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I snuggled into Jasper's embrace.

"Bella is also a kick ass fighter." Bree chimed in.

"How much training do you have?" Eleazar inquired.

"A bit but I really didn't need it. I already knew most of what he said."

"Humans who trained to fight tend to bring over some of those skills. Do you remember ever taking classes on how to fight?"

Charlie didn't mention anything like that and nothing seemed solid, I think I punched a guy maybe kicked a few but nothing that seemed like a class.

"Not really sure, I remember kicking a few people's asses but not much class wise."

I still was trying to remember the face with the sunglasses, why was it so important? I think he had light brown hair…Beer? It was so blurry and fragmented I couldn't piece it together. I was going to give up for now.

"Still trying to remember Bella?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, I feel like I'm missing something big. Important?"

I looked over my shoulder to the window, it had started to rain and was now pouring. Peter cocked his head to the side like he was listening to something. Jasper arched an eyebrow at him, wondering what he heard.

"Sorry Major my knowers going off but it isn't giving me anything solid. Bella is too close."

"Sorry." I apologized even though I wasn't doing anything on purpose.

"I think someone is coming. Friend. But I can't tell who and the exact time, soon? Within the hour?" He seemed as frustrated as I was.

"You have a gift?" I don't remember him saying he did.

"It aint a gift!" He spat.

I raised my hands in apology.

"Its fine Bella, Peter is touchy with people calling it a gift. He gets random pieces of information. Sometimes it's helpful, other times its random facts. He can't control it." Char explained.


The Cullens and the Denalis caught up while we waited to see if the friend showed up. Tanya flirted with Edward, which Alice didn't like. Tanya must have a death wish if she keeps flirting with mated male. I mean come on she was practically on his lap! If it came down to a fight I'd help Alice. I imagined what would happen if Alice snapped, apparently Jasper caught onto what I was thinking because he squeezed my thigh. With five minutes left 'til the hour was up we heard someone running, stepping on branches and moving very fast, obviously a vampire. One of the windows was open and a light breeze blew the vampire's scent in. Everyone relaxed once they knew who was coming. I could only tell that it was male. When the vampire appeared on the drive, all the little pieces in my memory clicked together. He...he...

"You!" I broke out of Jasper's grip and ran outside. I knew his face! He was at a bar! We talked!

"I know you !" I said.

He was surprised to see me. "Bella? What you doing here? You're a vampire? How?"

"You know him Bella?" Jasper came up behind me.

"Yeah Sunglasses. My flight was delayed and I went to a bar and we talked." I squinted trying to remember everything that we said.

My eyes widened, "No fucking wonder you liked history so much."

He laughed, "How did you become a vampire? I knew a vampire was causing trouble in Seattle, did they change you?"

"Yeah, our sire," I tried out the odd word on my tongue, "was creating an army, apparently had something against the Cullens."

"That…explains a lot…" He apparently didn't come to that conclusion himself while he was in Seattle.

"Why were you in Seattle anyway? You said you were from New England."

"I came to see what the situation was and contact the Cullens to tell them my findings."

"I don't know how you missed so much, we went all over that city and I even damaged a roof."

"How?" Peter asked.

"Vampire tag gone wrong, I tripped and now there's a Bella print on a roof." I smiled.

Emmett laughed.

"Oh the letter!" I ran in to get the letter for nomads and gave it to Garrett.

He raised a brow, used his nail to get the wax seal off and he read the letter.

"He wants every vampire in the world to be in one place at once? Have they lost their minds?"

Just as I was about to retort, Jasper covered my mouth with his hand, I licked it.

"Bella!" He wiped his hand on my shirt.

"Don't put your hand on my mouth without good reason then."

"Eleazar would you mind trying to figure out Bella's gift again? I want her to be trained before we go Italy." Jasper, don't change the subject.

"Jasper we don't know if she can't control it, but I'll try. Come here niña." I really needed to learn Spanish.

He took both of my hands and concentrated.

"Bella, relax. Imagine a flexible wall in your mind, I want you push it so it surrounds me, can you do this?"

I felt a bit silly but did as he asked of me. Ok how hard is it to move something I can't see and might not be there? Focus, flexible force field to move here. I closed my eyes and imagined something akin to a big bubble in my mind .I used the strength of my mind to push it and managed to slowly inch it around Eleazar.

"I can feel it now."

Great now hurry before it snaps, or pops, either way.

"Hurry, please."

"Yes, yes of course."

"Definitely a shield, blocks mental and physical. And a third? Not sure exactly what it is exactly but truth. Maybe-"

I gasped as the shield snapped back, and the shield pushed Eleazar forward a bit too forcefully. He barley caught himself before he could fall on his face. Great now my head hurt.

"I couldn't hear Eleazar while Bella's shield was around him." Edward commented.

"I don't know if I can do that again. It's hard to move, and tiring. I didn't even know vampires could get tired!"

"We can only get tired mentally. We can get physically tired too but only if you don't feed enough. You used a lot of your mental strength to move your shield and as you get older it'll be easier to control. Also the more you practice with it the easier it will get to control and manipulate it."

"What did you mean by truth anyways?"

" I couldn't get a good feel for it so I'm not exactly sure, but it has something to do with truth."

"Would my dad being a cop have to do with it? He can always get the truth out of people, but I'm not sure if that's a gift or not."

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