Disclaimer: I do not own Chrono Trigger. I just wrote this fanfiction. I'm kind of jamming some of the endings together, so…

Lucca climbed out of bed, where she had been laying for several hours. "Guess I gotta get up now," she said, picking up her helmet, "if I want to make it on time to Marle and Crono's wedding. After all, I am the bridesmaid." She walked over to her custom closet, made especially for occasions like this. She clicked a button, and a keyboard popped out. She typed, "Bridesmaid", and the keyboard retracted. She stood by the door, waiting while some gears whirred. A small indent in the wall opened up, and hanging was a long orange dress with green high heels. She ran to the bathroom to put it on, muttering, "I will never understand fashion." She passed her dad on the way down the stairs.

"Nice to see my girl up early," Taban said, "I was on my way to wake you up!" Lucca, not wanting to waste time, ignored him, continuing to run to the bathroom. Able to put on dress on in a matter of minutes, she opened the door.

"There's my beautiful daughter!" Lara cried, running up and hugging Lucca.

"Thanks mom, but I've got to go!" Lucca shouted, stumbling towards the door. "Never been good with high heels," she muttered. She opened the door, and ran out. "Let's get this going," she said, pressing a button on the side of her helmet. A small box fell out, and expanded into a motorcycle. Hopping on, she drove off in the direction of Leene Square.