Title: Poker

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter..I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Word Count: 100

Characters/Pairings: Death Eaters

Challenge: #31- The Alternative Lives of Death Eaters

"So whose idea was this?"
"Oh hush, MacNair! We haven't had fun like this since our Lord's return."
"Speak for yourself, Malfoy. You still have your clothes," Snape groused as he glanced at his cards.
King, Ace of Spade. Might as well, Snape thought as he threw in chips.
Play continued at a fierce pace, with everyone else eventually folding except for him and Lucius.
Lucius smirked inwardly. He had Queen/Jack of Hearts, with King, Ace, and Seven of Hearts out, along with the Ace of Clubs. He was furious when Snape demanded his shirt off for the win.