"Yes. Who else would it be?" Janus said angrily. Robo shook his head.

"My apologies Mr. Janus," Robo said. Lucca watched on her makeshift-TV, attempting to understand.

"Ask Janus where he is," Lucca said. Robo nodded.

"Janus, what age are you in?" Robo asked.

"Antiquity," he said. Lucca nodded, thinking. She pressed a button on the screen, but it refused to change.

"I wonder how we're gonna fix this," she muttered. The ground shook, and Lucca looked around. "What's going on?" she shouted.

"Madam Lucca, what's the matter?" Robo asked.

"I don't know!" Lucca shouted. "I hate not knowing!" The shaking stopped, and Lucca looked around. The door to Spekkio's room had disappeared. "What just happened?" she asked.

"Did something happen in your timeline too?" Robo asked.

"What's going on?" Janus shouted. Lucca closed her eyes.

"What happened, both of you?" Lucca asked.

"The castle that was in front of us disappeared," Robo said.

"Are you saying that to me?" Janus asked.

"No, to Madam Lucca. We're able to talk," Robo said.

"Okay then, tell Lucca that the island I'm on just shrunk to about half size," Janus said. Lucca, eyes still closed, continued to think.

"Time to test it out," Lucca said, walking over to the box with lightning rods attached. She pressed a button, and blue and white lights began to shoot between them. Eventually, a small blue ball appeared over the box. She picked up her Wondershot, attached to the walkie-talkie, and shot a small concentrated beam of electricity into its center.

"Madam Lucca, what are you doing?" Robo asked.

"Trying to create a…well, its kinda a gate," she replied. The ball opened, releasing a high-pitched screech. Robo emitted several sparks.

"What…is…that…sound?" Robo asked, short-circuiting.

"What is the problem?" Janus asked.

"Sorry Robo, this'll just take a more seconds," Lucca said. She picked up the radio, flinging it into the portal. The ball shot out large bolts of lightning and released one last ear-splitting shriek, and closed. "Done Robo!" Lucca said happily.

"What did you do?" Robo asked.

"What happened?" Janus asked.

"I'm not sure, Madam Lucca just did something," Robo said.

"Oh, it's fairly simple," Lucca said. "I put a radio back to prehistory. It will be in the same place Robo is standing now, and where I'm assuming Janus is. This will help everyone communicate each other." Robo looked around and found a rusted old radio at his feet. He picked it up, and polished it quickly. It vibrated quickly, and he pressed a button quickly.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" a radio said, sounding desperate.