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Chapter One

Everything was cold.

Everything was dark.

Everything was… Gone.

I glanced around, feeling the cool air nip at my skin as I huddled closer into my coat.

I was in an alleyway…

How did I even get here?

"Hello Miss Swan."

I turned around quickly, my head spinning even more as I did so.

A tall man stood a few feet away, and I could have sworn he wasn't there two minutes ago when I opened my eyes.


Had I been sleeping in the alley?

Well, right now I didn't have time to think about that.

Because the man was coming towards me.

I took a step back quickly, but as his face became more prominent, the gentle and kind nature to him made me halt.

"Who are you?" I whispered, "What am I doing here?"

"What's the last thing you remember?" He asked instead.

"Umm…" I squinted my eyes a little, "I was leaving work… I got into my car…"

He nodded, his face sympathetic, "Yes… Well… To put a long story short… You were in an accident."

I laughed once, "Excuse me?"

He walked forward, stopping right in front of me, "Isabella… I'm so sorry… It was fatal."

My mouth tried to say "Fatal?" but the only thing that came out was a little puff of air.

He placed his hand on my shoulder, "I know… It's a shock…"

"Shock? It's…. It's absurd!" I took a step back, laughing once as I turned and walked to make my way out of the alley.

As I stepped onto the street, a pile of people were walking towards me.

They smiled and nodded, walking around me quickly.

One of them even said "excuse me."

So, clearly I wasn't dead.

The man was in front of me again, "Isabella."

"Listen." I shook my head at him, "I'm sorry. I don't know how you know my name. I don't know how I got here. But I'm not dead. Those people could see me!"

He placed his hand on my arm, taking me back into the alley, "You left work at 5:30pm, it's now 7:00pm. You had the crash just before six, you've only been gone for an hour… Isabella, people can see you because you haven't yet crossed over…"

"Crossed over? Well this is hilarious."

"You have a mission."

"A mission? Oh keep going, I bet it gets funnier."

"There is a man… A man who needs your help."

I opened my mouth again to speak, and the desolation in his eyes stopped my words from coming out.

And then… It sunk in…

I didn't know how I knew it…

But I knew that this man was right…

And I was… Gone.

I was dead.

I gasped, leaning back against the wall as a tear sprung to my eye, "But… How did this all happen?"

"You left work… You got into your car, and you had an accident… It's as simple and as tragic as that… You had massive head injuries… And now here you are… You can cross over, and you will… But first you have to help the man I'm talking about."

"What about… What about my job?"

"They'll find someone else to fill the position I guess."

"And my dad? Does he know?"

"He knows… And he's upset."

"We were never that close anyway… Not after my mom left us… He'll be okay."

"It's quite sad really. Your life revolved around work. Now that you're gone, work will move on too… And the only family you had…" He shook his head sadly.

"What about you? You're… You're dead too?"

He nodded, "Have been for quite a while now… I help people like you… I help you to complete your missions, so you can cross over."

"I have a mission…" I shook my head, "That's crazy."

"It seems crazy… But if you'll listen… I can help you, and you can help him."

I took another breath, shutting my eyes before I nodded my head, "OK… What's my mission?"

"There is a young man… He owns a bookstore… Just to the right of this alley… He's been very troubled recently, and to make matters worse his business isn't doing very well. He needs something like a miracle."

"And… You expect me to be that miracle?"

"No. I don't expect it. I know it." He grinned, "Now, it's very simple… There are three rules; One, don't interact with anyone from your living life. Two, don't fall in love with anyone. Three, don't tell your charge, or anyone, that you are an angel."

"Angel?" I let out a laugh, "I think that's pushing it."

"Oh, so you're dead and you have a mission to save this man's life… But using the word angel is pushing it?" He laughed, "You're funny, Isabella."

I laughed with him for a second, before I sighed, "Okay… I have to make him happy? Save him? Then what?"

"You cross over." He nodded, "And if you need any help from me, just come here…" He glanced around, clapping his hands once, "Okay, that's everything from me. And if I were you I'd be quick going inside the shop. He closes at half seven."

The man turned around suddenly, walking to the other end of the alley, letting the darkness envelop him before I could even shout to him and ask his name.

I sighed, shutting my eyes for a long minute as I tried to get my head around everything.

Was this really happening?

I shook my head, reaching up to fix my hair before I patted down my clothes.

My winter coat covered my work dress, and I reached into my pocket to grab my little compact mirror.

I checked my make-up, nodding once at myself, "You can do this… Just go in there and save his life."

I shut the mirror, putting it back into my coat as I laughed a little at myself.

Walking slowly out of the alley, I smiled at everyone as they passed me, turning right and glancing at the buildings.

The first building was lit up, the windows containing a few mix match books, and the door hanging an "open" sign.

I frowned up at it, looking for a name to the shop.

There wasn't one?

I let out a little laugh, sighing slightly as I wondered if I had the wrong place.

I walked closer, glancing inside the window to see bookshelves lining the walls.


Well it was a bookshop at least…

I decided to take a look inside, just to be safe.

I pushed open the door, glancing around.

It was definitely a bookshop… But there was no one here.

I walked inside, letting the door close behind me gently as I looked up at the first few shelves.

"Hi there." A voice called from the other end of the room, "We close at half… Just to let you know."

Closes at half seven.

This was certainly the right place then.

I turned towards the voice, putting a smile on my face as I tried to find the source.

My eyes caught sight of the man behind the counter, and my mouth dropped open in shock.

He was utterly beautiful.

Tall, dark tousled hair, nice body, perfect face.

If anything, it was him that was the angel.

"Hi…" I breathed a little, "I'm Bella."

"Bella." The man nodded a little, and I noticed that it seemed like there was a permanent frown on his flawless face, "I'm Edward." He smiled a little.

"Nice to meet you." I smiled back, before looking around, "Beautiful place you have here."

"Umm… Thank you." He made it sound like a question, and I tried to think of something to say.

"Pretty empty." I noted, "Is it always like this?"

He let out a sigh, nodding his head, "Yep, pretty much."

I gazed at him for a long moment, watching as he stacked a pile of books on the counter, writing something down on a piece of paper every few seconds.

This man definitely needed saving.

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