Hiya! I know, I know, I'm in the middle of another story...like two other storys...hehe. But I had this idea and I couldn't get it out of my head so here it goes! :) I really love Darla/Angel romance so that is what this story will be! This chapter is short, but I thought it was a good place to stop this chapter. I used the idea of the scene we saw and then changed the dialogue. I hope you enjoy! Please review! :)Disclaimeer: Spike: Why the bloody hell would anyone think EvilEmi owns Angel?!

Drusilla: I don't know, luv. The stars sing to me, they tell me EvilEmi does not own Angel!

Spike: *Sigh* Yes, pet, I just said that.

I can tell as soon as I walk in that something is wrong. The way he cowers in the corner, avoiding my eyes. I step towards him and he looks up and glances my way. I try to continue as if I can't tell anything is wrong, he is very wary of me, what has happened? "Darla!"

He gasps out my name and pulls me close to his chest. I push back and glare at him, "Angelus, what's happened?"

"That girl you brought me! Her people, they, they did something to me!"

"Which girl?" I bring him a lot of girls.

"That gypsy one!" That enlightens me, I wish it didn't. I don't want to believe it. I can't believe it!

"A soul! They gave you a filthy soul!" I scream and jump back. He is no longer my Angelus, no longer my darling boy.

"Get out! And don't you dare come back! You disgust me!" It pains me so much to say these things to him, but I must remember he is no longer fully vampire nor is he human. He's nothing. He's alone. He takes one step out the door and I slam it shut. I sulk over to a chair and collapse finally letting my emotions out. Sobbing, weeping, crying, whatever you want to call it, I did it. Anyone who says vampires can't love; well they've never met me.