped closer too, but the unseen pull of some force she could only feel kept her within Regina's personal bubble. Puzzling to Emma there was nowhere she'd rather be.

"Clear your schedule for the next two days and meet me at my house at sunrise. Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated, and eat a good meal before you arrive," Regina rushed the instructions out in one breathy half-moan. She could barely look at Emma; the need to touch her was so strong.

Emma frowned in confusion as she watched Regina's hair sprout and grow, the green tone of her skin shining a bit brighter like a reflector caught in headlights. Even more confusing was the flush she felt rising on her own chest and neck, her body responding lustfully to Regina's proximity.

"If you plan on taking me for an early morning hike in the woods I think I'll pass, I've had enough forest to last a lifetime," Emma tried to joke. The instructions were cryptic and Emma couldn't say that she wasn't intrigued by whatever Regina wanted from her.

"I can assure you the woods will not factor into our…events," Regina's eyes slipped closed and she rubbed her temple as if she had a massive headache.

"And if I don't want to help you…with whatever event that doesn't involve the woods?" Emma questioned snottily.

"Then everyone you care about…all of this…" Regina waved her arm dramatically around to indicate the town, "will be destroyed."

"Fine," Emma huffed as she walked slowly backwards, "I'll see you in the morning."

Regina nodded feeling a bit of minuscule triumph, "Oh, and Ms. Swan there's one more thing I need from you…"

"Okay?" Emma shoved her hands in her pockets and waited for Regina to find her words.

"Do not engage in any sexual activities between now and our meeting…including...with your- yourself," Regina's voice broke a bit as a painful wash of arousal doused her body at the thought of Emma touching herself like that. She turned on her heels and stormed away as quickly as possible before she lost what little control she still had. The streetlights flickered violently as she passed.

Regina missed the dumbfounded and intrigued expression on Emma's face.