It was a normal day at a World Meeting. China was trying to settle arguments with his cooking. Canada was just sitting in his chair trying to come up with ways to be noticed. North Italy was torturing South Italy via hair. Russia and England were trying to remember devastating curses to use on each other. Just another normal day, other than the fact that America was absent. That is, until a paper airplane flew through the door and nearly stabbed Switzerland in the eye.

"Hey, what does it say?" asked Sea land.

"Let me read it!" yelled North Italy.

"Listen to me in my Hero voice! I invite all of you to my house after the meeting to watch 'The Woman in Black' and to stay the night! See you then!"

"It's not going to be zat scary, da?" asked Russia.

"It's about a ghost. And since when have you been scared about horror movies?" asked England.

So after the meeting, everyone went to America's house, where the movie was all ready. Everyone broke out the popcorn and crowded to in front of the TV. And after a few parts of the movie, everyone had various ways of dealing with the horror.

Canada and China were hiding behind their bears. America started crying. Sea land disappeared underneath a quilt. Germany and Japan just stared at the screen. North Italy was hiding behind his flags. Russia developed a dark aura and kept saying "Kolkolkolkol" to freak everyone out. England stared at the screen from over the top of a book. Switzerland and Austria took out their iPods at the first chance they got to distract themselves. France was hiding behind a pillow. South Italy didn't remotely care. Prussia was muttering about how the movie wasn't awesome, and Hungary was pondering whether or not she should hit him with her frying pan.

When the movie was over, Russia stood up. "Everyone liked the movie, da?"

"PASTA!" yelled Italy as he threw a bowl of spaghetti at Russia.

So everyone fell asleep and had nightmares, so Italy and China did what they always do when they can't sleep: flood America's kitchen with food they cooked all night.

So when America came into the kitchen, he said, "Good morning, I didn't think you guys would be able to sleep because of the- HOLY !*$#, WHAT THE !*$# HAPPENED TO MY KITCHEN?!"

And everyone enjoyed Chinese and Italian food that morning. Except for America, who was still cussing and ranting.

"Why is zat movie so scary?" asked Germany.

"No one knows. . .Kolkolkolkol. . ."

"PASTA!" yelled Italy as he threw a bowl of spaghetti at Russia again.

"Anyone else want to attack America for suggesting we watch that movie?" asked Hungary.

"He's already panicking about his kitchen," said England.

"Ve can dress up like Horror movie characters and ambush him!" decided Germany.

"Great idea, aru!"

So the next day, everyone dressed up as a Horror book or movie characters and scared the crap out of America at the World Meeting. Except for South Italy, who still didn't really care.

Everything went well from there. America took therapy sessions because he claimed to have seen Horror movie characters at a meeting. Italy and China made a habit of cooking so much food that they could flood an entire room. And World meetings went as usual: arguments, shouting, and the occasional paper airplane from America that was always burnt up before anyone wanted to read it.