"Hey, Faith, Woody asked me to tell you to go see him when you got in this morning," Lily told her, handing her her missed message slips. Faith thanked her and turned back around, heading for the garage. She walked into the precinct, mentally prepared for what she'd known was coming after her visitor last night. Angel had warned her that Wolfram and Hart was nothing if not thorough. She soon found Woody, hunched over his desk, reviewing one of his cases. She leaned a hip up against it and cleared her throat. "You wanted to see me, Detective?"

"Yeah," he said tersely, grabbing a folder and pulling her into a side office, conveniently empty. He flipped open the folder and Faith caught a glimpse and smiled as he continued talking.

"I thought I'd heard of that law firm before, and Detective Simmons helped me with the information. Interesting when you said your friend Angel had dealings with them, because it says they hired you against him a few years ago. Care to explain that?"

"Am I being interrogated, Detective? I find that unlikely since, if you had access to that information, you'd see that it was once, nine years ago, and after I came to Angel with some of the information that they wanted to use against him, I became a police informant for them in that one case. Have any more questions? You can always call Captain Kate Lockley if you want- she'll tell you how I helped her with that case back when she was a detective," Faith informed him calmly, folding her arms and leaning against the wall to look at him. "Hoyt, I have nothing to hide. I have worked hard to atone for my sins, and I know I've still got a ways to go. But don't go behind my back again- Doctor Macy already knows about my past because I told him before he even hired me," she said, a little thin-lipped now. "Look, I've gotta get back to work, so if there's nothing else you've got for me, I have a couple dead bodies to deal with.

She stalked out, her color high, barely taking in the blond detective who seemed to do a double take, but Faith was a little too pissed with herself to care at the moment. Back in her SUV, she sat in the parking lot and pounded the steering wheel in frustration. Angel had more practice with this atonement shit then she did! He had warned her that it wasn't going to be easy, even if they could sidestep some of her juvenile record.

She shook her head as she started the vehicle and headed back to work. She had some serious work to do before Wolfram and Hart tried to cover up whatever she was on the brink of finding.


She ran, dirty hair and clothes torn. She had a lot of potential- that's what all her teachers kept telling her. How was she to know it was all a lie? They'd deceived her so they could use her how they saw fit! She looked over her shoulder, fearful. She'd given them the slip last patrol they'd done, but she was smart enough to know they wouldn't be far behind once they discovered her not in her bunk.

She glanced around the alley, hazel eyes wide. She hadn't thought much about what she was really going to do once she got out, especially since the institute had worked hard to cut her off so that she'd have no one to really turn to. She choked back a sob as she continued to run. Was there no one out there to help her?


"Aspirin- now!" Cordelia gasped out. Wesley ran for the medicine cabinet as Fred sat poised with pen and pad. Angel knelt by the couch, seltzer water in his hand and concern clear on his face.

"Cordy, what happened?"

"There's this girl...for some reason, it felt like she was a Slayer or something close to it. She's running from an Institute. But this is the most interesting part- she's in Boston," Cordelia informed them as she took the meds from Wesley.

"Okay," Fred said matter-of-factly as Wes came over to sit next to her. "Anything else we can tell Faith?"

"Her name is Elizabeth Franklin, and Faith needs to get to her fast. I get the impression this girl doesn't have much time 'til what she's running from catches up to her."


"This is Faith. Hey Fred, how goes things? Yeah, sure. I've got pen and paper right her," she muttered into her cell. "Okay, I'll get right on it. Any luck tracing things back to the source on that other matter? No, didn't think so. All right. I hope Cordelia feels better soon."

Faith slammed the phone shut, grabbed the paper up off the stack and walked out of the lab, a determined air about her.

"So where you going in such an all fire hurry, luv?" Nigel quizzed as she bumped into him on her way to the garage.

"Just got a call from a friend of mine- a possible break in the case, you might say."

"Wonderful. I'll just tag along then," he said, growing resolute at the mullish look on her face. He leaned close to whisper in her ear as he steered them both into the elevator. "I'm sure it has something to do with vampires and/or Wolfram and Hart, so I might as well come along to be a steadying influence, wouldn't you say?"

"God, you sure are stubborn," Faith snapped, as he just stared at her, confident that what he was saying was nothing more then another truth she dreaded confronting. She knew he was right, but damn if she was going to admit it to him. "Fine, have it your way," she responded, unlocking her passenger door for him.

"Why not take mine? I've got more room to handle-" Nigel started as he caught sight of her pulling half a dozen stakes from behind her seat. "Never mind. I stand corrected."


The SUV screeched to a halt in a parking lot near the warehouse district. Faith jumped out, scanning the horizon carefully, one hand on her knife that Buffy had been so kind to return to her. Not sensing anything untoward, she started inching toward a bundle off to the left of her. Nigel went to get out and and Faith hissed to him to stay in the vehicle. She crouched in front of the bundle, touching it gently. The woman inside leapt like a tiger, all energy and flying limbs.

"I won't let you take me back! I'll die first," she bit out, eyes blazing.

"Look, we're not here to hurt you. We're actually here to help," Faith soothed her. "We'll help keep you safe," she reassured the shaken girl as she led her to the back of the SUV. "Just lay down here in the back and relax. I'll get you to my house. You'll be safer there."