In Which Belle Cooks Spaghetti

The food called 'spaghetti' is a curious thing. It begins life as a bundle of twigs – straight and golden and brittle as dried straw. Set it to a boil—and by the time it's done, it's transformed into… jellied rope. It sticks together and breaks apart and takes a good five minutes of rinsing before it separates.

Preparing spaghetti was supposed to be 'simple', but Belle realizes quickly that cooking—like magic—is unpredictable in this world.

She has mastered the use of telephones, however, and Rumplestiltskin arrives an hour later with a bag of takeaway and an infuriatingly smug smile.

A/N: Thanks for reading!

This story will be all my OUaT 100 word drabbles. They won't be consistent in terms of pairings, timeline, or situations, and I accept suggestions if anyone has an idea they REALLY want to see condensed into 100 words. xD I have seven of these little guys currently written at the moment, but I'm always adding more. Hope you enjoyed it. :)