Scarlett locks blew in the wind, a petite figure leant against an oak tree she was sitting in nature. Her deep green eyes dropped down on to her sketch pad, she grimaced seeing the coal stains on her fingertips, and mother would not be please but at the moment she didn't care.

At the moment she was in complete and utter peace, which was something hard to find, especially since she lived with her four sisters, and her mother and father.

"Lily" she couldn't help but smile seeing her six year old sister running towards her, like the older girl she also had red hair.

"Clara watch your step" she warned, her voice was gentle but slightly stern.

"Why?" the bubbly girl exclaimed. She bit her plump bottom lip when the child fell.

"That is why" she murmured and stood up, "Now, now no need to cry." She knelt down in front of her younger sister.

"It hurts" Clara sniffed holding on to the older girl's shoulders.

"As it should" she hummed and pulled the skirt of the dress up revealing a skinned knee "It is merely a graze. So stop those tears" she tilted the small girl's chin up using the soft pads of her fingers and wiped her tears. "Fore you are strong Clara, and there is no need to cry"

Clara swallowed and nodded, "What would ease your pain?" she stared into her sister's bright green eyes, she loved her eyes. They were so bright and colourful, not like Isabella her other sister who had dark, dark eyes.

"A kiss" Clara nodded causing the other girl to laugh.

"Is that all?" she quirked an eyebrow

"Maybe some-"she paused and giggled seeing the other girl shaking her head "of that special bread-"

"Ah you mean the one Mary slaved over? She would have my head it is for guests"

"Oww" Clara pouted,

"Oh don't do that" she made a show of covering her large green orbs so she wouldn't be privy to the adorable look that her younger sister was giving her.

"Why can't I do that?" she countered, she was still on her knees so she could look at the child

"Because I can't resist that little look" she grinned and pinched her cheeks causing the younger girl to smile

"So can I-"

The scarlet haired teen hummed and bit her lower lip, "Well father won't be happy nor would mother-"she internally groaned seeing Clara's lip tremble "but what they don't won't hurt." She finished off and couldn't help but smile seeing the utter look of delight on the six year old child's face "we have to keep it a secret though do we not?"

Clara nodded and even raised her finger to her thin lips to prove her point. "Let's go" her elder sister stood up onto her feet and gathered her sketch pad as well as the worn out piece of coal and held her hand out.

"Oh you did your drawings again?" Clara said excitedly it was no secret that in their household, the red head teen was very talented in art, but it was a pity that neither her mother nor her father thought it was 'lady like'

"Yes and if you're a good girl I will give you one" she smiled down at her. Clara nodded, and the two made their way back to the Manor, where the rest of the family resided.

"Remember ssh ok?" she whispered to Clara, the little girl nodded "and keep watch." She watched as her older sister snuck into the kitchens and made sure to look back to check that they weren't being watched, Lily ushered Clara into the kitchen and followed closely behind.

"There it is" Clara pointed to a tray of scrumptious looking bread that was placed on the wooden table.

"I can see that" Lily whispered and hurried forward with Clara close on her heels, the six year old eagerly grab a roll, and inhaled it.

"You look like Jack when you do that" Lily grinned and tapped her sister on her nose when she scrunched it up.

"Jack our dog-"


"Mean Lily, mean-"the red head giggled and patted her on the head, she opened her mouth about to speak but the kitchen door opened causing both sisters to jump.

They spun around and Lily sagged in relief seeing who was there. "Lady Lily, Lady Clara you should not be-"

"Really Mary?" Lily quirked a plucked eyebrow "I managed to convince you to shorten my name and yet you still use 'Lady'? And Clara she is hardly a Lady-"

"I am a girl-"

"A child" she spoke over the little girl.

The portly dark haired woman sighed and shook her head "What are you two doing here? Haven't you already been scolded before for lurking around kitchens-"

"Lurking? I hardly lurk-"

"Lady-"Lily cleared her throat causing the cook to roll her eyes "Lily you always lurk and als-"the blond haired woman narrowed her eyes on the tray that was behind the sisters. Her brows furrowed together and she walked forward.

Lily rested her hands on Clara's shoulders and step by step the pair backed away from the table. "Have you stolen some of the cinnamon bread?" Mary asked not at all surprised by the pair this wasn't the first time they've done this.

"Why? No I do not think so" Lily murmured. Mary chuckled

"You are cheeky-"

"And that's why I'm your favourite" she winked causing the cook to laugh.

"Well you should-"the trio of females froze when the kitchen door creaked open. Lily saw Mary paling and closed her eyes knowing that there may be trouble. She closed her eyes and steeled her resolve to face the woman at the door. The woman had dark brown hair that piled atop her head in an intricate up-do and she was already dressed up in one of her evening gowns.

Mary's eyes darted between the pair nervously; she fiddled with the hem of her apron and bowed her hair when the older woman glared at her.

"What is the meaning of this?" Beatrice snarled narrowing her eyes on her two daughters. "Clara are you spoiling your meal?" she demanded "put that back"

Clara dropped the bread on the tray and hid behind Lily's legs "Mother-"she started

"How many times have I told you" the brunette haired woman uttered "do not consult with those who are of lower status. It is not to be done."

"Sorry Lady Beatrice I-"

"It is not her fault mother" Lily said strongly, "I spoke to her and-"

"Ah you" Beatrice sneered "always causing trouble, why can't you be more like your sisters? They are the epitome of upper class ladies."

Lily swallowed and bowed her head; she felt a surge of hurt hearing her mother. The woman constantly brags about her other daughters and yet always finds fault with her. Lily did not know what to do anymore to appease her mother. So nowadays she didn't bother that much, she would put effort in of letting her mother's snide comments slide off of her back.

"Go get dress and make yourself presentable we have guests arriving soon" Beatrice said curtly, when neither red heads move her eyes hardened "Now" she ordered.

Lily hurriedly nodded and ushered her younger sister out of the kitchen,

"Is Mary going to get in trouble?" Clara whispered as Lily shut the door behind them, the elder girl licked her lips and felt a well of guilt rising in her hearing her mother scolding Mary. She would have to apologise later

"Nothing for you to worry about" Lily assured her grasping her hand and taking her up the grand staircase "Natty, should be in your room" she was referring to Clara's nanny "she will help you get ready"

"Ok" Clara said forlornly and was about to walk off but Lily caught her hand

"I believe this is for you" she smiled holding out some bread that she had snuck out of the kitchens. "Oh Lily thank you" Clara squealed but the older girl quickly hushed her "Ssh just eat it quickly" Clara nodded and scampered to her room.

Lily sighed and headed into her own room which was at the end of the corridor. She opened the door and smiled seeing Beth her personal maid already there with a dressed all prepped for her.


"Lady-"the blond haired girl giggled seeing the look that her mistress was sending her "I mean Lily" she corrected herself

"Thank you. So shall we get ready for a night of fun?"

"Am I sensing sarcasm?" Beth asked.

"Why yes you are" Lily declared dramatically and slipped off of her shoes, "have you set me a bath?" she asked walking behind the changing screen.

"Yes" Beth replied curtly,

"Thank you-"

"You needn't thank me Lily-"

"You're my friend. You always thank those" the red head smiled kindly at her as she stepped out of the screen. The petite woman was now only in a silk robe "Come on" she called over her shoulder. She shed her robe and stepped into the warm water and sighed as her muscles relaxed.

"So are you excited?" Beth asked eagerly as she knelt down besides the tub with a coarse wash cloth and some lavender soap. She lathered the material in it and set to work on her work

"Excited?" Lily quirked an eyebrow holding her arm out to her maid, she disliked the rough material against her skin.

"Yes. According to the locals, the new family in town have eligible bachelors and-"

"I am well aware Beth" the red head chuckled and held out her other arm "that's the point of this lavish meal is it not? To set up the ladies of this household up with these rich men-"she spat the last bit out.

"You do not approve? Ladies, Elizabeth, Henrietta and Isabella all seem so pleased" Beth commented as she handed the wash cloth over to her mistress, knowing that she would prefer to do the rest on her own. Beth picked up the small bucket and poured it over Lily's skin.

"Am I like my sisters?" Lily asked and leant back in the tub, the water obscured her so she kept her modesty.

"No-"Beth giggled causing the other girl to laugh.

The maid was about two years older than her mistress, she was grateful that she had been assigned to be the red head's personal maid, since she was the most pleasant out of all the sisters. Even little Clara at times would be rude and cruel unintentionally of course. "So you do not wish to wed?"

"Of course I do. It's every woman's dream is it not?" Lily murmured as the maid set about to wash the long red locks.

"But you are not every woman" Beth countered.

"I want to marry for love not convenience" the red confided in her long-time friend. Beth smiled

"Out of all your sisters I think you can achieve that" the maid murmured.

Lily hummed and closed her eyes feeling the other woman massaging her head, she sighed and once she was fully bathed she stood up dripping. She stepped out from the claw foot bath tub and dried herself off before slipping her silk robe on again.

"Hair first?" Beth suggested

"You know best" the red head quipped and sat at her vanity table. Beth giggled and set to work on brushing her mistress's fiery locks "So truth be told are you not excited to be meeting these men?"

Lily licked her lips and opened her jewellery box she rummaged through it pulling out several jewelled combs for Beth to select from.

"Well it is interesting to have new people around here" she nodded as Beth continued working on her hair. "Odd though isn't it? Father said that they were eagerly awaiting their visit here"

"Not at all, you are one of the most well-known families in this town." Beth murmured concentrating; she managed to dry Lily's hair and was envious when they went back to their smooth curls "up or down?"

"Hmm…down" Lily instructed, she preferred having her hair down. Out of the sisters Lily was the shyest of all, especially when it came to new people. She would tend to use her locks to block her face if she could help it.

"I don't think Lady Beatrice-"

"She wouldn't like anything I would do Beth. Just put it down please" Beth bit her lip and nodded. She combed her hair and picked up one of the jewelled clips that would match her dress.

"Done" Beth declared

"Thank you" she smiled at the maid and walked over to her four poster bed. "Now the horrendous task of getting this gown on"

Beth laughed as Lily stepped behind the screen, so she could out her chemise on. When she done that she walked out from behind the thin screen and pouted seeing Beth holding up the corset. She hated that device

"I don't get why I have to wear it" Lily said grumpily as Beth helped her put it on over the chemise

"Fashion" Beth said gesturing for her to turn around

"Lovely fashion isn't it?" the red head murmured and gripped onto the wooden canopy feeling Beth grabbing the laces. She gasped and clutched her chest when the maid pulled "Fashion that causes you to barely breath" she cleared her throat and dug her nails into the wood. She had no clue how her three sisters could wear this contraption constantly, Lily would usually wear it when there was an event or a special occasion not like the other three who wore it every day.

Beth laughed "I don't see the need for you to wear it-"

"According to mother men like this. Women who have impossibly small waist" Lily grouched and licked her lips when Beth knotted the laces.

"Done" the maid smiled

"Wonderful" Lily drawled, and smoothed down her skirt "Enter" she called hearing a knock at her door. She smiled seeing Ruth, she was the head maid of their household "Ruth-"

"Milady" Lilly couldn't help but roll her eyes, she was of the only people in the household she couldn't convince to use her much preferred nickname. "The guests have pulled up. Your mother requires your presence"

"Ok, I will be down in a minute" Ruth nodded "tell her that please"

"Of course Lady Lillian" Ruth bobbed her head and shut the door softly behind her.

Lily shook her head as Beth held out her dress "Do you think she calls me by my whole name to irk me?"

"Yes" Beth snickered causing Lily to elbow her. Lily slipped into the dress and waited patiently as the maid buttoned the back of her dress.

"Do I look ok?" Lily asked smoothing down her dress; she felt as if her chest was being compressed which it was. She gave herself a once over in the full length mirror, Beth stood behind her.

"You look gorgeous" the maid uttered sincerely.

Lily smiled "Well you did do a fantastic job" she complimented the other woman. Her red hair was pulled back with a jewelled comb, and she was wearing a emerald green coloured gown.

She bid her maid goodbye and exited the room. Lily was only half way down the corridor when she heard her name being called; she looked back and saw Clara scurrying after her.

"Lily you should see their carriage. It's so big" the little girl exclaimed as they walked carefully down the stairs. "And they got these horses" she added "Do you think that I would be allowed to pet one?"

Lily chuckled at her sister's enthusiasm "I'm sure if we ask politely enough then perhaps. Now hush, don't want mother to get mad do we?"

Lily and Clara walked down the rest of the staircase; she guided her younger sister over to the small line that had formed in the foyer.

"Finally made it?" Henrietta sniped; she was two years older than Lily.

"Yes" Lily murmured she was at the end of the line; she peered round and saw two men and a blond haired woman.

"Just barely" Elizabeth shook her head "I thought mother was going to have a break down for a minute"

"Nothing unusual then" Lilly commented casing Elizabeth's lips to twitch in amusement.

"Shush. These are Lords if you must know so try and behave" Henrietta hissed. "You too" she glowered at the youngest girl. Clara huffed and looked away. Lily stifled her giggle hearing Clara muttering something about 'mean' she listened as her sisters were introduced to the new people and felt and nerves rise within her when it was her turn.

Her gaze had been set on the floor, and she froze when a pair of shiny shoes appears in front of her. She never knew of a man to keep his shoes so pristine. A sharp elbow from Henrietta brought her out of her musings. Her head snapped up. Her bright green orbs met a pair of dark brown orbs. They were alluring and she felt so drawn to them.

"This is Lord Niklaus, Lady Rebekah and Lord Elijah" Beatrice introduced her to them. Lily didn't know where to curtsy or not, she should've paid attention to what her sisters have done.

"Oh erm…good?" she felt the stares on her and couldn't help but shift in embarrassment.

"Don't' embarrass me" Beatrice hissed into her ear. Lily's smile faltered slightly, she swore she saw something pass between all three siblings.

The dark haired man took pity on her and gently took her hand. She felt a shot of warmth go through her when his skin made contact with hers. She wondered if he felt it to.

"Elijah Mikealson" he introduced himself, his other two siblings were making small talk with her father. Her breath hitched when he kissed the back of her knuckles something that he hadn't done to her other sisters, she could have swoon on the spot.

"Lillian Petrova" she said softly blushing when he smirked at her.

"A pleasure to meet you" Elijah brushed his thumb across her knuckles. Lily swallowed and nodded politely, she went to pull her hand back, but for a millisecond she felt him holding on. And then he let her go.

There was the sound of the bell ringing. "Dinner is ready to be served" a servant announced.

"So shall we?" Elijah offered the red head his arm much to Lily's surprise.

"We shall" she smiled politely leading him into the grand dining hall.

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