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I just learned of Idolmaster 2 months back, and I adore the anime and music in the series.

Obviously this was inspired by the special variant planes in Ace Combat that led to the creation of this one-shot, but since there is no angst or shooting of planes, I'll say this doesn't count as a x-over.

I tried to my best to make the characters not-OOC, but since I never played the game I can only compare to the anime.


765th Squadron


Those were the first words to come sputtering from my mouth after I listened to president Takagi of 765 Production's explanation on the new 'project', so to speak.

It was just another day at the 765 Productions office, except that I feel that a big, big secret was being kept from me, the Producer of the studio.

This feeling didn't just start today, but I never felt this feeling as much as I have then ever before.

I always had a slight feeling that president Takagi, Ritsuko and Otonashi were hiding something from me since 6 months back. What other reason could suddenly warrant that the schedules of all of the girls in 765 Pro would have at several slots of their busy schedules intentionally left open for this 'special training' with no description given?

At first when I saw the 'special training' slots, I was led to believe that it was for extra choreography and singing classes for the girls who need help in that particular area. Despite my attempts to oversee the girls when they headed off to their 'special training', those 3 would instantly give me another duty which would occupy me. This lasted for 5 months without me thinking too much of it.

I was starting to get suspicious when Makoto was scheduled for the special training session last week. As I accompanied her and Yukiho to their last regular session, I had little doubts that Makoto already mastered the vocals and choreography for their next live.

When I asked Otonashi if the schedule for Makoto is incorrect, she said that it was for her action shoot for a movie later in the month. Just to confirm this, I went to Ritsuko later with the same question. She responded that it was for the dance routines they have to fit in next week in a play.

I got two completely different answers which had no connections to each other.

I asked Makoto personally after I picked her up from a radio interview the same day, about this 'special training'.

"Emm…I remember! It was for the next live performance!" she responded to me.

Didn't you already get all the steps and the vocals correctly? I was with you that day in practice.

"Eh, well, the instructors later called me saying that I have to work on the dance in the last bit…so I was called back."

Really? Then I want to go with you to the training session and see what you need to work on. I can't have you wasting time to learn things that you already know about. We have a busy schedule to fill.

"Producer-san, I think I will be fine on my own."

Are you saying as your producer that my judgement is incorrect?

Makoto didn't respond to me. She also avoided me at every single opportunity since then.

On the day of Makoto's special training…she then called in sick. Otonashi said it was quite accidental that Makoto has to miss a day of work.

This doesn't feel very accidental to me.

I was lucky enough to see that on the next day, Haruka and Chihaya have their special training slot in the same time slot. It was planned that Ritsuko was going to oversee them as Ryuuguu Komachi has a rest day. As always, Otonashi sent me away to a meet-up with a TV station directing manager in the same time slot.

I think it was fate that when I arrived at the TV station early and then told by the workers that the managing director had an accident which he was rushed to the hospital, which means I can't have a meeting with him today. Seeing the opportunity at hand, I rushed back to the 765 office to see Haruka and Chihaya getting into a car with Ritsuko and driving off quickly.

As creepy as it sounds that the idols' own producer is tailing them, I have to figure out where and what this 'special training' thing was all about. Since none of the girls are willing to tell me or dodge the question, I little choice but to resort to this.

Imagine my surprise when I ended up at an open field outside the city to a large runway and a big stretch of hangars lining the length of it. At this point, I wasn't sure of what to expect.

I slowly approached the large hangars and carefully looked around. It wasn't unused or old, in fact it feel that the hangars are kept in good conditions. All of the hangars except the furthest one is closed, so I slowly snuck towards that hangar which was ajar.

I saw three people walking out of the hangar, so immediately ducked behind some equipment and started to observe them.

I almost fainted from what I saw.

Two military jet fighters in bright livery in the hangars are slowly being pulled out. What really blew my mind was seeing the two idols that were with the Ryuuguu Komachi producer earlier are now in full-clad flight equipment and talking with what appears to be a military instructor.

My mind was even more blown as both the klutz and songstress of 765 Pro started to board the fighters. Then I saw president Takagi walked out of the hangar and shook hands with the instructor with them earlier.

There were so many who what when where whys in my head at this point I couldn't stand it anymore. I burst out of my hiding spot.

STOP! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP! I screamed at the top of my lungs.

President Takagi looked at me and appeared unmoved. Both Haruka and Chihaya also noticed my sudden appearance. Both idols removed their helmet and Haruka waved at me.

"Producer-san! What are you doing here?" shouted Haruka, in her usual happy and cheery voice.

Chihaya looked noticeably disturbed and looked at the ground. I could see her blushing.

The president ushered me towards the hangar, obvious that an extremely lengthy explanation is much overdue.

*back to the beginning of the chapter*

"I've said, Mr. Producer, we're going to have the girls perform an airshow for the conclusion of our upcoming summer live performance." Mr. Takagi said rather calmly.

Do you know what you are doing Mr. President? Those girls aren't even in their 20s, and you want them to give a LIVE AIRSHOW using REAL MILITARY JETS in front of THOUSANDS OF AUDIENCE?! THAT'S JUST A HUGE ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN!

"Don't worry Producer-san," Ritsuko assured me, who was waiting in the hangar previously. "At first, I was also skeptical, but these girls shown great talent with piloting planes."

"My good friend Satoru is a former stunt pilot instructor and has kindly lent us his airfield for this purpose. Even he remarked that our girls have shown unexpected amount of talent in the planes." The president continued.

"We discussed with the girls about this project and have given us their full co-operation in making this work. I can tell that all of them are very excited about this." Ritsuko chimed in. "Producer-san, they have trained countless hours just for this. Would you have the heart to just tell them off like that?"

I looked over at Haruka and Chihaya who were sitting in the back of the hangar at this moment. Haruka was comforting Chihaya, who looks very dejected, probably expecting me to do the thing that only a sane producer would do for their idols at this point.

Suddenly, the hangar doors flew opened, and the entire 765 Pro rushed into the hangar. The girls all ran over towards me.

"Onii-san please oh please let us fly in the planes!" Both of the Futami twins cried out.

"Producer-san, I spent a lot of time learning how to read the map so I wouldn't get lost in the sky. Can you let me put that to good use?" chimed Azusa.

"Producer-san, we're all really excited about this and trained very hard. Please let us do this." Takane calmly said to me.

"Producer-san, I really want to fly" stuttered Yukiho, "Makoto-chan gave the courage to spread my wings…please Producer-san, don't do this!"

"Miki really wanted to show Honey her flying skills. Miki always wanted to sleep in the hangar, but Miki flew a lot so that Honey can see Miki sparkle in the sky. Please go and watch Miki fly!"

All the other idols riddled me with their own speeches on why I should let them go on with the airshow and similar pleas. I let out a deep sigh.

Since you're all so hyped up about this and both the president and Ritsuko are supportive, I don't think I can reject you…that would be mean wouldn't it…?

A series of loud cheers and applause filled the hangar…


…then promptly stopped as all eyes were trained on me.

…next time, tell me about things like this ok? If not, then what is the point of having a producer?

I was barely able to breathe in the next few moments as somebody suggested a group hug was in order.

I still wondered, however, where all the money for this airshow and the planes were coming from…

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