One morning as Don Quixote went out for a stroll along the beach, arrayed in full armour (for, as he often said, that was "his only gear, his only rest the fray," and he never was without it for a moment), he saw coming towards him a knight, also in full armour; with a shining moon painted on his shield; long, silver hair that was immaculate in how well it had been kept in glistened in the morning sun and reached down to the waist of the knight; and a curved sword scabbard that must have measured a full eight feet .On approaching sufficiently near to be heard, the night raised his right hand towards his visor, the metal gauntlet not quite completely concealing the many ornate rings on the hand of the night. The knight lifted his visor, revealing the knight's handsome face, especially striking were the knight's brilliant blue eyes, the right one slightly framed by a crescent shaped scar; the only mark on the knight's otherwise perfect face. The knight paused to take a sip of red wine out of his wine goblet, he then began casually swirling the contents as he said in a loud, melodic voice, addressing himself to Don Quixote, "Illustrious knight, and never sufficiently extolled Don Quixote of La Mancha, I am the Knight of the White Moon, whose unheard-of achievements will perhaps have recalled him to thy memory. I come to do battle with thee and prove the might of thy arm, to the end that I make thee acknowledge and confess that my lady, let her be who she may, is incomparably fairer than thy Dulcinea del Toboso.