Author's notes: Ok, I know I have two stories I should be working on, but I just felt inspired to write a little Jagan in honor of my favorite author Clarry. She's going through stuff and I'm hoping this will give her a "jolt" to keep writing, because I really find her work amazing and inspiring.

That being said, here's my Jagan. Hope you likey. Please REVIEW! Thank you.

A shot of tequila, two glasses of whiskey on the rocks and maybe two or three tall glasses of vodka. Yup! It was fair to say that Logan Mitchell was shitfaced. But he did not care. "Come on buddy, I'm taking you home". His voice caressed Logan's eardrums. He leaned in closer, rested his head on his friend's shoulder. He felt safe. Logan sighed.


"Yeah, buddy?"

"I'm drunk!" Logan said laughing into his shoulder, as if it was news.

"Yeah, buddy, I see." James couldn't help a smile at his small friend, almost carrying his whole weight, as Logan leaned into him. James grabbed Logan from under his arm, somewhere over his ribs, trying to have a better grip as he made a beeline for the door through the crowded club. Logan wasn't making his job easy, dragging his feet, more than walking, but James made do. Once they were out of the club, James thought of carrying Logan in his arms, but that would just be weird so he settled for this awkward way of advancing to his car. He got Logan in, closing the passenger side door quickly, before Logan had a chance to fall out.

"Jamie…" Logan stuttered when James got in the car and started it up to get back to the Big Time Rush mansion. "Yeah Loges?" James tried not to laugh. He had never known what a cute drunk Logan was. Wait – what? Cute? No way! Where did that come from?

"Where we goin'?" Logan got out, his head resting on the cool window of James jeep."Home." James replied, focused on driving. To focused to see a small smile form on Logan's face. "Jaaaaamiiieee?" Logan asked again after a little while. "Yes, Logan?" James answered patiently."Where are the others?" Logan hick-upped. "Carlos is at his family's home, for his momma's birthday and Ken left for New Zealand to visit Jo. You know that, Logie." James missed another little smile on Logan's face. "Oh, yeah…" Logan finally said, making James sigh.

When they finally got home Logan was feeling better. Much better. His fuzzy senses were coming back a little. His head was still a mess, but the cold window and the breeze from James' open window made it better. A little. It was just as he had hoped. James got the car into the mansions' garage and came round the car to get him out and Logan pretended he couldn't stand properly so James just decided to carry him, missing yet another little smile. Logan snuggled close to James, hiding his face in James' neck.

"Logan. Logan." James shook him a little, thinking Logan was falling asleep. "Mmm" was all the reply he got. "Logan, move you're tickling me." Instead of moving away Logan deliberately snuggled in closer, breathing in James' ear, sending shivers down his spine, making him giggle. "Logaaaan." James whined, shaking his friend a little as he struggled to open the door to the house.

He took Logan to his room, set him down on the bed. "Let's get you undressed, ok, Logie?" Logan fought himself to stop smiling. His plan was working better than he had hoped. "Mhmm…" Logan agreed, letting James struggle a little with his shirt, finally getting his hands around James' neck to pretend support himself as James pulled at his t-shirt. Logan got his hands up just at the right time, falling back on his bed, once his torso was free of all cloths covering him. His heart began racing as James fought his pants down as well. This time Logan didn't help. He couldn't help a giggle. He really was drunk. Not as drunk as he was at the club, but still drunk enough.

"What?" James asked a little abruptly, his head shooting up from someplace near Logan's crotch. Logan almost died at the sight of James' flushed face next to his dick. Which twitched deliciously as Logan propped himself up on his elbows. How James could miss something so obvious was beyond Logan's level of comprehension. He giggled again. "I stink." Logan stated, hoping that THAT will do the trick. "You kinda do… Shower?" James asked, running a hand through his hair. "Yeah…" James sighed at Logan's answer. "You can't stand…" James sighed again. "Help me?" Logan made a face he hoped was cute. James hung his head between his shoulders. "You'll owe me. Huge! Absolutely huge!" James pointed a finger at Logan before getting his shirt off.

Logan gaped at James. He could not believe it was that easy. And again James missed his facial expression. The man either was the most innocent person in existence or the most oblivious. As James tugged his jeans off Logan squealed. James turned to Logan. "Commando?" Logan asked happily. "Yes!" Logan giggled. James really was huge. Long and thick. Logan licked his lips as James walked into his bathroom to turn the shower on.

Logan got off the bed to follow James then remembered he wasn't supposed to be able to stand so he got down on all fours, as if he had fallen off the bed just as James came back to get him. When James saw Logan he rushed by his friend's side, pulling him up. Logan got goose bumps all over his body from the delicious skin to skin touch. He felt as he was growing hard. It was no way that James would miss THAT once he was butt naked. When he was standing up straight, hands on James' chest, for support he decided it was time to make his move.


"Yes, Logan?" James' voice was soft as he looked down at his friend. Logan moved his hand from James' chest, feeling sorry as he did. He made a little motion with his index finger, asking James to lean in, as if to find out a secret. James indulged Logan, leaned in a little, to his level. The same second Logan's hand went behind James' neck, his lips latching onto James' with hunger, conveying as much passion and need as he could in the half second it took James to actually realize what exactly was happening and react. Logan braced himself for that.

James squealed his signature girly squeal and backed up a couple of steps. Logan swayed on his feet, already missing James' warm body and feeling his rejection right in his heart. Logan started to fall back on his ass, not really caring what would happen to him, but James took a giant step forward and steadied him, keeping as much distance as he could between the two of them.

"Logan! You are DRUNK!" James controlled his voice from actually shouting. "Not that drunk." Logan mumbled under his breath, keeping his eyes from James'. James shook him by the shoulders. Logan's head bobbed back and forward a couple of times. "I am your friend, almost your brother!" James tried to reason. Logan closed his eyes, feeling himself tear up. "I'll help you shower…" James sighed. "You clearly won't remember anything in the morning." James took a baby step forward, got his arm around Logan's shoulders and ushered him to the shower.

By now the pain of rejection had dealt with Logan's beginning erection so James was none the wiser about the effects he had on Logan when he pulled Logan's boxer briefs down. Logan watched him almost kneel down in front of him as he helped with removing the black piece of cotton from around his ankles. He had to swallow a lump in his throat.

Before getting up James looked at Logan, keeping eye contact as he stood up to his full height. Logan's cock twitched painfully. James noticed something shift in Logan's eyes and looked down. He saw the half erection. "Logan…" His voice was shivering. He felt exposed. "You're beautiful." Logan simply said before taking a small step forward. James backed up. "Logan… you… are… drunk!" James said emphasizing each word, making sure Logan understood. "Not enough."

Logan reached out, touching James' left bicep with his fingertips. A ghost of a touch. He was amazed to see goose bumps on the skin he had touched. "You are so beautiful." He said again. "Just… let me show you how beautiful I see you." His hand ghosted down James' forearm, more goose bumps making their way to the surface of the perfect tan skin.

"Logan… I…" James stuttered. He was afraid to do or say anything. He might hurt his friend physically or mentally somehow. He couldn't do anything. He felt frozen. Logan's words were just what he needed to hear, his touch just right. It was confusing. And then Logan was kissing him again. His lips so soft and gentle. James didn't move, afraid of what he may do. Logan didn't seem to care. His lips moving to James' neck and chest and oh, God, it felt so good!

Logan was scared. James was not moving. But he was not pushing Logan away either. That had to be a good sign, right? "I've dreamt of loving you for so long. Showing you how you should be treated… worshiped." Logan whispered, his lips moving slowly over James' collarbones. "Logan…" Logan shivered at the sound of his name. "You need a shower and sleep." James tried.

"I do need a shower." Logan agreed allowing James to get then in the shower cabin, making sure he was leaning against the back wall, under the warm spray. Logan started sliding down a little, giving James the last little "push" into stepping inside the cabin himself and closing the door. Logan knew James' devotion to him as a friend would make him step inside.

James got Logan on his feet up again. Logan smiled. "You do care for me." Logan whispered. "You're my friend, Logan. Of course I care." Logan sighed. "Please. One time. Be more." Logan asked, hugging James' waist, letting his head rest on James' chest. "Logan, I can't. By morning you won't remember a thing…" James trailed off. "But I will."

"Logan stop being silly." James took the shower gel and started running it all over Logan's body. Logan sighed in pleasure, his cock twitching against James' thigh. "Stop that!" James asked. "I can't control it. Like you can't control how beautiful you are." Logan latched his lips on James' nipple gaining a moan. "Logan, please…" Before James could continue, Logan bit down a little, making James trail off in a little delicious moan. Logan's dick twitched again. "Logan, stop…" Logan moved to James' other nipple, moving his hands to knead James' ass a little and pull him closer, in the process. "Logan… please… stop!" James asked, his breath catching, more little moans escaping his lips as Logan added a little teeth to his teasing. "I will as soon as you stop liking it." Logan replied, his lips moving to James' collarbone again. He received a gasp. "You taste like heaven on my tongue." Logan licked at James' ear shell. James shivered.

"How…?" James tried asking, feeling himself getting hard as Logan's actions. "I love you, James. I know what you need. Let me give you what you need. Let me love you." Logan kissed James again. This time he got a reply from the soft lips. A small reply that made Logan's hear fly with happiness.

"Don't make me regret this…"

James caved in. He kissed Logan back, running his soapy hands down to Logan's ass. Logan opened his mouth for James, allowing him to take control. The taste of James invaded the little brain cells he had left, making him drunk with happiness and love.

A moan came from somewhere in between them. James wasn't sure from which neck, but the sound made him grow harder. Logan's submission to him was so delicious. The kiss tasted of alcohol and something else. Something sweet. Something he wanted more of. "Logan…" He wanted to pull away, he wanted to stop, he wanted…more! Suddenly kissing Logan was more important than breathing.

Logan shivered at the way James said his name. He parted their lips and kneeled. He came face-to-face with James' cock. He licked his lips. "No, Logan, don't…" James almost moaned out when he realized what Logan wanted to do. His words never matching the message sent out. Logan didn't bother listening to the words, just the sound of his name spilling from James' lips was enough. He looked up at James. "Say my name again…" he begged while his hand caressed his balls. "Logan…" James threw is head back as Logan gently licked at the top of his dick. Tiny kitten licks, almost like tasting him. "Fuck… Logan…"

"You're delicious." Logan said simply right before taking James into his mouth as much as he could, covering the rest of him with his hand. James felt like he had died and gone to heaven while Logan moved up and down and up and down and up and down on him at an increasing pace. "Jesus, Logan!" he let out every now and then, fisting Logan's hair.

When Logan popped off him, James let out a growl. "I need you inside of me." Logan whispered as he got up, looking James right in the eyes. That scared James. The honesty. The need. The determination inside of Logan scared the shit out of him. "I… I don't… know… how..." James whispered back, in fear. "I'll hurt you. I don't want to hurt you. This… this is enough…" James hid his face in Logan's neck, kissing at his fair skin, hoping to distract Logan, to give him enough pleasure.

"It's not enough. You need to know how I feel. I need to be yours. Please, Jamie." Logan pulled back to look James in the eyes. "But I'll hurt you." James looked down at their feet. At their erections rubbing together so deliciously. "I like pain." Logan whispered in a little voice. More a lie than anything, but he needed James and he would do or say anything to make that happen.

James' head shot up a little, his hazel gaze burrowing into Logan's chocolate eyes. "That's a lie." He stated simply. "No." Logan lied sternly. "In bed I like pain." Logan lied again. "Well… we're not IN BED!" James replied, hugging Logan close. "I don't want to hurt you." He whined. "Then get me ready." Logan asked, letting go of James' body, with a heavy heart and turning around to face the wall and pushing his behind onto James' erection. James gasped, trailing his lips on the back of Logan's neck.

"How?" he asked, his hands snaking to Logan's erection, tugging. The moan coming from those delicious lips told him he did good so he did it again. Logan's head fell back on James' strong shoulder. "Use your fingers. One at a time. Just go slow." Logan moaned a little. "Just do it now. Please" Logan begged. James had to listen to that.

He gently moved his left hand to Logan's ass while trying to keep a steady rhythm on his dick. He gently slipped a finger in. Logan sighed. "Move. Slowly" James nodded and did as he was told. "Mmmm… so good." Logan moaned. "Another." He demanded and James obeyed.

Logan moaned again. He did feel a little pain, but it was James. His gorgeous James! He didn't care about the pain. He focused on James' hand. His big hand was covering his dick almost completely. It felt amazing. That made the pain go away. Soon he wanted more so he began moving on his own on James' long fingers, a complete moaning mess. "God! Please! More!"

James pushed another finger in past the tight ring of muscles, his heart sinking at the sound of pain emanating from Logan's lips. He wanted to pull his fingers out, but Logan started moving on his fingers, mewls spilling from his lips. "Harder!" Logan demanded, moving hard on his hand. James did it. With a tiny heart. Filled with fear. "Fuck! So good! Deeper! God!" Logan's words encouraged him. Without wanting he curled up his fingers a little. He felt like he hit something and it kinda grossed him out, but when Logan moaned in pleasure he thought of it again. "Do it again. Do THAT again!" And James did. "Fuck!" Logan cried out in pure pleasure. James repeated his actions again and again while keeping a steady rhythm with his other hand.

"FUCK JAMES! FUCK!" Logan suddenly came all over James' hand and the wall in front of him. James watched in amazement, never stopping his movements inside of Logan. "I can't take it, James, please! I need you inside – now!" Logan shivered, coming down from his high.

"I'll still hurt you…"

"Please!" Logan's hoarse voice made James twitch in desire. "Please!"



James caved again. He took his fingers out of Logan, slowly. "Too empty…" Logan whined, bracing himself on the wall in front of him. James instantly softened with fear. He moved his hand up and down his length a little, allowing the shower water to slick him up. "James…please!" James lined himself up to Logan's hole, fear paralyzing him.

Logan felt James' dick at his hole. He felt how hesitant James was so he pushed back. Hard! He took James in half way or more, he didn't know for sure. It hurt so much. He felt so stretched. He felt ripped in two. But he was so happy. He finally was James' completely. He forced his body to relax while biting down on his bottom lips. James' arms wrapped around him in a tight embrace. "I'm hurting you…" James whispered apologetically into his ear. "Give me more." Logan breathed out with the little strength he had. James snapped his hips forward in one swift move. Logan cried out in pain.

"I'm sorry." James let out against Logan's ear. He felt Logan squeeze his insides around him. He felt like he had a cock ring on. Hard and unable to move. But so warm. So delicious. So his. "I'm sorry." He chanted. Logan's breaths were fast and shallow. He was adjusting to the pain. James held him tight. His back to James' chest, his ass against his lower belly. "You feel so good. So tight. So damn tight." James whispered, hoping to relay some of his feelings to his Logan. Yes – HIS Logan. They were now one. He was HIS Logan. James embraced him closer.

Logan felt his ribs wanted to crumble under James' strong arms. "I feel so full." He let out. "You make me so full." He turned his face to James and James sealed their lips in the sweetest of kisses. "I love you, James." Logan said in their kiss as James began moving slowly.

He had no idea if Logan had adjusted but he could not take it anymore, he needed to move. Logan sighed with pleasure. James kept his pace gentle until Logan began moving on his own. He let Logan take charge a little while he bit down on Logan's shoulder, leaving a mark for the world to see. "You are mine now." James said gently, looking at the hickey he'd just made, taking charge once more.

Logan could have sworn he would die when he heard James claim his stake on him. Not even Heaven could be this good! When James hit his sweet spot me moaned loud. James got the hint and did it again. And again. And again. And again. Until Logan's throat felts sore from screaming and moaning. "More! More! More!" Spilled out from his lips.

James began losing control, pounding hard into Logan. Losing rhythm. His hands digging in Logan's hips hard, rough, without mercy. And still Logan demanded more of him. He tried to give Logan what he wanted, but he found himself coming. Hard. Deep inside of Logan. "Oh, my God! Logan!"

Logan felt James shoot his seed inside of him and almost wished he would have been a woman to turn this moment of pure love into a life. Tears began streaming down his face as he found his own release. Tears of happiness. Tears of jealousy. Tears of love. He made no noise as he came, just let go of everything and allowed euphoria to take over him.

James' legs gave in. he couldn't feel them anymore. He almost fell to his knees. Logan hissed at the loss. "I'm sorry, Logie… I… can't feel my legs…" Logan simply giggled and let himself down, on his knees, next to him. "Good." Logan smiled. James raised his hand to cup Logan's face. "How are you… emm… feeling?" Logan's smile grew a little. "Happy." He simply stated. "No… Not that…" James smiled, caressing Logan's face. "I mean…" He blushed and Logan giggled. "Sore. Empty. Happy. In love. Incomplete." Logan poured his heart out.

James simply smiled and sealed their lips together, his tears getting lost in the shower spray still hitting them. He just knew Logan would forget about it all in the morning! Logan broke the kiss. "Stay with me tonight?" James nodded. "And every night after that." James' heart leapt out of his chest. He nodded again. By morning Logan would be sober and change his mind. He'd take what he would be able to. Every second he could. He kissed Logan again before getting up and helping Logan up as well for what seemed like the billionth time that night.

Logan went into James' arms with a sigh of happiness. They spend a few moments hugging then washed up and made their way to Logan's king sized bed. Logan snuggled up in James' arms and drifted away to sleep, lulled by the steady beat of James' heart.

James watched over Logan's sleep for a long while, until the sun came up. He refused to fall asleep. He just knew his time with Logan was limited and he wanted every second. Making love to him tonight made him realize he was in love with his smaller friend. Everything made sense now. Why he was so protective over Logan. Why he had felt like a mud worm that time he had kissed Camille… Why he wanted to tear Camille's head straight off her pretty girly shoulders at times… Why none of his dates seemed to hold his interest.

When James pulled out of his thoughts he realized hours had passed. It was 10 minutes to 8. Logan would be waking up soon. James sighed. He rolled Logan off of his chest, kissed his neck gently and got out of bed and Logan's room, taking his clothes with him. He ignored the pain in his chest while he did so. He got to his own room, threw his clothes in the hamper and crawled into his own bed, pulling the covers over his head, allowing sleep to take over him, take him away from the pain of not having Logan.

Logan woke up a while later. Alone. He tried to move. A flash of pain shot to his brain. He smiled remembering the previous night. He sighed and gingerly got out of bed, in search of James. He knew James would run now, but Logan was not about to let that happen. Not after making love the way they did. The first room he searched was the logical option – James' room. Logical and correct. He found James in the middle of the two by two meters bed. Logan smiled. He gingerly crawled in bed next to James, inside of his arms. He sighed happily.

It took a while for James to wake up, but Logan enjoyed the wait. When James stirred and woke up Logan noticed the dark circles under his eyes, like he hadn't slept all night long. James rubbed the sleep from his eyes, making the cutest of faces, stretching a little.

"Morning, gorgeous." Logan whispered. He felt James' heart speeding up and he knew. He knew James was his. He knew it for his heart was beating the same loud rhythm.

James propped himself up on his elbow, looking down at Logan, in his arms, in his bed, with his love bite on his neck. Naked. In his bed. James' breath caught. "Morning…"

Logan caressed James' face. James didn't move.

"You were wrong, you know."

"About?" James asked, his voice still filled with sleep.

"I remember." James' eyes went wide. "I remember everything." Logan breathed out. "Every kiss. Every touch. The way you felt inside of me. The way you made me yours."

James' heart stopped. Logan remembered. Logan was in his arms. Logan wanted him. He could not think straight. He could not even remember how to breathe. He had no idea how to respond.

"I am yours." Logan gently touched his hickey. "Please don't run. Don't let me go. I love you."

"I love you." James whispered claiming Logan's lips in a heated kiss. They only broke apart when air became desperately needed.

"Be my boyfriend?" James asked.

"Yes! A thousand times YES!" Logan squealed with happiness.

James' smile shone like the sun, illuminating the whole room and Logan's heart.