Can you resist the Devil?

Fall prey to a wicked smile

Temptation in a mask of innocence

Trust in a heart that no longer beats

One that has never felt remorse

See hell in guileless eyes

Blood runs hot with just a touch

Turing inside out for closer inspection

Rip out everything but apathy

Drown in the sea of violet

Salty skin and bloody sheets

Make the wound a little deeper

Pull till there is nothing left

Bleed for the lack of tears

Standing still amidst the broken glass

Erase the burning that lingers

Tighten the rope and take the fall

Cut it out

Extinguish the flame

Tear it up

Unholy needs arise

Lie on a bed of nails

Sell the masquerade of childish fears

Walk in the ashes of fabled innocence

Only one thing remains

How do you revive a soul that is already dead?

A.N.-This is a weird poem that could be the prologue to a fic if I have enough people that want tot read it. I think you know who the poem is about and if you can guess that then you know who's pov it's from. Well, thanks for reading and let me know what ya think!