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At the mark of one month searching for Angelus I started to feel…unsettled. I had a young boy this morning for breakfast and his screams made me feel like a monster. Dru said something about how having Angelus back will make killing more fun, I sure hope so. When I see couples walk down the street I wonder if a soul was really something worth destroying 150 years of a relationship. We are nowhere closer to finding Angelus then we were when we started, but I won't give up hope this easily. Sometimes my thoughts drift back to when we were with the gypsies and I can't help but wonder what happened to me.

"Grandmummy!" Drusilla's shout brought me out of my thoughts.

"What?!" I snapped at her.

"Spiky was talking to you." Oh. Ugh, Spike.

"Yes, what do you want Spike?"

"Is it just me or does that man look a lot like Angelus?" I spin to look at where Spike is gesturing and evaluate the situation for myself.

"Angelus." His name comes out in a whisper, but I see the man's head twitch up in my direction. It's him. It's my darling boy! My Angelus!

I watch as he starts running… away from me. My heart shatters, even with his soul once again gone, he doesn't want to be with me. I do the only thing that comes to mind, I chase after him.

He's brooding in a dark alley when I find him. "Angelus?"


"Why did you run, Angelus?" I try to keep the hurt out of my voice, but I can tell it comes through.

"Why did you follow me? I thought I was disgusting and that you never wanted to see me again!"

"What's wrong Angelus? Why are you acting like this?" Something was wrong, it didn't seem that Angelus was any different than the last time I saw him. But everything is different. I'm not mad or disgusted or depressed this time.

"What's wrong?!"

Angelus bellowed, "what's wrong?! I have a soul! Nothing changed from last time. Why do you seem so shocked? I thought you'd be used to it by now, have a new mate and everything." His voice drips with sarcasm and anger. He takes a step towards me and I fill the gap.

"Angelus," He interrupts me before I can continue.

"It's Angel, now." …Well that I did not expect...

"Okay, Angel. We went back to the gypsy's camp and asked them to take away your soul again, they said they did."

"Well…they didn't." I had already come to that conclusion.

"But they did preform a spell, what did they do?" I said this more to myself but of course Angelus… Angel had heard it. We spend the next few moments in silence savoring each other's presence, not knowing how long it will last. Angel is the first to break the silence.

"A soul. They must have given you a soul!"

"Wait, what?! You think they gave me a soul!? I guess your whole solitary thing has made you crazier than I expected! Bye, Angelus!" I can't believe that Angel thought I had a soul. I turn and start walking away, when Angel's hand grabs me and holds me back.

"You do have a soul Darla. And it will eat away at you, until you are nothing but an empty shell of the person you used to be. Let me help you. Please." His eyes look straight into mine and send shivers down my spine. He's right, I know he is deep down; I just don't want to admit it. I can feel the tears start to swell in my eyes and Angelus pulls me close to him. My body starts racking with sobs as soon as my head touches his chest.

"Oh, Angelus I've missed you!" He leans down and kisses my hair, everything may not be alright and we might be blood-sucking demons, but at least we have each other.

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