Chapter 1: Now or Never

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in Unova in just a few minutes. We recommend that you gather all your belongings and prepare for arrival." The announcement traveled throughout the cruise and people prepared for landing.

May was brushing her silky, brown hair while looking at the mirror. She smiled as she brushed her hair and admired her image, "I know I should be packing right now, but a girl's hair comes first?" The brunette giggled and winked at the mirror.

Suddenly, a door slammed opened and a boy with raven hair entered with his Pikachu, "May, come to the deck quick, you have to see this!" The boy announced when he entered and left the moment he finished speaking.

The slam startled May and she almost dropped her brush. When she gained her composure and turned around, she saw that the pair had vanished in a jiffy. The brunette frowned and placed her hands on her hip, "Ash better have a good excuse for startling me like that, I'm his girlfriend, he should know better."

May sighed and ran out of the room; she went up to the deck of the ship where Ash and Pikachu probably were. When she reached the deck she saw Ash and Pikachu overlooking a large piece of land just ahead of them. Ash turned around and waved to her.

May walked up and stood next to Ash. The messy-haired teen spoke to her when she reached them, "Look May, Unova!" May gazed at the new region and saw that there were multiple Pokémon they had never seen before, swimming and flying by the ship.

May stopped a Pokémon that looked Luvdisc swimming in the water, it was heart-shaped, but it had fins. She also saw a school of pink and blue Pokémon that had round heads with crown-like tufts. Ash and Pikachu stopped a whole group of green fish that had a slight resemblance to Carvanha, except that these Pokémon were smaller, but their jaws were just as large. The trio looked up and saw a flock of blue duck-looking Pokémon flying alongside a group of larger swan-like birds.

Ash, May, and Pikachu were amazed by the sight, they could already tell that this adventure would be an exciting one. Ash turned his gaze to May and they held their hands, "This is it May, the start of our new journey, you ready?"

"Ready when you are," the brunette sapphire eyes caught his auburn eyes and smiled at him.

Pikachu was the only one whose attention was caught by a dark cloud looming in the horizon. The mouse stared at the cloud with confusion, wondering what that is.

Behind the trio stood a group of three dressed in black coats and wore black hats. They also wore sunglasses so no one could identify them by their eyes. One of them was a woman with long, red hair and cherry lips. The other was a man with short, purple hair and stared at the teenagers through his sunglasses. The third person was too short to be a person and had a cat-like appearance; he too stared at the trio in front of them.

"Looks like the twerp has got himself a gwirlfriend," Meowth, the shortest of the group spoke first.

"Yes, it looks like it's that girl from Hoenn. Who would have thought that he'd end up with her, I always thought he would be with the purple-haired girl from Sinnoh or the red-head from Cerulean," James stated after Meowth spoke.

"Well, that doesn't matter to us. We're here because the boss personally assigned us with a mission, so we can't afford to blow it," Jessie said in a cold voice, trying to get teammates to focus on the task at hand.

"Hey jess, don't cha think it'd be a great idea if we tried to capture Pikachu anyway, think about it," Meowth suggested they should capture Pikachu while they are operating in Unova.

James became interested in the suggestion, "I think Meowth is on to something, Team Rocket's goal is to capture rare and powerful Pokémon for world domination. Don't you think that by capturing Pikachu we would be one step closer to that goal, Pikachu is the perfect candidate for the job."

Jessie looked at them with a blank look and then gazed at Pikachu, the red-haired woman sighed, "I don't see why not, Pikachu could make a great addition to the team."

"That's the spirit," the cat Pokémon standing by James and Jessie said while smiling. The Team Rocket trio stared at the yellow mouse standing on the rail with devious gazes.

A few minutes later…

Ash and May were the last ones to board off because they hadn't packed earlier. "Thank you for riding with us on the S.S Kennedy, I hope you enjoyed the trip and welcome to Unova!" That was the final announcement the captain of the ship made after all passengers got off the cruise.

The trio looked around when they set foot in Unova. "Hey Ash, Professor Juniper is supposed to be picking us up right?" May asked her boyfriend.

"She's supposed to, but where is she? I guess she must be running late. Why don't we start walking, we might find her on the way," Ash suggested and May agreed with him while Pikachu got on his shoulder.

When the couple began walking something reached out for Pikachu, trapped him in a rhombus-like cage and pulled the mouse back. Ash's eyes widened and turned around, "Hey, what's going?"

May turned around and the pair glared at trio in front of them, "Who are you guys?" the brunette asked the mysterious strangers with an upset tone.

The woman with red hair laughed at them and spoke, "What a question, twerpish indeed!"

The man with purple hair followed, "We'll answer these questions when we feel the need!"

"Brining the blinding white light of evil into the future!" the woman extended her right arm.

"Thrusting the hammer of justice down onto the black darkness of the universe," the man made a fist as he talked.

"Carving our names in the Rock of Eternity," the smallest of the three jumped in front of his partners.

"The fiery destroyer, Jessie!" the woman exclaimed and revealed herself.

The man also freed himself of the dark clothing and yelled, "And with thunderous emotion, I am James!"

The small member of the trio took off his clothes and showed his identity, "Wisest of the wise, Meowth!"

The three stood together and pointed menacingly at the couple, "And now gather, under the name of Team Rocket!" Jessie and James also revealed their change of uniform; it was similar to the old one, except the white was replaced by black.

Pikachu tried to escape the cage with Thunderbolt, but even though the electricity traveled through the handle, it was stopped by a shield that emerged at the end of the handle and Team Rocket laughed mockingly at Pikachu's futile attempts to escape.

"Team Rocket, what are you doing here? I thought you might have learned your lesson and stopped trying to capture Pikachu!" Ash gave the trio a dirty look.

May also gave them a furious gaze, "Nothing has changed about you guys except the fact that you've had a change of wardrobe."

"How nice of you to notice our change in style twerpette, but why would we ever stop trying to capture a Pikachu as powerful as this one?" Jessie gave the brunette a cunning smile.

"You're Pikachu is destined to serve Team Rocket, there is no way that we would ever give up trying to catch it," James gave Ash a clever smirk.

"Besides, you lovebirds have each other now, so I don't see why you would miss Pikachu, here," Meowth glared at the pair while smiling.

Ash and May continued to frown, but a light red blush came over their faces when Meowth called them "lovebirds". So even Team Rocket knows that we're a couple now too was the thought that crossed Ash and May's minds.

The pair then noticed something strange hovering over Team Rocket; it was a pitch black cloud with a blue center. The cloud resembled a hurricane. Everyone looked above them, including Team Rocket and they were all puzzled about what it was. A loud roar came from the cloud that frightened all of them. May grabbed Ash's arm and had a worried look on, "Ash, what is that thing?"

Her black-haired partner stared intensely at the cloud, "I don't know, but it doesn't look friendly."

Another loud roar came from the cloud that resulted in Jessie and James hugging each other in fear, "Jessie, I don' think the cloud likes us," the purple-haired Rocket stated with fear.

"But everything was going so smoothly," Jessie complained with a frightened look, fully knowing that their attempt in capturing Pikachu was going to fail because of the hovering cloud.

"Hey, isn't tis the cloud the boss was talking about?" Meowth wondered out loud with a scared look on his face as well.

A screech came from the cloud and a powerful blue thunderbolt shot out from it. The attack caused everyone to fly, Ash grabbed May to protect her and the auburn-eyed teen took damage from the assault. Team Rocket also flew back while yelling in pain. Pikachu was also blasted away, but the blue bolt managed to break to cage, freeing him from Team Rocket's clutches.

The flash blinded everyone so no one was able to see what was going on. Ash lay on top of May with his hands against the ground, ready to protect her. The boy took a look at May when the light weakened and smiled at her reassuringly, "Don't worry May. I'm here." The raven-haired boy assured her that everything was going to be ok after seeing her frightened gaze.

May grinned at him and nodded her head in response. The light from the thunderbolt faded and the couple saw Team Rocket struggling to get up. James held his head in pain, it had hit against the ground when they flew back, but he was ok and so were his teammates.

"We have to get out here, it's too dangerous, besides the boss will want to hear about this," Jessie told James and Meowth while handing them jetpacks.

The two human members of Team Rocket flew off with their jetpacks while Meowth said one last thing to the twerps, "This isn't over, we'll be back!" the Kanto Pokémon smirked at them slyly and flew off.

Ash, May, and Pikachu were all a little confused, they had never Team Rocket use any fancy equipment before. "That's new," May said as she looked at the sky.

The trio got up and looked back at the hovering cloud. Another roar came from the cloud that frightened May; Ash knew that he needed to do something, "Pikachu use Thunderbolt on the cloud!"

Pikachu nodded and shot out a powerful Thunderbolt, "Pika…chu!"

Another thunderbolt was released from the cloud and easily canceled out Pikachu's Thunderbolt. Ash grinded his teeth and glared at the cloud, what is that thing. The auburn-eyed teen stared at it with Pikachu and May; the three eventually saw a vague figure among the clouds that resembled a dragon with menacing ruby-red eyes and blue spark at the end of its tail.

The unknown figure screeched again and let out a thunderbolt that shot out much faster than the previous two. This time Ash wasn't able to protect May because of how fast the thunderbolt had been released. The trio flew against the ground yet again and was blinded by the strong light.

The creature hidden in cloud growled that caused an explosion inside the cloud and figure flew out of it with incredible speed. None of them were able to identify the fast-moving figure as they got up.

When the flash faded, Ash got on his feet and saw his friends struggling to get up because of electricity. He walked over to his beloved, "May, are you alright?" the boy questioned.

May sat up and gave him an assuring smile, "Yes, thank you Ash." The boy pulled her up and the two grinned at each other. Then the two walked over to Pikachu and Ash picked him up.

"Pikachu, are you okay?" Ash asked his best friend as he held the mouse in his arms.

The yellow mouse nodded and licked the boy. May and Ash grinned at Pikachu, they were all relieved that the incident had ended, but they still wondered what that cloud was.

"Excuse me, are you Ash and May?" a voice called out and the couple turned around. They saw a young woman with green eyes and brown hair, wearing a lab coat.

"That's us," Ash answered the woman's question.

"Great, nice to meet you, I'm Professor Juniper," the female smiled at them and introduced herself.

The duo walked up to and smiled, "Hi there, I'm Ash, from Pallet Town."

"And I'm May, from Petalburg City," the couple officially introduced themselves.

"Professor Oak told you were coming, sorry for keeping you here for half an hour. I had some things to finish up at the lab before coming here," Professor Juniper apologized and gave them a sheepish smile.

"It's no problem," Ash responded kindly.

Juniper nodded at him, "Well alright then, why don't we get in my jeep and drive to the lab."

They all agreed and took off in the jeep. As they drove through the woods, May had Pikachu sitting on her lap and she wrapped her arms around the little Pokémon. Ash next to her and both admired the Pokémon lurking among the trees. There were all kinds of Pokémon, but the most common a group of deer-like and chipmunk-looking Pokémon.

"Wow, there's so many Pokémon," May's eyes shined as she looked at the Pokémon.

As Ash admired the Pokémon too, he took out the C-Gears and gave one to May. "May, why don't we put this on now that we're in Unova," Ash suggested and the brunette shook her head.

"There are many things in Unova that you'll never find in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh, from Pokémon to technology. You're going to love it," Professor Juniper told them.

The messy-haired teen looked at Pikachu when Juniper said that and rubbed his chin, "You hear that pal? Unova has loads of surprises."

"Ash, May, you should probably know that any Pokémon you are carrying like Pikachu, is extremely rare here so you'll probably get a lot of attention for that," the green-eyed professor informed.

"Are there really no Pokémon from the other regions here professor?" May asked the older female about Pokémon in Unova.

"There are, but the numbers are really limited, so it's like they don't even exist here," Professor Juniper told the sapphire-eyed girl.

"Speaking of Pokémon, professor we ran into some trouble with a group named Team Rocket and this really black cloud back at the harbor. I was wondering if you can make some tests on Pikachu to see if he's alright," Pikachu's trainer asked Professor Juniper as she drove.

The professor frowned a bit when she heard "Team Rocket" and "black cloud"; she was familiar with both, but decided to shrug it off and smiled. "Of course we'll check Pikachu, don't worry Ash."

Ash smiled when Professor Juniper said yes and petted Pikachu with May until they finally arrived at the lab. Professor Juniper took Pikachu to the testing room while Ash and May went to phone their parents and Professor Oak.

Professor Juniper looked at the computer screen to see what the computer had determined regarding Pikachu's conditions. Pikachu sighed as he remained seated on a structure that was encircled by glass and strings were attached to his cheeks, he never did like getting tests.

Then Ash and May walked in with May asking him something, "Do you think we should have told our parents about the incident with that storm and Team Rocket?"

Ash thought about it for a minute, but then nodded sideways. "Nah, if had told them then they wouldn't stop worrying, especially my mom."

May thought about what Ash had said and knowing their parents, he was probably right so she nodded in agreement. They walked up to Professor Juniper and Ash told her, "Professor I spoke to Professor Oak and he wanted me to remind you to send him that data he requires."

Juniper shook her head, "No problem, I'll send it to him as soon as I'm done here. Thanks for the reminder Ash."

Then Ash asked about how Pikachu was doing so far.

"Pikachu seems to be doing fine, he's enveloped by an electrical field, but aside from that he's in one piece," Professor Juniper informed him with a smile.

The auburn-eyed teen approached Pikachu and said, "Looks like you're ok buddy, you should be able to come out of that thing in just a few minutes." Ash grinned at Pikachu and the mouse returned the gesture, but he really did want to get out of the rube.

All of a sudden, one of Juniper's lab assistants walked into the room, "Professor Juniper a new trainer is here to pick up his starter Pokémon."

"Is it that time of the year month already?" Professor Juniper clearly hadn't expected any guests aside from Ash, May, and Pikachu. The lab assistant nodded and walked out of the lab.

"Excuse me you guys, I have to handle this. The machine will automatically release Pikachu when the testing is done," Professor Juniper excused herself and left the room.

May looked at the professor as she exited, "I wonder who the new trainer is," the brunette pondered out loud.

"Let's go find out," Ash told his girlfriend enthusiastically and grabbed her by the hand. They both rushed out of the room, but not before telling Pikachu that they'd be right back.

By the entrance to the lab they spotted Professor Juniper with a blonde-haired boy with a similar haircut to Paul, but slightly shorter. "Ash, May, nice of you to join us. This is Trip; he's starting his Pokémon journey today."

"Hi I'm May, nice to meet you," May greeted the serious-looking boy.

"Hey there I'm Ash," Ash formally introduced himself as well.

"Hi," Trip gave them a stern greeting.

Ash, then spoke to the boy again. "So you were you able to sleep last night without thinking about getting your first Pokémon? Were you so excited that you couldn't stop talking about? I remember I was," the auburn-eyed teen grinned sheepishly.

"I remember that I wasn't very excited," May stepped into the conversation and gave Trip a sheepish smile too.

Trip looked at them strangely, "Where did you guys say you were from again?"

"Oh right, I'm from Pallet Town in Kanto," Ash forget to include the details regarding where he was from.

"I'm from Petalburg City in Hoenn," May followed Ash.

Trip raised an eyebrow. "Kanto, Hoenn? That explains it, you're from the boonies," Trip stated and gave them a cunning smirk.

"Boonies, what's that supposed to mean?" May glared at him while Ash just ignored Trip's harsh comment.

"Hey come now, Trip it's your first day as a trainer, let's be happy about it. Let me show you the starter Pokémon right now," Professor Juniper tried to ease the tension and released the Unova Pokémon one by one.

Juniper released an otter-like Pokémon with a white round head, light blue body with a scalchop on its stomach and blue triangular ears. "This is Oshawott, a Water-type Pokémon," Professor Juniper introduced it.

"Oshawott!" The small Pokémon greeted by jumping up and down repeatedly.

"He's so cute and energetic," Ash complimented the Water-type Pokémon.

"I just want to grab it and squeeze it," May admired the adorable Pokémon with glistening eyes.

The professor released the next Pokémon, "This is Tepig, a Fire-type Pokémon." The Pokémon was pig-like with most of its body colored orange, except its head, which was black and its forehead was yellow. Its nose was pig-like and had a spiral tail with a sphere at the end of its tail.

"Te te tepig!" the Fire-type sneezed and let out a few embers.

"Yep, that's a Fire-type," Ash stared at the pig-like Pokémon.

"This one looks so cute, I almost can't stand it!" May was tempted to just grab the chubby starter and embrace it in a hug.

The Unova professor threw the last Pokeball and revealed the final starter, "This is Snivy, a Grass-type." The Pokémon was snake-like and its body was mostly green, except for its cream-colored underside. It also had yellow markings around its eyes and stood in front of the group proudly.

Ash was impressed by the Grass-type, "This one sure has a lot of confidence in itself, and it looks so cool." The auburn-eyed teen continued eyeing the starter.

"It reminds of your Sceptile, Ash, when it was just a Treecko it displayed this type of behavior," May pointed out how similar Snivy and Treecko had in common.

Trip saw that the two foreigners kept admiring the starter Pokémon and frowned, "Hey, don't forget that I'm the one choosing."

Ash's eyes shifted to Trip and smiled, "We know that, calm down Trip."

Trip ignored the boy and took out a camera. Ash and May wondered what he was going to do with it. Trip then took snapshots of Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy and analyzed them for a few seconds. Everyone just looked at him, wondering what he was up to.

The blonde-haired teen looked up at Professor Juniper and smirked, "I've decided. I'm choosing Snivy."

"Excellent choice," Professor Juniper complimented his decision. Oshawott turned pale and dropped on the floor like a statue while Tepig sighed with a sad look on its face, which May took note of.

"That's so cool Trip, nice pick," Ash complimented Trip, but the boy ignored him.

Professor Juniper reached into her pocket and handed Trip a Pokédex and six Pokeballs. "This is your Pokédex; you'll need that if you want to learn about all the Pokémon you come across. And here are Pokeballs to capture other Pokémon; Snivy's Pokeball is also among them, these are all important items so remember to keep them with you at all times."

Trip received the items and nodded, "That's basic. I guess I'll be heading on my way now." Trip prepared to leave until he was interrupted.

After staring at the disappointed Tepig for so long, May couldn't help but do something and came up with an idea. "Professor Juniper if you don't mind, can I please take Tepig with me. The poor thing looks so sad that it won't get to travel," May clasped her hands and begged while staring at the older woman with her shiny sapphire eyes.

Ash smiled at May's consideration for the happiness of other Pokémon, to think that a longtime ago, May didn't care for Pokémon. The messy-haired teen grinned at the idea of May's good nature; he hoped Professor Juniper would say yes to her request. Any Pokémon and especially a Pokémon like Tepig would be great for May and vice versa. May would use her motherly instincts and raise Tepig so well, she would treat it in the same way she had treated Swablu and Manaphy in the past.

Trip decided to stay a bit longer and hear what Professor Juniper would say, typical behavior from someone that's from the boonies.

Professor Juniper couldn't seem to decide, but she took a close look at the sad-looking Tepig and then at May. Professor Oak had told her so many good things about May that this might work out, Tepig would be a good partner for May. The green-eyed woman smiled and said, "Alright May, you can keep Tepig."

May's eyes glistened, "Thank you so much, professor. I promise I'll take good care of it." Professor Juniper nodded at the girl, knowing May would take good care of Tepig.

Tepig's eyes shined with happiness after hearing Professor Juniper's response and wagged its tail. Oshawott looked even paler after hearing that, which Ash took note of and wondered, maybe I should ask Professor Juniper if I can take Oshawott with me.

Ash's lost his train of thought when he heard Trip though, "Well, professor I'll be on my way. Thank you for your time," the Unova boy thanked her and walked out of the lab.

"It was a pleasure, Trip," Professor Juniper grinned at him as he left.

Ash ran after Trip the moment the new trainer exited the lab, "Trip, wait!"

"Ash we're you going?" May asked, but the boy just ran ahead and the brunette sighed. She ran after the boy when she realized she wouldn't get an answer if stood there.

"Hey Trip, wait up," Ash called out to the boy just a few feet ahead of him.

"What is it?" Trip asked the auburn-eyed teen.

Ash stopped in front of him and May caught up with them just a few seconds after Ash did. "Ash, why'd you run off like that?" the sapphire-eyed girl asked her boyfriend.

"I wanted to know what Trip was going to do now," the black-haired teen responded.

Trip smiled smugly at him, so that's what you want to know? Ash turned to Trip after speaking to May, waiting for an answer. The blonde-haired teen spoke, "The basics, which are go around battling and collecting 8 gym badges to compete in the Unova League."

"Me too, this is great, we can be rivals!" Ash was excited about having a rival while May knew that she should have seen this one coming, it's typical of Ash to get excited when he made rivals. Even after getting together, Ash retained some of his more typical traits like his interest for Pokémon and his eager determination when it came to battling.

Trip continued to smile smugly at Ash, "So it appears. I'll look forward to it, if you make it."

"You bet I will," Ash made a fist while a confident smile formed on his face.

Trip's attention turned to May, "Do you plan on competing in the Unova League too?"

May smiled and corrected him, "Actually, I'm here to compete in the Unova Grand Festival."

The Nuvema teen grinned slyly, "Well, you should probably know that the Grand Festival here is much more difficult than any held in the boonies."

The brunette glared at him and made a fist, "Can you stop saying that we're from the boonies!"

Ash held her by the shoulders and told, "Calm down May, don't listen to what he says." Ash glared at Trip for a moment after he made May mad, but he knew that it'd be best to just stay cool. The auburn-eyed teen hated when someone was looking for trouble with his lover, he would never let anyone insult or inflict pain on her as long as he is around.

May sighed and just smiled sheepishly at Ash, "You're right Ash, I'm sorry."

Suddenly, the trio heard a, "Pikapi!" and turned to see where it came from. Pikachu ran up to Ash and May, and then he climbed on Ash's shoulder and greeted the couple.

"Buddy, you're done," Ash grinned at him and Pikachu nodded.

Trip's eyes widened when he saw the Pokémon, "What Pokémon is that?" The blonde-haired teen took out his Pokédex and listened to what the machine had to say about the mouse.

"Pikachu, it occasionally uses an electric shock to recharge a fellow Pikachu that is in a weakened state," the machine stated in its robotic voice. Trip put the Pokédex away and took snapshots of the mouse with his camera.

The trio just looked at Trip strangely until he stopped taking pictures. The trainer glared at the pair and said, "This is why we dislike people from the boonies, Pikachu is extremely rare here so it's a big deal. Don't go showing it off like it's nothing special."

"Pikachu is more than just a Pokémon to us, he's our friend. We don't see it as a big deal to have him hang out with us and we certainly don't do it to show off," May told Trip about their relationship with Pikachu.

Trip ignored May's comment and kept staring at the Pikachu, "Is your Pikachu strong?" the boy asked Ash.

"You bet. Do you wanna see how strong?" Ash smiled at Trip confidently.

"You're on," Trip gave the Kanto boy a cunning grin.

The group walked to a nearby battlefield, where Ash stood at one end and Trip at the other while May sat on the log. Ash, is gonna win this one, he has more experience and Pikachu is really powerful so there's no way Trip can win, May thought to herself and smiled, certain that the victory would go to her boyfriend.

Pikachu stood in front of Ash, the mouse was clearly ready for battle. Trip just smirked smugly, "Let's end this quick! Go Snivy, use Tackle!" Trip released his starter Pokémon and the Grass-type wasted in no time in attacking.

"Alright Trip, get ready! Pikachu use Volt Tackle!" Ash commanded.

Pikachu began building up speed for electricity and aimed for Snivy, "Pika pika pika pika!" the mouse yelled, but for some reason no electricity had charged up.

"Huh?" Ash was surprised with the result.

"Why can't Pikachu use Volt Tackle?" May asked no one in particular.

Pikachu became distracted with the thought regarding his inability to use Volt Tackle. In the meantime Snivy tackled and sent the mouse flying. Trip took a snapshot of Snivy tackling Pikachu and grinned, "That one is going in the book."

Ash grinded his teeth, he felt as though he was being mocked, "Why do you keep taking pictures?" the Pallet boy asked the boy in the orange sweater.

"I'm taking photos of any major moments in my journey to remember about in the future," Trip grinned cunningly.

"That guy is a jerk," May frowned; she wondered if Paul treated Ash as bad as Trip.

"Now Snivy, use Leaf Tornado!" Trip extended his arm forward.

"Leaf Tornado, what's that move?" Ash questioned when he heard Trip say the command.

"Never heard that one before," May also was unfamiliar with the attack.

Snivy began spinning with its head facing downwards and then a large tornado of wind formed that was made up green energy. Snivy aimed the green energy tornado towards Pikachu as the mouse prepared to counter.

"Pikachu, counter it with Thunderbolt!' Ash told his friend to use another Electric-type move.

"Pikachu!" the mouse yelled, but when he opened his eyes he saw that no electricity had been released.

"What's happening?" Ash grinded his teeth again, why can't Pikachu use his attacks?

"What's the matter with Pikachu, it looks like he's unable to use any attack," May became worried as she Leaf Tornado approach.

"You know, you should really stop calling out attacks that your Pokémon doesn't know," Trip laughed at his opponent.

Even Professor Juniper's Oshawott and May's Tepig had been spying on the battle; they had clearly gotten away from the lab to see what everyone was doing. The two starters were also surprised that a Pikachu could not use electric attacks.

Snivy's Leaf Tornado hit Pikachu directly and sent Pikachu flying. "Quick Snivy, hit it with Tackle before it touches the ground!" Trip demanded.

"Pikachu counter it with Iron tail," Ash stated, unsure if that attack could be used. Pikachu got his composure and turned his tail into iron. Then the mouse hit Snivy head on, with both Pokémon reaching a standstill.

"Well at least Pikachu can use Iron Tail, it doesn't look like he can use Electric-type moves, but why?" May wondered and recalled any previous events that might be responsible for this. Then she recalled their encounter with the black cloud, Pikachu been hit one of the cloud's blue thunderbolts, is that why Pikachu can't use electric attacks?

Snivy flipped backward and so did Pikachu. "Pikachu, use Quick Attack!" Ash commanded and his pal ran at an incredible speed towards Snivy.

"Snivy, use Tackle!" Trip retaliated and Snivy charged at Pikachu. Just when the two were about to collide, Trip made another command, "Jump over Pikachu and use Leaf Tornado!" Pikachu and Ash were caught by surprise and a Leaf Tornado hit Pikachu from above, sending the mouse flying.

Snivy stood by its trainer as it waited for Pikachu to get back up, but the mouse dropped to the ground. "Looks like your Pikachu is down for the count, how about you try returning to the basics." Trip chuckled and returned Snivy. The Unova boy looked at his Pokeball, "What do you know? Our first victory, I made the right choice picking you."

Ash glared at Trip as he walked away, vanishing amongst the trees. The raven-haired teen walked over to Pikachu and picked him up, "Pikachu…I'm sorry that we lost."

Pikachu gave the trainer a weak smile, the mouse really didn't care if they lost, he just cared that he knew his friend and trainer would always be there for him. May walked over them, shocked at the defeat. "Ash, I'm sorry that you lost, how could this have happened?"

"I don't know," the boy hid his eyes under the brim of his hat.

May was heartbroken by Ash's sad expression. "I think it has something to do with the thunderbolt Pikachu received earlier today from that cloud, it must have done something to Pikachu," the brunette stated her explanation for the bizarre battle.

"That's probably it; the thunderbolt must have disabled Pikachu's electric attacks somehow? But does this mean Pikachu won't be able to use Electric-type moves?" the auburn-eyed teen stared at the ground with disappointment.

"I'm sure Ash, but I'll promise we'll find a solution," the brunette leaned in to kiss him on his lips.

Ash couldn't hold May by the waist because Pikachu was still in his arm, but the boy kissed her with the usual passion. He explored her mouth his tongue and he felt so fortunate to have May with him. The girl was his one and only love, he didn't want anyone else with him because no one could ever comfort him like May. The brunette also explored the boy's mouth with her tongue, she knew that the least they could do right now was share a passionate moment together. They had been through enough for one day.

The two separated and May looked at him with caring eyes, "Why don't we head to the lab? I'm sure Professor Juniper can help us."

Ash returned the gesture with a warm, glistening gaze. The boy nodded and they walked back to the lab with Pikachu.

Oshawott and Tepig smiled as they saw the couple walk off, Tepig felt a wonderful feeling inside him, he knew that with people like them around, traveling and battling would be great. Oshawott couldn't help, but glare at his partner; he knew that he was the only staying at the lab.

Back in the room where they tested Pikachu, Professor Juniper stood next to Ash and May while staring at the screen intensely, "What could have happened to Pikachu that disabled his ability to use electric attacks…" the professor murmured.

Ash and May stared at Pikachu, who was put in the glass prison again for testing. The mouse was clearly upset with the situation, but the pair kept smiling at him reassuringly. "Don't worry Pikachu, everything is going to work out," May assured her boyfriend's best friend.

All of a sudden, they heard a loud thunder outside that caught the professor, Ash, May, and Pikachu's attention. Ash and May looked out the window and saw the same dark cloud from before, "Not this again," the auburn-eyed teen became frustration.

"Professor Juniper, I was wondering if you could explain what that dark cloud is," May talked to the professor with a concerned expression on her.

Professor Juniper sighed, "This seems to be Zekrom's doing."

"Zekrom?" Ash asked the woman, unsure about what the woman was talking about.

"Yes, Zekrom, the legendary Dragon/Electric-type Pokémon of Unova, it is a Pokémon of Unova Mythology that is said to represent ideals and is responsible for the creation of this region alongside another dragon. Rumors travel across Unova, saying that Zekrom travels through a dark cloud that serves as its vessel and it has the ability to manipulate lighting or anything related to electricity." Professor Juniper gave a detailed description of the Legendary Pokémon.

From what the professor just told them, Ash and May realized that Zekrom is a force not to be reckoned with. Suddenly, a loud roar came from the cloud and a large blue thunderbolt shot out that hit the lighting rod of the laboratory. The electricity released from Zekrom traveled all the way to the cables attached to Pikachu and shocked the Pokémon, causing it to squeal in pain.

"Pikaaaaa!" the mouse squealed at the pain as May and Professor Juniper watched in horror as well as Tepig and Oshawott, whom happened to be watching from the door entrance. Ash tried to approach Pikachu, but the lighting encircling Pikachu blasted him towards the floor.

"Pikachu!" Ash called out as the room became illuminated by a white light that blinded all of them. Zekrom roared and caused another explosion in the sky, which resulted in him escaping again at an astounding speed. The cloud that hovered above the lab also vanished in the process.

Back in the room, the light had faded and everyone saw Pikachu standing onto of the destroyed structure that contained him. The glass had cracked and any nearby cables hanged. Pikachu stood proudly and stared at his friends, whom finally gained the ability to see again.

"Pikachu…are you ok?" Ash got up and gave his friend a puzzled look. Juniper and May were also confused as to why Pikachu was smiling.

"Pika pi pikapi pikachu!" The mouse waved his arms with a smile.

Ash was still a little confused, "Really? You think you can use electric attacks this time?"

"Pi!" the mouse nodded with a grin.

The black-haired teen formed a smile, "Ok, why don't we try it out. Pikachu use Thunderbolt on me!" the boy pointed at himself.

"Ash, are you crazy?!" May yelled at him for making such a request, did he want to get shocked to an unbearable point.

"No, but I want to see if Pikachu can really use electric attacks. C'mon pal, hit me!" the auburn-eyed teen told his friend.

Professor Juniper laughed nervously and May palm faced herself as Pikachu happily charged up for Thunderbolt. The mouse let out a powerful Thunderbolt that shocked Ash to the very core.

"Gaaaaaah!" the boy yelled as he was electrocuted and everyone else watched with amazement. When Pikachu stopped, Ash looked like charcoal, but he had a smile on his face, "Yeah pal, you still got it." Those were the only words he could say before he dropped to the floor with a smile on his face.

Later that day…

Professor Juniper stood outside the lab with Ash, May, and Pikachu. Ash had to change switch to another set of Unova clothing before going on the road; no one would like him to go around smelling like something burnt.

"Alright May, here's Tepig's Pokeball, he's already in there so that's set. I also have some Pokeballs and Pokédex to give you both," Professor Juniper handed the couple everything they would need. May's Pokédex was white while Ash's was black, just like the C-Gears.

Oshawott stood next to Professor Juniper with an upset look and just looked at the humans. "Thank you professor, we're going to need all this," May thanked the older female for everything.

"Yeah, thank you for helping us out with Pikachu and for having us the whole morning," Ash smiled as he scratched Pikachu and looked at Professor Juniper.

"It was no problem; it was nice to meet the three of you. Don't hesitate to call whenever you need anything ok," Professor Juniper told the group and got nods from all of them.

"So long professor," Ash waved goodbye with May and Pikachu as they walked toward the path leading to the next town.

The trio continued walking as Professor Juniper and Oshawott waved goodbye until an unexpected attack was released from somewhere that caused dirt to fly everywhere. Ash, May, and Pikachu started coughing as they became blinded by the dirt while Professor Juniper and Oshawott looked around to see what was going on.

"What now!" Ash yelled as he hid his eyes from the dirt.

"I don't know," May tried to figure out what was going on, but no thought struck her.

The only thing that could be heard was a bunch of people laughing sadistically at the confused group, the laughter sounded like it came from above.

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