Monday the 14th

Dear Diary.

I am awesome.

So even though I am awesome. And will always be awesome and will more awesome then any mere unawesome human… I couldn't really stop thinking about Old Man Fritz, and that's unawesome.

So the day was usual, I awoke to my dull grey alarm clock, lounged around in bed for a while. Just thinking about getting up to face the day, I don't really think in the morning. If you asked me, I wouldn't remember my own name. So how on earth was I supposed to remember to bring in my English essay draft.

The teacher was mad at me, but she was mad at half the class as well as they hadn't brought it in either.

I mean seriously, it's not due for… 1-2-3…

I can't remember, I'll text Francis now.

He said it's due next Wednesday. JOY! AAAAHHH I do NOT want to face any more teachers' wrath like today.

Mr Fritz brought me to the top of the class as the thought I was 'spacing out'. Well if only he knew that the REASON I was staring at the wall was in fact to avoid looking at him.

I haven't stop thinking about him since I saw him in the hall before Maths. So after all day wondering WHY I couldn't stop thinking about him I decided to stop looking at him. Then I'll stop thinking about him.

I have an idea of the reason as to why I can't stop looking at him… And as every day passes it's making me believe that that theory could be the actual case…

I hope it's not true because if it is than everything I have ever known about myself will be compromised.

But yeah he made me go up in front of the class, and there was the usual "OOOOHHHHHH" on behalf of my lovely friends Antonio and Dáithaí.

As I stood there awkwardly he went to the little storeroom we have for keeping instruments. He then got out an arm length black box.

He then explained to me that he's play a piece of music of one of the composers we were learning and I'd have to say the composer and say the key changes bla bla bla.

Old man Fritz opened his mysterious black box that contained two long sliver rods. The somehow stuck them together and he had created a…

A flute…

And he … proceeded to play the flute. Dare I say it…


He did it so naturally. Like he was born to do it..

At first when he did his warm up, I was still in shock as to the fact he played the FLUTE! But then he played a few bars of a piece that we were learning.

I just stared at him, I guess he must have thought I was spacing out again but really I was admiring him. I think I can say I really was admiring him.

Once that tune was over I said "Chaminade …"

"Very good. I guess you were paying attention, but where would the counterpoint be if I had a person playing the violin with me"

And that I couldn't answer, I was listening to the flute. It was so beautiful. But I wasn't listening for intricate unawesome details like counterpoints.

"I… I wasn't that much attention sir."

And then I heard a class filled with teenagers laugh. I had forgotten they were there. All was interested in was Mr Fritz and his awesome flute.

He smiled at me again and I could feel my breathing cease to exist.

He played another tune and I picked out the key it was in and several jumps in the quavers. Then he asked for the composers and I said, "Mozart…"

"And why did one use a Deceptive Cadence like Mozart did in that piece?"

"… I don't know"

This happened for several songs; I always forgot one piece of vital information that held the key to my release. But, I didn't want to sit back down. I… I wanted to just listen to his music.

Once, (I could have sworn he did) he winked at me. He. Winked. At. Me…

Oh Mein Gott well… I had already been feeling unlike myself but that thing took the cake! Before when I was listening to his music, I just felt … honestly like no body could touch me. Like I was in this invisible unbreakable bubble of happiness.

The feeling. Indescribable! I've never felt it before! It… It felt awesome! And that… feeling burst when he winked at me! The bubble burst into a shade of red similar to West's. I could even feel myself go hot. I got laughs thrown my way courtesy Antonio and Dáithaí. (And Matthew, he's in our class too. I don't always forget him he's just very unnoticeable.) I doubt they knew the EXACT reason however.

But… At first I tried to think if it was something else, not him doing this to me. ANYONE but the new, white ponytailed, 'burgundy' waistcoat wearing, old music teacher named Mr Fredrick.

Old Man Fritz.

I tried so hard to tell myself that this… old MAN wasn't making me feel this way. But… Once he winked at me. I knew. I knew that he…

He might just be as awesome as the awesome I…

I never thought it could be done. Until I met him.

Remember the thing I said earlier about having an idea?

… I… I think it's true.

I think I'm in love with Old Man Fritz.

But I need to be a 100% sure. Right now I'm…


Ok, ok so these… FEELINGS count for a lot more than 20%... 35% and that's ALL they're getting. When I prove to myself that am 100% sure that I'm in love then I'll admit it to myself…. And,

I'll admit it to Mr Fredrick too.

But that'll never happen so it's safe to say I'll never tell him.

Gilbert Beilschmidt

Ohhh Gilbert, you finally admitted it kind of. But hey! Progress! I'm not sure I made Gilbert as awesome in the chapter, but if he's in love or not he's still awesome.