"Ino, Ino open the door!"

Ino chuckled at the desperate tone, padding across the hardwood floor after tossing her magazine onto her bed.

She opened the door with a grin. "You sure are horny tonight, aren't you—"

Sakura had slammed her hand over Ino's mouth, backing her into their shared room. They were sixteen, and they had been in the same boarding school since they were eleven.

Ino sensed that something was wrong as Sakura quickly shut the door, running her hands through her pink hair with gritted teeth. When she finally looked up at Ino, the blonde saw that she was crying.

"Someone saw us."

Ino shrugged. "So?"

Sakura moved around Ino and crawled onto her own bed. She pulled the comforter around her neck.

"Am I that embarrassing to you?" Ino said lightly, though a little hurt slipped into her voice.

"It has nothing to do with you. Of course I'm proud of you." Sakura said, sobbing slightly. "But… this was doomed from the start."

"What? Sakura, don't talk like that!" Ino said with uncharacteristic desperation.

Sakura looked at Ino but then closed her eyes tightly. Ino crawled onto the bed and Sakura didn't object. The blonde slipped under the covers and pressed up against Sakura's back.

Sakura sobbed and turned into her girlfriend. Ino stroked her hair.

"It's going to be okay." Ino promised. She turned Sakura's face up towards hers with a fingertip and kissed her softly. "This is right. Can't you feel how right this is? It doesn't matter what people think."

"My parents don't know." Sakura whispered. "We could get kicked out of school for something like this."

"I wouldn't care." Ino said, nuzzling Sakura's neck with her nose as she wrapped her arm around the pinkette's tiny waist and pulled her closer.

Sakura didn't say anything else, and Ino was confident everything would be fine.

She should have known then that they were too different from the start.

Ino straightened from her laptop with a groan. If she published this story everyone would know exactly who she was talking about. It wasn't like her relationship had been a secret after that. They did get teased, but they were not thrown out of school, girls were awkward around them in the showers, but they did not get thrown out of school. But that didn't make a difference when Sakura's parents found out. They had walked in on them kissing, but their reaction made it seem like Ino and Sakura had been fucking on the couch. They reassured themselves that Sakura would grow out of it, and she did. But Ino didn't. Ino learned it was easier to be loud and proud when you didn't have anyone else to worry about.

Though it did make it rather difficult for roommates to stick. Once they found out she was a lesbian, which was always quickly as she had a habit of making half-joking passes at her roommates to gauge their reaction, they would make up some weird excuse to have another roommate, or they would claim they were being sexually harassed. This was a time when she was in between roommates, and she really didn't mind. She was perhaps surprisingly good at studying and homework, so she spent a lot of her nights drinking and writing. She had quite a few pages of a story she couldn't name. She went between wanting to destroy the whole thing and wanting to show it to the world.

"E-excuse m-me." A soft voice sounded from behind her. Ino's eyes widened at the sheer cuteness of it, and she took a moment to collect herself before spinning around with the best arrogant popular girl grin she could muster.

"Can I help you with something?" Ino asked just as her eyes spied a duffel bag clutched in white hands. "Oh. I see."

"H-hello, I'm y-your new roommate." The girl said. Ino took a moment to look her over. She had indigo hair to her waist and bangs that she seemed to be hiding behind, Ino could tell she was much more slender than her clothes eluded to, though her chest wasn't small in the slightest. Ino found herself staring at the girl's thighs which were somehow perfect, realized she was staring, and quickly looked up at the girls eyes, which only caused more staring. In a word, this girl was stunning. And she's blushing. Ino thought to herself with an accidental smirk. Ino stopped the thought before it could start. This girl wasn't confident enough to be a lesbian.

"Ino Yamanaka." Ino said, offering her hand.

"I'm H-hinata H-h-hyuuga." Hinata said, shaking Ino's hand.

Nice to meet you, H-h-hyuuga. Ino thought rather cruelly before feeling bad.

"Nice to meet you, Hinata." Ino said pleasantly to compensate for the thought.

"T-Thank you." Hinata said, smiling shyly.

Too bad she won't stick around. Ino thought glumly. With a sigh Ino stood, noting that the girl was a bit taller than her.

"I'll show you around."