"Ah, it feels great to be home," I say as I stretch my arms and bend my back, breathing in the London air.

"I thought you were born in Australia?" says Dalton, a boy with soft brown hair and blue eyes, with an odd little smirk on his face. I punch his arm a bit as he wheels his luggage towards the motel. I grab my gray duffle bag, adjust the strap on my shoulder, and shake my head.

"Stupid American," I say with a smile, "knock that stupid smile right off his face." In my mischievous mood, I grabbed a random guitar case along with mine and walked away from our bus.

"Hey!" I hear a familiar strong voice yell. Aw shit, I took Duncan's guitar. I start into a mild jog, trying not to look suspicious. "Amber!" Duncan screams. I start running, pushing through my 2 other band mates, unable to discern who is who. My bag is grabbed from behind me, causing me to fall flat on my butt, well almost. I'm being held up by an annoyed looking punk. He quickly snatches his guitar out of my hand and drops me to the ground. I hit the ground and a large puff of my brown and red hair flys into my face. I can hear Duncan's hearty laughter. I quickly stand up and slap him on the side of head, messing up his "perfectly even" green mohawk. I chuckle looking at his mohawk stick up in every direction. He glared at me while straightening it out, but soon breaks into a smile. "Just like old times, huh?" he says picking his bag up from the ground.

"Definitely," I reply with a bright smile.

"Finally made it! It took forever getting you around to all the other concerts," I say to Duncan as we walk down the street with everyone else. We left the motel after we finished unpacking to go check out a few places.

"Auhhhh, you just had to get out ta do stuff Duncan?" Sofie, the red headed, bright green eyed Irish girl beside me says in a taunting tone. Duncan just crosses his arms and looks away from us. We both laugh and start down the street to get to our next gig spot. It's a punk club just outside of London.

"Wow, this place looks great," Arrow, a boy with messy blonde hair and sparkling brown eyes similar to mine, says sarcastically.

"Ya, and so does your shirt," I say pointing at his newly washed shirt.

"That reminds me," he says punching Duncan in the stomach. "That's for putting that red underwear in my laundry,"

"Sorry," Duncan says doubled over, "I was sure those 'I Hate Mondays' panties were yours."

"So that's where they went," Sofie says. Both boys "ewwwed"

and took one step back from Sophie. I push the double doors open and reveal the

backstage, which is just a white hallway with a few posters on it.

"This is it?" Dalton questions. Sofie and I motion them forward towards the stage. Once we walk onto the stage, we have a view of the whole place. It looks much roomier on the inside, with no chairs or stands crowding the room like all the other places we play. The stage was the perfect size to get us all situated without being too tempting the fans. We have had some weird ones in the past.

"Alright," I say as I start to put my hair into a ponytail, "let's get to work."

It takes about 2 hours to get everything in order, where everything would be, how many people were estimated to come, if there would be alcohol. Alcohol and music don't go good together in any situation. After all that is done, we return to the motel and get everything else in order. I am tuning my guitar and listening to Sofie start a beat for us to practice to.

"Alright, what should we practice ta?" she asks when she is finally prepped.

"Paper Wings," I say.

"Come on, that's not even punk or rock," she says complaining even though I know she loves the song.

"Ya, but it's good."

"Fine..," she agrees, "1...2...3!" We both started the beginning perfectly.

"One last thing, I beg you please, just before you go..," I start to sing.

We finish the song with triumphant smiles on our faces. As everything goes quiet we hear some muffled noise coming from outside our door. I walk to the door and look out the peephole. What I see doesn't surprise me, it's the boys and a few motel workers clapping. The guys always find it necessary to applaud us every time we practice a song. I for one find it very annoying and stupid. I open the door widely and lean on the frame. I can hear Sophie put down her drumsticks and get up from her stool.

"Thank you, thank you, you're all ta kind," she says bowing behind me. The boys chuckled and dismissed the employees. They walk past me and into our room.

"Hey who said you could come in?" I ask with my hands on my hips. The guys brush me off and make themselves comfy on the bed. Dalton, who is the last on in, turns on the T.V. I roll my eyes and close the door. I walk over to them and find a rerun of Total Drama Island on.

"Really?" I question, mainly looking at Duncan for a response. He just shrugs and looks back at the T.V. I grab the remote out from beside Dalton and turn to the guide.

"Hey!"everyone choruses.

"We all already know how it ends," I say, checking the rest of the channels.

"Oh Sophie," Arrow says getting up from the bed behind me, "here's your ummm underwear." I turn to see a Christmas red pair of briefs with big black letters saying "I HATE MONDAYS" on the butt. I recognize them off the bat, and wonder how Duncan got to them.

"Um, hahahaha," Sophie laughs, "I may have lied and told you that these panties were mine just to see how you would react." Arrow turns around wide eyed and stares at me and then breaks into a smile.

"Then I think I might keep these then," he says with mischievous look in his eye. I snatch the underwear out of his hand and stuff it into my back pocket.

"Don't even think about it," I say and turn off the television.

"Anybody wanna go out?" I ask throwing the remote back onto the bed. Everyone shrugs and get up, Duncan being the most reluctant of all.

"What get-up am I dressing in today?" he asks with a very irked expression.

"Actually," I start, "I think you'll be fine today." Everyone gives me the "what the hell are you thinking look" and then turn to each other, then back to me. "Look, we've been walking around with him all day, and no one has said one thing, so I think we should cut him some slack this time," I say, taking in Duncan's REALLY relived expression. I thought he was gonna hug me, but instead he opens the door and gestures us out.

"Come on," he says, "lets get going!"