A Birthday to Remember



"There's my favorite future doctor, how was work today Honey?"

"Exhausting, I honestly don't know how Grandma did it Mom, work is so physically and mentally demanding." Theodore tells his mother as he slumps down on the living room sofa.

"You can't say that Grace didn't warn you when she offered you summer internship at her clinic." She offers her son a wide smile as she gloats. "My son, Theodore Raymond Grey Steel, a future Oncologist. You're still planning to specialize in Oncology, right? Anastasia asks as she sits next to her son.

"Yeah Mom, Pediatric Oncology is still my career choice. It will take me longer to specialize in that field, but that's what I want." He simply states.

"Whatever field you decide on Ted, your father and I will support you a hundred percent. And I know for a fact that Grace supports your decision too, she is so proud of you son, we all are, but ever since you told her that you wanted to become a doctor, you know, follow in her footsteps, she's been walking on cloud nine ever since. She brags about you to anyone who will listen, every freaking day."

Theodore smiles in appreciation. "I know, it's so embarrassing, and by the way mom, grandpa looks great, looks like he lost a few pounds. It seems that retirement was a good choice for both of them."

"It sure was, especially after Carrick had that mild heart attack a few years back. They both take good care of themselves and keep very active with their charities. They love spending more time with all their grandchildren and they travel now more than ever. In fact, they are planning a trip to Europe next year and want your father and me to join them, and I for one, think it is a great idea. It's been a while since your father and I traveled abroad. The last trip we took to London was all business for your father; he spent most of his time in meetings while Gail and I toured the city and visited God knows how many historical churches and castles." Anastasia's conversation is interrupted by her cell phone buzzing. "Hello Mia, yes…yes…uhu…yes…that sounds perfect…of course…hold on Mia, give me a sec…Theodore, honey, I have to finish making preparations for your father's birthday party and I am afraid this will take a while; you know your aunt Mia." She rolls her eyes as she leans to kiss her son on the cheek then heads for the kitchen leaving her very tired son alone.

Minutes later, feeling a little bit rested, Theodore decides to head over to his father's study room. He remembered from an earlier call from Christian that he had received a large envelope from Boston University, most likely the new enrollment documents he was waiting for, so he decides to go look for it. As he enters the study, the first thing he notices is the smell of his father's after shave, combined with the musky aroma of Christian's favorite cologne. Recognizing his father's scent mixed with the smell of leather give him a comforting feeling.

Minutes pass as he sits on his father's chair going over his enrollment forms. He notices that the top right hand drawer of his father's desk is half way opened, with the key still attached to the lock. Out of pure curiosity he opens the drawer all the way out to look inside, and the first thing he sees immediately gets his attention; it is a large, thick envelope that is simply marked 'my adoption'.

Theodore stares at the envelope for a while, debating whether or not to take a peek inside of it, or to just simply put it back in and close the drawer. His father rarely talked about his and his sibling's adoption into the Grey family, and never detailed the whole experience. He also remembered that whenever he brought up or asked his father about his adoption experience, he would become evasive and would only mention the basics of the process. He would go as far as to try and change the subject, or in his opinion, would side step the questions. He also remembered his father mentioning how lucky and grateful he and his siblings were to have been adopted by loving and caring parents, he couldn't praise Carrick and Grace enough. Theodore remembered one comment in particular that his father made in the past regarding his adoption.


"You know Teddy, your uncle Elliot, Aunt Mia and I are the luckiest people in the world. We got the best parents; we won the lottery when they adopted all three of us. And I am the luckiest of all, because they saved me from…well, they practically saved my life."

End of flashback.


Although curiosity tempts him, Theodore decides not to invade his father's privacy, so he puts the envelope back in the drawer and locks it after he closes it. He decides that his time would be better spent by filling out his college forms in order to submit them before his summer break came to an end. After a while he gets so focused on his task that he does not notice Christian standing by the entrance of his study, staring at him with a wide grin on his face.

"Well look at you son, behind my desk you look so much like your old man. The only difference is the color of your eyes, same as your mother's."

Theodore responds to his father's greeting. "Bout time you got home old man, been waiting for you. I need your help with all this bullshit paperwork. One thing I'm not good at is dealing with dead trees and legal mumbo jumbo; bet you're happy that Phoebe is the one who's going to take over your empire, huh?"

"What can I say Ted, she is smarter than you, but what woman isn't?"

"Ouch, good one Dad." He gets up to allow his father to take his place by his desk.

"Just leave all this on my desk Ted, we got plenty of time to sort it out, besides, your mom has to sign on the dotted line too."

"Fine by me, rather do something else. Hey dad, do you mind if I have a beer?"

"Are you old enough?" He jokes as Theodore snorts and heads towards the mini fridge.

"Since you are having one, do you mind if I join you Ted?" Christian asks.

"Nope, your fridge, your beer. Here, drink this, the student's sacred ale, a nice cold bottle of Miller Lite."

This time it is Christian who snorts. "Since when did Miller Lite become the student's sacred ale?"

"Since it's my roommate Kyle's favorite beer, and he works at the corner market store, and Miller Lite is all he buys when he gets paid." They both share a laugh at his silly explanation.

"It's so good to have you home Ted, you have no idea how much we miss you around here. Especially Maria, did you know that she still calls you 'mi Niño'? She makes no secret to the fact that you are her favorite, that woman has no shame."

"I've always been her favorite, but that's because I'm the only one that ever bothered to learn Spanish, no one else even tried." He smiles before he takes a gulp of his beer. "Speaking of which Dad, how is everyone else? Not just Maria, but Taylor and Gail, especially Gail, I miss her and her cooking so much."

"You'll get to see her soon, she and Taylor are due back next week. Jason misses Sophie and Jackson a lot; he doesn't get to see them very often since Sophie made her choice to stay in Arizona. Anyways, I don't think they will be able to stand the heat in Phoenix, he hates the weather there."

"I can't believe Sophie is a mom already, and with another kid on the way. This may sound weird, but, I just can't picture Taylor playing goo goo with his grandson, can you?" Theodore asks as he takes a sip of his beer.

"Good Lord, no, hell no. If he does act like an infantile with his grandkid, he never does it in front of anyone. By the way, I hear Sophie and you have been keeping in touch since you broke up with Samantha. Is she still trying to set you up with her girlfriends?" Christian smirks.

"Yes, and she keeps sending me pictures of them. I must admit though, some of them are very good looking. But I just don't have time for set ups or blind dates, too busy with school and work, you know?"

"Are you really too busy or just not ready to take a plunge into the dating scene?"

"Guess it's a little bit of both."

Christian stares at his son as he runs his hand through his hair, a trait he inherited from him. "Or is it because you are still not over Sam?" He asks.

Theodore just shrugs his shoulders as he takes another sip of his beer.

"It's okay son, you don't have to talk about it, we can talk about other things if you want."

After a minute of silence, Theodore turns to his father. "Dad, remember when you said you knew mom was the one for you since the first day you met her?"

Christian is surprised at his son's question. "Yes, I remember Ted, I always tell you kids that."

"Well, that's what I want too. I don't mind dating at all, it's just that I want to meet that special someone. I want what you and mom have. With Sam, It felt good and right at the time, and I really do have feelings for her, but…"

"But you're no sure you love her that way." His father finishes his sentence for him.

"Yeah, I guess so. Besides, being apart for so long has not helped, she's getting on with her life across the country and me, well, and becoming a doctor is my top priority for now. I just don't think she's the one, and I feel guilty for saying that because she's been more than my girlfriend, she's been my best friend too."

"Son, if it's meant to be, then it's meant to be. If not, well, I have no doubt that you will eventually meet your better half someday. Don't try to rush into anything you have doubts about son, life has a funny way of throwing you a curve once in a while."

Theodore smiles at his father. "Dad, that was so cheesy, you're starting to sound like Mom."

"Hump, dissing your old man's advice?"

"Nope, not at all, never do that to my oldies."

"Oldies my ass, I have more energy to run around circles around you and your tired ass." Christian chuckles.

"Speaking of ass, when is Phil getting here? I miss that trouble maker."

"He's staying the night over again at your Uncle Elliot's place. He's taking him and Carl to that new laser combat place, don't remember the name, but it's supposed to be the best place for techno games."

"I know that place; Phoebe calls it a geek's wet dream. Gotta love uncle Elliot, I bet he's enjoying his boys night out. I remember just after Carl was born, he told me that he could actually smell the testosterone in the air." He laughs along with Christian.

"Don't let that big oaf fool you, Ava always had him wrapped around her finger, she's definitively daddy's girl. He loves spending what little time he gets with her, and misses her terribly. Kate told Ana that he calls and emails her every single day. He will never admit it, but he actually cried when she moved to Berkley."

"Dad, Phil told me that next year him and Carl are planning to work all summer long at my uncle's company, is that true?"

"Yep, seems that way. Your mom and I talked about it, seems that Phil is more and more alike your uncle. He loves to build things, and he's the one that asked Elliot to show him around his work sites, but your uncle instead offered to hire him and Ricky as his 'goffers' for the summer."

"And you thought he would become a Veterinarian." Mocks Theodore.

"He still might, he still has those damn rats, gerbils, whatever they are, and not to mention those two smelly, furry mutts."

Theodore smiles at his father. "Well, at least he got rid of the snakes and that ugly green lizard that terrorized mom and Phoebe for years." Both men share a good laugh.

"What's this, my two favorite men in the whole world drinking before dinner?" Anastasia asks as she walks in the study room.

"Why Mrs. Grey, you're not the only one wanting some time alone with his oldest son; jealous, are we my love?" Christian jests as he kisses her.

"Not at all Mr. Grey, you know I love to see my two very handsome men spending time together, male bonding at its best."

"Mom, did you finish making your plans with aunt Mia?" Theodore asks.

"Nope, not yet, I'm just taking a break from Mia, I need to get dinner started as soon as Maria and Phoebe get back. It's enchilada night, but dinner will be a little late; you think both of you will be okay alone for a little while longer?"

"If it's Maria's special enchiladas, then I am more than willing to wait mom." Theodore smiles as he rubs his stomach.

"We're fine Sweetheart; Ted and I are just shooting the breeze for now." Christian assures his wife as he kisses her hand.

"Alright then, I'll leave you two alone to enjoy your beers, but not too much I hope." She playfully scolds them as she leaves the room.

"Son, make sure you drink some Pepto before dinner, Maria's enchiladas are mouthwatering but they do a number on your stomach." Christian warns his son as he pats his abdomen.

After a while, a couple of more beers, and light conversation, Theodore remembers the envelope that he saw earlier inside his father desk. He decides to finally ask his father about it.

"Dad, I been meaning to ask you, actually, been wanting to ask you about it for a long time, but it just never seemed the right time to ask, so here it goes."

After noticing his son fidget a little, Christian decides to ask first. "What on your mind Ted?"

Theodore takes a deep breath. "How come you never talk about your adoption with us, I mean, with me?"

Christian stares at his son for a few seconds, his question surprises him and is one he has been avoiding for a long time. "Ted, is there a reason why you are asking this now?"

"You see, there it is. This is what I mean, you always side step or change the subject. What does it matter if I'm asking now or later?"

Christian gets up from his chair and walks towards the window, where he just stands for a few seconds, staring out as if lost in thought.

"Dad, I'm sorry if talking about your adoption is hard for you. I don't mean to make you sad or upset you, I'm sorry I brought it up dad, just forget I asked." Theodore gets up as well to join Christian as he continues to stare out the window.

"Ted, you did not upset me, and I'm sorry that I gave you that impression. It's just, well, it's…it is very hard for me to try to figure out a way to tell or explain to about my past."

Theodore puts his hand on his father's shoulder. "Dad, I'm not a child anymore. I know only bits and pieces of your life before you met mom. I want to know more about you. You are my father, I love you, and I just want to get to know you better. I know so little about you, about your childhood. I want to know where you came from."

Christian turns to look at his son, who looks him directly in the eye and asks.

"What happened to you when you were a child dad?"

Christian takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes.

"You can tell me anything dad, I'm your son. I can take it. I want to know dad."

Christian opens his eyes, they are misty by now. He gently rubs Theodore's hand from his shoulder as he finally finds his words. "Theodore, I knew this day would eventually come. Take a seat son, this will take a while."

Theodore heads over to the leather couch, while Christian pours himself a glass of bourbon.

"Son, promise me that before I tell you my whole story, you will keep an open mind, and please, please remember that I love you with all my heart. You, your sister and brother, and your mother mean the world to me. You, all of you, are my life."

Theodore feels a strange knot forming in his throat, as he eyes his father's posture. Christian's shoulder seemed to have sagged as he takes a seat next to his son.

"Dad, if…" Christian cuts him off.

"No, Ted, you are right. I owe you my story; after all, you are my son. You need to know who your real father is. You need to know what happened to me as a child. You need to know who Christian Grey is."




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