"I am never going to get this." Lily whined causing the dark haired Original to chuckle.

"It's not too hard…you already know how to waltz-"Elijah countered, they were in the mansion, it was a couple of days after the red head's first killing…she was beginning to the handle taking blood from the vein, she didn't feed too much but whenever she did Elijah usually would be the one to supervise her.

Lily clicked her tongue, the large drawing room was filled up with the sound of quiet music, and the fire crackled emitting a warm glow around the place. "Yes waltzing I do know how to but the Viennese waltz? No, there are too many spins-"

Elijah smiled and brushed aside her fiery locks and cupped her cheek. "One more go?" he leant down and pressed a small kiss on the shell of her ear. "Come on Lily…"she closed her eyes feeling his nose skimming the underside of her jaw. "For me?" his lips travelled across her smooth skin. Her eyes snapped opened meeting his darker orbs.

"Elijah-"he teased her, brushing his lips at the corner of her mouth. "Fine-"she reluctantly agreed to another dance, causing him to smile in triumph. "Now are you going-"she gasped when he spun her out.

"Another dance it is." He declared, Lily smiled and took his hands and once again they attempted to dance the Viennese waltz.

"Ergh Elijah forget it-"she sulked "It's the one dance I cannot do." She took the wrong turn and it just wasn't working.

The Original raised his hands in a sign of surrender; he could see that the new vampire was getting cranky. "Very well let's leave that to rest. I'll go get something for you to eat." Lily shot him a grateful smile and watched as he left. She sighed and moved over to the fireplace, Lily eyed the flames it was beginning to die out, and she grabbed the poker and prodded the logs.

Lily hissed when she burned herself, she pulled her hand back and watched in mild fascination as the burnt skin on her hand healed right before her eyes. Lily thought she's never get accustomed to that…it was just unworldly.

"That's the advantage of being a vampire…the healing ability." A familiar voice rang out from behind her. Lily jumped and spun around, she couldn't keep the disdainful expression off of her face seeing who was there.

"Niklaus." She greeted the fair head Original.

He smirked revealing his dimples, "I thought we be past formalities." Lily sniffed and turned away from him, causing Niklaus to roll his eyes.

"Ok…I understand that you hate me…after everything" he conceded.

Lily rounded on him, her emerald green orbs flashed with anger. "I do more than hate you." She snapped. "Because of you I-"

"Am alive-"he took a step towards her, causing her to take a step back. "And free…technically love you should be thanking me." He countered. Lily's jaw clenched causing him to sigh…"I admit I don't regret what I did-"her eyes snapped over to his, she was completely oblivious how close they were to one another. "Because you are here…"his eyes roamed her face he lightly brushed aside one of her fallen curls. "But I am sorry for the way I went about it…I truly am Lily." Lily licked her parted lips and eyed the taller supernatural being.

"You actually mean it don't you?" she asked softly seeing sincerity flashing through his eyes. Niklaus cupped her cheek and his thumb stroked the apple of her cheek.

"I do." He murmured.

Lily hummed and placed her hand over his. "I…it's not going to be easy…I won't forgive you straight away…but-"

"I am willing to spend the rest of your eternity making it up to you." Niklaus uttered staring into her bright eyes, her green orbs soften and she nodded.

"Then I am willing to try to make this work." Lily replied causing the Original to smile. He took a reluctant step away from her.

"Right…on to more important matters." Niklaus said in mock-seriousness. Lily's eyebrows shot to her hairline

"And that would be?" she ventured.

"You abysmal dancing."

Lily rolled her eyes and playfully shoved him; he caught her hand and spun her out before bringing her back into his arms. "Elijah couldn't teach me…I doubt you can." She shook her head.

"Oh I just love a challenge." His breath fanned across the nape of her neck. "It's all in the leading sweetheart."

"Lily my god wake up woman." Lily's brows scrunched together hearing a rather annoying and chirpy voice.

"Hmph-"she grunted when whoever was her wakeup call jumped on the foot of the double bed.

"Get up-"

"No…go away Jenna." The red head grumbled, Jenna rolled her eyes and jumped onto her feet, coaxing the other woman awake wasn't going to work, she decided to resort to something else. She gripped the bottom of Lily's blanket and ripped it away from her.

Lily let out a low whine and pulled her knees up to her chest. "Oh come on, even Jeremy isn't this bad and he's a teen-"

"It's a freaking Saturday-"Lily pressed her face into her warm pillow "I am off of Saturdays." She grumbled. Jenna huffed and pulled the curtains apart bathing the bedroom in sunlight. The vampire was glad that she always wore her daylight ring…if this was the wakeup call she received.

"Well you shouldn't waste your Saturday sleeping in. now get up….oh I got those shorts-"Jenna commented noticing Lily's sleeping attire which consisted of deep purple silk shorts and a matching camisole. "They're comfy right-"

"Jenna?" Lily popped her head up, her scarlet hair was a mess and in chaotic curls.

"Yes?" Jenna smiled brightly.

"Get out…and give me my spare keys back-"Lily dropped back down onto her bed and rolled over showing the other woman her back.

Jenna sighed "No I need you up…please…-"there was no movement. Now she would have to resort to desperate measures "I didn't want to do this…but oh well-"Lily picked up the sound of Jenna's footsteps heading towards her door, "Fine…I didn't want to do this but you forced my hand-"

"Jen-"Lily groaned and rolled back over so that she was laying on her back. "Don't tell me you're quoting movies-"

"No I'm not…if you don't get up I'm going to steal all your good wine-"with that Jenna flounced off and giggled when she heard the red head cursing.

"Alright I'm up-"Lily shouted and swung her legs out of the bed. "Devil woman, you're making coffee-"

"On it." Jenna hollered back. "Oh and go and shower…you smell funky."

Lily sighed and stood up; stretching her arms above her head she groaned hearing her bones popping. She shook her head and could already smell the coffee from the kitchen. She padded barefooted towards her bathroom which was right down at the end of the hall. She shut the door behind her and did her usual morning routine.

Lily twisted the shower faucet and waited for the water to warm up. She looked at her reflection and scrunched up her nose seeing the dry blood on her lips, thank goodness her back was to Jenna the whole time. Late last night after Damon had left she had indulged herself in human blood…and god she did miss it. She felt much more energized and alert.

Lily quickly stripped out of her clothes and had a quick shower. Soon enough she was dressed and ready for the day.

"So-"she appeared behind Jenna causing the strawberry blond haired woman to jump.

"Lily-"she cursed.

Lily snorted and plopped down on one of her stools whilst Jenna sat on the other. She smiled gratefully when the human slid over a hot mug of coffee. The vampire took a sip and hummed. "So what's up?"

Jenna played dumb "What do you mean?" Lily cocked an eyebrow as Jenna stuffed her face with a croissant.

"Jenna it's ten in the morning and you broke into my house…there's obviously something you wanted…."Lily trailed off taking another sip of her coffee.

Jenna looked offended "I did not break in…I used the key-"

Lily's smile hid behind her mug of coffee, she'd much prefer tea but the caffeine was doing its job. "Jenna-"

"I'm a friend and friends visit one another and-"

"Jenna woman…spill your guts." Lily uttered resting her elbows on the countertop. Jenna sighed, the red head always managed to call her out on her crap.

"Fine…well I'm hosting a barbeque and I would love you to come" she uttered.

The English teacher brows furrowed that was all? Hell she was expecting something more…urgent, unless Jenna had something else up her sleeve.

"Huh…and?" Lily drawled tapping her fingers on the marble top. "Why are you hosting it anyway?" she asked.

"Oh-"Jenna smiled and took a final sip of her coffee "Well Ric wanted to meet some of my friends-"

"I already know Ric, hell I do work with him," Lily shook her head; she had opted to leave her hair loose so that her red curls cascaded down pass her shoulders.

"No well he wanted to meet Mason-"Jenna clarified "and…well I realised that you and Mason haven't formally met, besides bumping into each other-…well he-the thing is…I-"

Lily narrowed her eyes and looked at the stuttering woman shrewdly "Are you trying to set me up with Mason Lockwood?" she asked.

"Yes-"Jenna cried out triumphantly. She hurriedly cut in when she saw Lily opening her mouth no doubt about to refuse that idea. "And before you say no…it'll be good, you and him would make a gorgeous couple and…and…the sex would be awesome-"Lily just stared at her. Jenna rolled her eyes "Ok I don't know if that part is true but…if you don't come I'll give Ric your good bourbon." She uttered.

Lily's jaw dropped, and Jenna watched on in amusement as the red head ransacked her cupboard. "Jen you really are the devil in disguised aren't ya?" she glared at her friend. Jenna smiled brightly

"Yep-"she hopped onto her feet; Lily crossed her arms in front of her chest and leant against the counter. "And you'll get it back if you come to the barbeque."

Lily rolled her eyes and reluctantly nodded. "Fine I'll come to your stupid barbeque…there better be alcohol."

"Wonderful I'll catch you later-"Jenna exclaimed and headed towards the front door. "Oh and pick up desert as well." Lily mocked saluted her and licked her lips.

So she was forced to go to a barbeque…her friend wanted to set her up with the resident werewolf, who no doubt could kill her with just one bit and…now she had to go buy desert. "Wonderful." Lily stated sarcasm oozing from her.

Lily entered the Grill and headed towards the bar, it was near midday so the place wasn't too busy like it was in the evening. She spotted the doppelganger further down the bar. She swiftly made her way over to Elena who was reading a book, Lily peered over her shoulder and quirked an eyebrow at the text "Seriously this is how you study for my pop quizzes?" she questioned causing her to jump.

"Lily-"Elena gasped "you scared me."

"That was the point dear." Lily smiled serenely taking the empty stall beside her. "And this-"she gestured to the book. Elena smiled sheepishly.

"I would have done it at home but Alaric and Jenna are making way too much noise-"Lily sent her a look causing Elena's eyes to widened realising how that sounded "No, not like that-"

Lily smiled and patted her on the arm. "Relax I know what you meant." She uttered "Plus…Jenna and Alaric have been having sex at his place-"she giggled when Elena choked on her soda.

"Eww Lily-"Elena cringed "I got a mental image-"

Lily laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "Tim-"she greeted the barman

"Hey Lils." The blond haired male smiled "What can I do for you?" she asked the English teacher, Lily seemed to be on first name basis with the most of the town.

"Well I was hoping if you guys have that scrumptious peach cobbler here" she smiled, Elena saw the man gulping.

"Sorry, there is one left and it's been booked." Tim mumbled,

"Oh-"Lily pouted and sighed…she really needed that cobbler if she wanted to get her Bourbon back that was vintage alcohol. Time to turn things up…

"Tim you seemed to look like you're choking-"she smiled seductively at him, and wasn't too surprised when the man's breath hitched as she leant forward, Elena watched wide eye as the vampire played with the collar of the man's shirt, she unbuttoned his top button. And ran a finger across his Adam apple "there much sexier now about the cobbler-"she lifted his chin effectively closing his mouth.

"Right on it." Tim rushed off.

Lily grinned and turned to the stunned doppelganger "And that my dear proves you don't need compulsion to occasionally get your way."

"You're evil-"Elena grinned shaking her head.

The red head shrugged "He owes me anyway…I pretended to be his girlfriend once…so Rene-"she was referring to the other barwoman. "Would get jealous and blah, blah, blah…"she took a sip of Elena's drink.

"Well that was-"

"Sexy-"a new voice commented. Elena's good mood vanished immediately seeing who was here.

"Damon you creeper…you get turned on by watching other men get turned on?" Lily asked, the raven head vampire rolled his eyes and settled down on the other side of the doppelganger.

"Not what I meant…"Damon eyed the brunette; Lily glanced down at her watch and idly tapped her foot. She didn't want to be in the middle of the Damon and Elena saga.

"What do you want?" Elena huffed glaring at the vampire.

Damon made a show of looking around "So this is where you spend your time when you're not stabbing people in the back…"he sniped. Lily rolled her eyes and wondered if she should get a drink.

"I tricked you into telling me the truth-"Elena countered "that's not stabbing you in the back, that's using your own tactic against you…"

"Kind of bitchy move anyway." Lily commented.

"Thank you-"

"Shut up Damon I wasn't talking to you." She cut the younger vampire off, causing the doppelganger to snort.

Elena packed up her things "I'll see you later Lily-"she smiled at her English teacher who nodded.

"Where are you going?" Damon asked.

"I made myself clear Damon. I don't want anything to do with you." The brunette brushed the vampire off.

"Ok-"Damon uttered as Elena stood up and was about to leave. "See you at Jenna's barbeque." Lily looked over to him, when the hell did he get invited? It was no secret that Jenna despised the vampire.

Elena was obviously thinking the same thing as she turned back to the male, her brows furrowed in confusion. "How did you know about Jenna's barbeque?"

"It was my idea." Damon scoffed,

"Of course it was." Lily rolled her eyes and smiled as Tim appeared with the boxed up peach cobbler. "Thank you honey."

"Ye-yeah-"the skinny man rushed off, causing Lily to grin, she pulled out some cash and mentally counted down to three. And when she got to one Tim rushed back "I forgot the money-"

"Yeah I know…keep the change." Lily uttered and grabbed the box. She turned back to Damon's and Elena's conversation. "So what is the point of the barbeque?" she asked him.

Damon smiled smugly as if he knew something they didn't. "Well-"he downed the rest of Elena's drink "Mason went to high school with Jenna, so I figured a social gathering would be a good place to try and get to know the guy. So I told Ric to tell Jenna and viola." He said smartly.

Lily nodded "Alright-"she conceded "that's not such a bad idea."

Damon grinned "I know right, so Lily what kind of lacy undergarments-"she reached over and slapped him hard, causing the other vampire to wince.

"Does Jenna know you're going to be there?" Elena cut in, "because she's not exactly a fan of yours/"

Lily snickered "That is a very big understatement. Your aunt despises this jackass." She uttered.

Damon rolled his eyes. "That's why I ordered a cobbler…it should be here soon, that should pave the way."

The red head's eyes widened for a moment before her poker face fell firmly into place. "What are you up to?" Elena frowned.

Damon smirked "I'm going to put some silver in to Mason Lockwood and prove that he's a werewolf."

The doppelganger shook her head and left, after bidding the female vampire goodbye. "Well that's my cue-"Lily stood up seeing Tim coming towards there. She picked up the box of cobbler she hurried off, her heels clacking against the floor. She only got to the door before she head Damon's exclamation.

"What the hell? You've gave my cobbler away? I booked it and-her-"Lily looked over her shoulder and saw the younger vampire storming towards her. "Lily-"

"Tut-tut, Salvatore I paid for it fair and square-"she grinned,

"Yeah well I booked it-"he retorted.

"Tough luck-"Lily winked at him and exited the Grill and by the time Damon was outside there was no sign of the red head.

Lily was currently at the Gilbert place, she could hear Elena and Jenna setting up some food in the kitchen. She, Caroline and Alaric were in the backyard, the females were watching the history teacher attempting to turn the barbeque on.

"So Caroline how are you feeling?" Lily asked and made a face when she saw Alaric nearly breaking one of the nobs on the machine.

"Well…I'm fine really…just so hungry." The baby vampire exclaimed. "For-"

"Blood?" Lily questioned tucking a stray curl behind her ear "Because if you don't fancy anything at the Salvatores my place is stock piled with blood…all varieties." She added.

Caroline smiled "No…just hungry for food."

"Ah-"a look of understanding crossed the older vampire's face. "The dreaded cravings...it's not-Alaric-"she exclaimed when the flames were spurting from the barbeque. She rushed forward and shoved the hunter back. "Are you crazy?" Lily fiddled with the knobs and managed to set the barbeque machine at an appropriate temperature "I thought you'd know how to do this-"

"What?" the history teacher exclaimed. "I was fine-"

Caroline snorted "You nearly singed your eyebrows."

Alaric huffed and grabbed Lily by the back of her top and pulled her back, taking his place back.

"You sure you know how to barbeque?" the red head vampire asked canting her head to side wondering did he actually need that much coal.

"It's new-"Alaric said as if that explained everything.

Lily hummed and cleared her throat "Erm…there's instructions ya know and-"

"I don't need it. Now go away you're getting me out of my flow-"

"You don't have a flow-"Lily shook her head and turned on her heel. She re-entered the house. "Jen your boyfriend is going to burn all the burgers-"

"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Alaric shouted, causing the rest of the women to laugh. Lily made her way towards the counter as the doppelganger poured some chips into a bowl. She grabbed a handful and started to munch.

"So wait you left Alaric and Caroline out there? On their own?" Jenna questioned. Lily chewed and licked her lips.

"Excuse me. Not my fault, apparently I was ruining Ric's flow" Lily exclaimed, and noted the expression on Elena's face. "I know, as if Alaric has a flow." She yelped when Jenna threw a cloth at the back of vampire's head.

"Be friendly about Alaric-"

"Sorry-"Lily rolled her eye "you're rather sensitive about your Mr Lover-man." She ignored the glare from Jenna.

Elena chuckled and shook her head, sometimes thinking that Lily and Jenna acted more like teenagers than her and Caroline and Bonnie. "Thanks for letting me invite Caroline by the way-"

"I bet Caroline got a pleasant invite. She could use a day of distraction" Lily grumbled "Your crazy aunt broke into my house"

"I used a key-"Jenna huffed causing the vampire to tutted. "Anyway-"she marched over to the other two females. "That's not the plus one I'm worried about-"she snatched some of the chips out of Lily's hand and stood on Elena's other side. "Why is Damon coming?" she asked.

"Because-"Lily plucked a strawberry from the fruit bowl and bit into the juicy fruit "Alaric is a pity taker, come on Jenna be nice."

Lily swallowed and Elena chewed on a piece of melon, the vampire wasn't too surprised when Jenna scoffed "Be nice? When Damon learns to keep his hands off of you."

There was a moment of silence. "Well this is awkward." Lily muttered under her breath. Before Jenna could give a witty retort another person entered the kitchen.

"Good news-"Mason Lockwood waltzed into the kitchen, a grin plastered onto his face. "I found the shot glasses whoa—"Lily spun around just as he dropped one, she easily caught it. "Wow-how-"

"Quick reflexes." Lily supplied, smiling at the werewolf.

Elena's eyes darted between the supernatural creatures. She didn't miss the shooing motion that Jenna was giving her. "Well that's my cue to leave." She exited the kitchen.


"Mason Lockwood this is my good friend Lily Peterson." Jenna introduced them to each other.

"Oh we've met-"Mason grinned placing the bottle of alcohol on the counter, he shook her hand.

"You have-"Jenna's brows furrowed. "How-"

"Not really a meeting…we've bumped into each other." The red head uttered and pulled her hand back. "Nice to see you again-"

"Ditto. So shots?" the werewolf offered, he was getting a weird vibe off of the attractive red head. Jenna laughed "You haven't been here for ten minutes and I already feel like I'm under the bleachers at the pepper rally."

Lily's heightened senses could pick up the smell of the meat cooking; from what she sniffed the hunter hadn't burned anything…yet. "You spent your high school years under the bleachers?...Jen was you a wild child?"


"Yes-"Jenna and Mason said at the same time.

"I'm inclined to believe him." Lily pointed at Mason, causing him to laugh. He poured out some shots and handed one over to the vampire.

"Him? You barely know him-"Jenna declared.

Lily laughed and held up her shot glass "Yes but unlike you he didn't break into my home." She countered.

Mason whistled "Jenna…I pegged you as a wild-child not a criminal-"he teased her, Jenna pouted as the other two adults teamed up against her.

The back door closed with a snap and Alaric arrived along with a plate of cooked meat. The history teacher spotted the bottle in Mason's hand. "Oh the expensive stuff I like you already." He announced walking over to the group.

"Actually this was already here when-"

"What?" Lily snatched the bottle off of Mason causing him to gape at her. Jenna cringed seeing the red head's eyes narrowing on the label. "Jenna this is mine-you thief-"

"I buy you a new one." Jenna rushed out; she wouldn't put it past the vampire to lob it at her.

"You better." Lily grumbled and downed her own shot before she poured herself another one, Mason grinned

"Ah a woman who's got great taste in alcohol-"

"Your kind right?" Jenna whispered, causing the red head to blush and elbow her.

"I'm just happy to be invited." Mason smiled; Alaric nodded and didn't miss the two women whispered loudly.

"Well you should thank Ric for that. This was his idea." Jenna smiled sweetly at her boyfriend, causing Lily to mock being sick.

"So loved up-"the vampire whispered to her, "So how did you get this marvellous idea Ric?" Lily drawled, Alaric shot her a look but she remained impassive.

"Erm it…it just came to me-"Alaric shrugged his shoulders casually "plus I thought it would be nice to meet some of Jenna's high school friends. Dig up a little dirt-"

"Oh I've got dirt-"Mason chuckled

"I've got major dirt on Jenna as well." Lily quipped "Did you know Ric that Jenna once contemplated kidnapping you so she could have her wicked way-"Jenna's face burn a brilliant red colour, a smile played on the vampire's lips.

"No I didn't-"Jenna denied, Alaric snorted he didn't know whether to be worried or flattered.

"Yeah you did-"Lily grinned and clinked her glass with Mason before downing her drink. She sighed feeling the burning liquid sliding down her throat.

A wicked smiled appeared on Jenna's lips; Lily knew the woman was up to something. "Did you know that Lily hasn't have sex in about a year-"Lily's eyes bugged out.

Mason and Alaric stared at the red head incredulously "Really?" the werewolf asked, running his eyes up and down her body. "You?"

"What?" Lily asked defensively "I've been having a dry spell-"she felt her cheeks burning up with heat.

Jenna tried snorted "Dry spell? It's like you're in the freaking Sahara desert-"she muttered and squealed when Lily pinched her, not using her full strength of course.

"Did you know that Jenna got so drunk that she ended up giving the homeless guy down the road a lap dance-"Lily spouted causing both males to look over at her. "She's even on first name bases with Edmund-"

"His name is Edward-"Jenna clapped her hand over her mouth, and Lily yelled in triumph. "Oh bitch-"

"Whore-"Lily countered, they glared at one another for a moment before breaking out into giggles. Alaric grabbed the bottle of Vodka and sniffed it…definitely wasn't spiked.

"Truce?" Jenna offered her hand; Lily nodded and shook her hand. "So to…no more spouting each other's embarrassing secrets." She held up her glass and the others followed suit and clicked each other's before downing it. They all shuddered at the fiery taste except Lily, it was true that alcohol did help with numbing the cravings.

"Hey…-"Lily glanced over her shoulder placing her glass on the counter, Damon had entered causing Jenna's good mood to spiral downwards.

"Damon." Jenna said with barely veiled contempt.

"Well I would have been here earlier but someone went walkies with my cobbler." His eyes landed on the older vampire who merely smiled back. "But I did manage to get some cheesecake." He said holding the box up.

"Let me get some more glasses." Alaric uttered

"No use mine-"with that Jenna downed her drink and stalked out.

Lily leant back against the counter, "Ric I believe you should be following your girlfriend-"the hunter hastily nodded and rushed out after his pissed off woman.

Damon strolled over "She doesn't like me much." He told Mason, the werewolf poured him a shot,

"We haven't met, Mason Lockwood."

"Oh sure Damon Salvatore." The vampire introduced himself; Lily pressed her lips together hoping that Damon wouldn't do anything stupid.

"I know-"Lily took a large gulp of her drink "I've heard great things about you-"both Mason and Damon jumped when Lily sprayed the table top with her drink.

"Oh damn-"Lily laughed "I-sorry that was funny-Damon? great ha-"she laughed, Damon shoved her.

"Go get cleaned up, you're dripping wet and I rather it be because I got-"

"Ok-no-!" Lily cut him off wiping her mouth. "He's an ass Mason, and you're being very nice.-"

"You've got Vodka down your top-"Damon yelled after her.

"Bite me-"she shouted back.

"I want to."

Lily rolled her eyes, that snarky vampire always had to have the last word she thought.

The red head vampire exited the house and caught sight of Elena sitting on one of the benches that were out at the front of the house.

"Call me-"she heard the doppelganger looked up as the vampire plopped down beside her. "Ok bye-"Caroline emerged from the house with a bowl full of chips, Lily propped her feet up on the railings.

"Is that Stefan?" Caroline asked eating a chip, Lily helped herself to some.

"He hasn't called me back." Elena explained "I can't decide if I should be worried." Lily frowned and chewed before speaking.

"You want me to go check on him?" the red head offered.

"No-"Caroline blurted out, it was her job to make sure that neither Lily nor Elena made their way to the Boarding House. "I'm sure he's fine, plus Jenna would notice if you're gone." She added.

Lily slumped in her seat "You've got a point" she muttered.

Caroline nodded and the only sound that was heard was of her munching on the chips. "You're really going for it aren't you?" the older vampire said amusement clearly displayed on her face.

"I just can't stop eating. Stefan told me that it was a great way to sublimate the cravings-"Lily nodded in agreement.

"Yep…as well as alcohol but I think people would notice a boozy teen." The vampire commented.

Caroline grinned and offered her the bowl of chips, but Lily declined, she basked in the sunlight, when the red head had turned she feared that she would never feel the warm rays on her again. She kept an ear out on the two teen's conversation.

"So how are you finding it being a vampire?" Elena asked.

Caroline swallowed "It's horrible-"she confided in them "fighting the urge of blood every day."

Lily opened her eyes and looked over to Caroline. "It does get easier you know." She informed her. "But it'll take time."

Elena nodded "Yeah Stefan mentioned that, he hates that part of himself."

Caroline chewed loudly "Yeah he hates that you're constant temptation." She added, Lily frowned that sounded rather odd, never once did the younger Salvatore mentioned that to her.

"He said that?" Elena frowned.

"The constant urge to rip out your jugular? Yeah it's there. That's why I had to break up with Matt." Caroline explained Lily picked up the sound of Alaric coming towards them so stood up.

"Food is here…and your meat is bloody and rare-"the hunter told the vampires.

"Great-"Caroline grinned jumping onto her feet. "Come on before Damon eats it all-"she grabbed Lily's hand and dragged her back into the house.

"Dress-"Jenna shouted


"Wolf man-Lion king-"Lily shouted, they had all eaten and was now in the front room playing Pictionary

"Lion King?" Caroline snickered looking at her English teacher,

"You said Ballerina-"Lily lightly slapped the younger vampire. "What the hell is it Damon?" she said.

Dog-hound dog-"Jenna shouted, her words were slightly slurred; the red head could smell the alcohol from her breath.

"Jenna is so drunk-"Lily whispered to a grinning Ric.

"Dances with wolves-"Mason uttered causing them to all to look at him, Lily knew that the raven head vampire was having a dig at the werewolf, he certainly hadn't made it discrete.

"Mason wins again-"Damon sang.

"Really good at this game-"Lily said.

"Lily where the cobbler?" she heard the doppelganger call her.

"Coming." Lily stood up and headed back into the kitchen, she walked pass the brunette who pried open the box of cheesecake that Damon had gotten. Lily retrieved the cobbler from the back of the fridge.

"Wow that cheesecake has some strong smell." The vampire balked and peered over the brunette teen's shoulder. Damon's desert looked more like slop than actual food.

"Eww-"Elena muttered, as Lily grabbed the knife and opened the box.

"Just chuck it." She told the human, and lifted the lid. "Now this my dear Elena-"she used the knife to pry the cobbler from the box, she placed the tasty looking desert on a plate. "Is how a desert should look." She grinned.

"Aunt Jenna is getting tipsy." Damon smirked walking over to them, Lily rolled her eyes and moved over to the cupboards to get some plates.

"Yeah and that's because of you." Lily spotted the plates that she needed right at the top of the shelf, damn her short height.

"How's operation Lockwood going?" Elena asked dropping the slop of cheesecake into the bin.

"He's my new bff-"Damon saw that the teacher seemed to have a problem reaching the dishes so decided to help her. He easily plucked it from the top shelf.

"For one of the older vamps in Mystic Falls you sure are short-"Damon taunted her, his breath fanned across the nape of her neck.

"I may be short Damon-"she spun around so that her chest brushed against his. "But I can still kick your ass." With that she slammed her heeled shoe down on his foot, causing him to wince in pain.

"You win—"he groaned.

Lily rolled her eyes and walked around him, as Jenna sauntered into the room. She could tell that Damon had ploughed the woman with alcohol, her pale cheeks were flushed and her eyes were slightly glassy.

"Isn't this fun?" she nudged Lily's arm.

"Yes-"Damon answered "Thank you so much for inviting me-"

"Suck up." Lily whispered knowing that only the vampire would hear her.

"You can suck me anytime." Damon lecherously winked at the red head, causing a smile to play on her lips.

"I didn't have a choice of inviting you." Jenna glowered at the vampire.

"Look I know what you must think about me-"Damon started but the buzzed Sommers spoke over him.

"No you don't." she snapped, Lily counted the cutlery to make sure that there was the right amount. "I have dated many you-"

"Any by many, she means a lot-"Lily pitched in.

Jenna shot her friend a look "Thanks make me sound like a slut why don't you?"

Lily grinned and helped up her hands in a sign of surrender "Only telling the truth dear." She countered causing Elena to giggle, she handed her aunt a knife.

"Oh-"Damon exclaimed seeing the silver cutlery, "these are fancies."

Lily spied the silver-wear and had to agree, she could see the engravings from here. "Thanks-"Jenna muttered grabbing some napkins "they are my mother's silver set." She was oblivious to the looks the vampires had exchanged.

"Don't-"Lily mouthed to Damon seeing him picking up a rather large knife, the dark haired vampire merely smirked causing the English teacher to flash him a glare, and she knew he was up to something.

Lily rolled her eyes "No Ric…I'm not cheating-"she huffed, they were all now gathered at the dining table. The teens were clearing up the front room. Jenna was making some coffee and the pair of teachers was flipping a coin. "Call it again." She grinned.

"Heads-"Alaric said seriously, and watched as Lily threw the coin in the air, she flipped it. "And-come on-"the hunter sighed. The red head had won once again.

Lily grinned "Seems like you're going to be supervising the lunchroom for the next shift."

"No fair." Alaric muttered causing the vampire to snicker, "I swear-"

"Nope no cheating. Luck is my thing which is awesome when you work in Vegas for a bit." She drawled.

Mason leant forward "You worked in Vegas?" he asked the vampire.

Lily shrugged her shoulders "Only for a bit….never had a career choice in mind-"

"But you're a teacher." Mason frowned,

Lily nodded "I kind of fell into that. And fell in love with it, great job when the kids aren't acting like little-"

"Mason-"Damon exclaimed placing the peach cobbler in front of him, Lily didn't miss the silver knife sticking out of it. "Why don't you start us off?" he plastered a fake smile on to his face before sitting down besides the other vampire.

"Sure-"Mason smiled and looked down at the cobbler, and an annoyed expression appeared on Damon's face when werewolf used his hands to grab a slice. He didn't miss the look on the others faces and chuckled "What am I an animal."

"Huh…something I would have pegged you to be." Lily murmured and helped herself to a piece of the cobbler.

"So Mason, you and Jenna never dated?" Alaric asked as Jenna handing them some mugs of coffee, and the red head a cup of tea.

"No she was always lost in Logan Fell land." Mason looked up at his high school friend.

"Ah my first mistake." Jenna uttered "Mason was a catch, he had girls lining up….guess who else is a catch? Lily, she's free and single-"she patted her red head friend on the shoulder.

Lily shot the other woman a look. "Serious? You're making me sound desperate." She hissed at her.

"Well…Lily likes being single and Mason I'd thought you be a lone wolf type of guy." He smirked at the werewolf. The older vampire elbowed him hard in the ribs.

"Really?" Mason's eyes darted down, and he frowned spying both Damon and Lily sporting Lapis Lazuli rings, Lily was a vampire? He did think that Katherine mentioned it onetime "I bet I wasn't half the lady killer you were." He took a jibe at the vampire. Lily snorted and this time it was younger vampire to elbow her.

"To new friends." Mason declared as they clinked their mugs together.

"And I get stuck with the washing up." Lily grumbled bending over to place the last dirty dish in the dishwasher.

"Well you did eat the most-"

"Technically Caroline did-and she bailed." The red head added,

"Keep cleaning Lily I got a lovely view-"Damon smirked eyeing the vampire's rump. Lily rolled her eyes and straightened up slamming the washer door shut.

"Ok pervert-"Lily drawled leaning against the counter, "so heard from my psycho grandmother recently?" she asked, as Damon grabbed a glass tumbler and a bottle of whisky.

"Nope, weird I thought she'd want to spend some time with you…you know family bonding and all of that." he poured a glass and handed it over to Lily.

"Funny-"Lily said dryly taking a sip, Mason entered the kitchen

"Hey Jenna busting out guitar hero I think it's time to call a mutiny-"Lily chuckled, she actually thought that this werewolf was rather friendly.

"I love guitar hero. I can so kick your arse in that game." The vampire exclaimed,

Damon scowled at the werewolf, "I like that game to, you my friend are barking up the wrong tree."

Lily sighed wondering would he ever get tired of those comments. Mason glowered at him, "Ok you win, and you're hilarious." He uttered,

"Thank you-"Damon smirked.

"Come on man." Mason took a step towards him "you don't think I know what this barbeque is about?" he asked.

Damon scowled "How do you know about me? Or her?" he nodded towards Lily. Lily's eyebrows shot to her hairline, he knew about her?

The werewolf chose to remain silent "You're brother didn't know about the vampires of this town." Lily said softly,

"He didn't-"Mason agreed "and it doesn't matter-"she scoffed hell it did matter? Some outsider knew who the resident vamps were? That could be dangerous…unless someone had told Mason all about them. "I'm not your enemy Damon, neither of yours." His eyes darted over to the female vampire.

"You tried to kill my brother-"Damon glared at him.

"That was a mistake." Mason defended himself, "there was confusion, I can't control myself during the full moon, I didn't chain myself up in time."

Lily folded her arms across her chest, "He's telling the truth Damon, just leave it." She interjected.

"Unlike you sexy I don't get fooled so easily. He is up to something." Damon said, walking pass the red head. "Come on! What is he doing in Mystic Falls? It's not as if he's planting peace trees."

Lily's eyes flashed over to Damon, "Don't be a dick." She muttered,

"I lost my brother, my nephew lost his father. I am here for my family-"Mason said seriously and held out his hand towards the more volatile vampire "Let's be above this." Lily didn't think Damon would take the offered truce but was surprised when he actually shook his hand. Mason nodded towards Lily and left.

"Damon what the hell-"she hissed when the raven head vampire grabbed the silver knife and stowed it away.

"Something that needs to be done." Damon uttered and walked off. Lily groaned and shook her head, why did young vampires think they knew everything?

"Well no drinks at the Grill then?" Mason asked, they all decided it was time to make a move; they spent most of the day here. Lily followed after Alaric "It's like I'm with a bunch of adults' here-"

"Kind of are-"Lily smiled.

"I prefer the term role model." Jenna drawled,

"Alright-"Mason conceded and hugged her "thanks for having me." He then shook Alaric's hand. "Catch that game next week?"

"I look forward to it." Alaric smiled.

Mason smiled at Lily, "Lovely meeting you, and you sure you're not up for a night cap-"he grinned.

The red head chuckled "No thanks, I had quite a few drinks in me already." She murmured. He nodded

"I should head out to." Damon emerged from the kitchen, Lily didn't miss the look that the vampire shot the werewolf, and Mason bid them goodnight and left. Once Damon and Lily did the same they exited the house, before the younger vampire could blur off, Lily grabbed him and hauled him back.

"What the hell are you up to?" she hissed narrowing her eyes at him.

Damon smirked but winced slightly at her grip. "He's a werewolf Lily and-Jenna-"his eyes widened, the red head immediately let go and looked over her shoulder and cursed realising that he had played her. There was no one there, she spun around and saw that Damon was gone.

"Bloody Damon." Lily raced after him.

Lilly came to a skidded stop, she was at the back of the Grill, "Damon-"she shouted and rushed forward and tore the vampire off of the werewolf.

"Too late-"Damon smiled smugly; Lily's eyes widened seeing the large silver knife sticking out of Mason's chest. The werewolf fell to his knees.

"You are so fucked up its unbelievable." She snarled the younger vampire stalked over to the werewolf's truck.

"He's a werewolf, you heard him he has no control-"

"Says the guy who has no control?" she sniped and stalked after the vampire. The pair of vampires had their backs to the werewolf

"Ok…I admit I don't have much, but with one bite that dude could kill me, Stefan and you…and I don't want that." Damon admitted, for a long time he thought that their kind was at the top of the food chain, but there were others out there. He was just getting himself back into his brother's life, he had gained a friend in Lily and he couldn't imagine a life without them now.

Lily groaned and rubbed her hand across her temple, she stiffened hearing the sound of a knife clattering to the ground. She turned on her heel and saw Mason standing up. "Oh shit-"she muttered seeing the livid expression on the werewolf's face.

"You know I think it was werewolf's who started this whole silver myth." Mason commented, both she and Damon backed up.

"Wow…there's something you learnt today." She quipped "Look lovely you're all healed and let's forget about this?" she offered.

Mason smirked "I was really looking forward to last call…now you made an enemy. I really liked you Lily, but you are a vampire." Without another word he left. Leaving Damon behind with a fuming vampire.

"Lily-"Damon gulped seeing the anger that was splashed across her face.

"You are so incredibly….dumb as shit-"Lily punched him hard in the face causing Damon to fall to the ground and clutch his broken nose "Great Damon, make things harder for us why don't you?" she snarled.

"Oh come on, one werewolf it's not a big deal-"Lily didn't listen and turned on her heel, she needed a drink. "Why are you pissed off anyway? It's Mason Lockwood-"

"Who was sexy as hell." Lily shouted and disappeared into the Grill.

Lily was currently sitting at the bar, the Grill was emptying since it was nearly closing time, she rested her chin in her hand and idly swirled her glass the amber liquid sloshed against the sides.

She perked up seeing a flash of blond, it was Caroline who was making a beeline towards the bathroom….she frowned in confusion when she saw Elena racing after her…weird…the doppelganger didn't have curls. Her eyes widened in realisation it was Katherine. Lily downed the rest of her drink and headed towards the ladies room.

She pressed her ear against the door, and could hear the conversation in there as clear as day.

"Katherine-"she heard Caroline exclaim. Lily gripped onto the handle

"Care to share you couldn't follow through one simple task?" the red head could hear the difference in both Elena's and Katherine's voice. The vampire's tone was far lower and throaty compared the Gilbert girl. So Caroline was under Katherine's orders?

"I tried to…but I couldn't exactly kidnap my best friend." Ok now Lily knew that the baby vampire was referring to Elena.

"Occupy her. That's all I asked." Katherine snarled.

Lily could hear the panic in the blond vampire's tone. "I told her that her relationship was doomed-"so that was the reason why she was so snippy the red head thought. "And I really-"she could hear footsteps, Katherine must be approaching Caroline "I got to her."

"I hope so." Katherine drawled "because I already killed you once. I can easily do it again."

Lily opted to make her move now and slammed the bathroom door open, causing the blond vampire to jump out of her skin. Caroline felt a swoop of relief enter her system seeing the red head vampire.

"Lillian…learn how to eavesdrop properly." Katherine smirked. They circled each other; Lily canted her head to the side.

"Really Katerina? Threatening baby vampires how low are you?" she drawled. Katherine smirked,

"Well they are easy to break-"

Lily hummed and nodded "Give you that. Stay away from her-"she snarled at her.

Katherine lips curled up into a sneer and Caroline gasped when the brunette flew towards the red head and slammed her against the mirror causing it to crack.

"Do not threaten me little girl.-"Katherine growled flashing her fangs. Lily's own fangs descended, she surprised the older vampire by head-butting her hard in the head. Lily fisted her hand in to Katherine's thick hair she wrenched it back

"Do not threaten my students" Lily snarled, Katherine gigged causing the red head's grip to slacken, this was enough time to slam her knee in her side, and throw Lily to the ground. The English teacher groaned and glared up at her great grandmother, her breath was knocked from her.

"I am so happy that my line does not only have Elena. It's good to see the Petrova fire still roaring." Katherine slammed her heeled boot into Lily's shoulder causing her to hiss. "Don't get in the way Lily…I actually am rather fond of you, as many others are." Within the blink of an eye the older vampire was gone.

"Lily-"Caroline rushed forward "I'm so sorry I just froze and-"she helped Lily sit up, and saw that her blue top was stained with blood.

"It's ok." The petite woman reassured her. And pulled the sleeve of her top down, revealing the gaping hole in her shoulder it was already healing. "My great granny is so disturbed." She huffed.

Lily ushered Caroline off, and when she saw the blond leaving the bathroom, she pulled out her cell. Since it was only logical for Elena and Stefan to know about what Katherine was forcing Caroline to do.

"Really Todd?" Lily questioned she looked at the other vampire. They were in a club and the music was loud and the lights were bright.

"Come on Lily it'll be fun…"he pulled her onto the dance floor. "Oh look that guy is eyeing you-"she followed his gaze and saw a tall man, he had dark brown hair, it was almost black and he was broad shouldered.


"Come on, you're way older than me-"

"Thanks." Lily rolled her eyes and stumbled when he pushed her towards the man.

"So you should know how to live." He countered and tapped the man's shoulder. "Hi, erm this is my friend-"


"It's the decade of free love, sex and rock n roll. Go have sex-"Lily flushed as her very flamboyant friend wondered off.

"Well…can I get you a drink?" the man offered. Lily grinned and nodded.

Soon enough Lily and the dark haired man who introduced himself as Arthur were walking down the street. The red head found him to be a pleasant soul but couldn't help but get the feeling that he was hiding something.

She slowed down realising that he was no longer beside her. He was lingering at the end of an alleyway and clutching his stomach making pained noise.

"Arthur?" she called and backpedalled. "Are you-"she knelt down in front of him "O-"she gasped when he pulled out a blade and plunged into her stomach. Lily paled feeing the fiery pain. She hadn't fed recently, so the wound was more grievous.

"I know what you are." Arthur snarled and pushed her into the alleyway. She stumbled and fell backwards. "I thought you'd be able to recognise your own kind" he flashed her his fangs. "There's a bounty on your head in case you don't know-"he said haughtily. "I wanted more of a fight—"

"You asked for this then." Lily growled and kicked her leg out causing the male vampire to crash onto the ground. She wrenched the blade out and plunged it into his chest.

The smirk on her face slipped off when he only laughed. "You think I came on my own?" she didn't have enough time to turn over before she felt something being stabbed into the small of her back; she felt the wooden stake snap.

Lily let out a choked scream and saw another vampire. Arthur threw her off sending her crashing against the wall. The red head whimpered unable to move, the two males towered over her. She couldn't reach the small piece of wood.

"Pity to die here? In a back alley right?" Arthur grinned down at her; he twirled a stake in his hand.

"Oh she won't be dying here mate." Another voice entered the scene, and right before Lily's eyes Arthur was decapitated, half of her face was splashed in blood. The other vampire that had accompanied Arthur blurred off.

Lily grimaced in disgust and could make out the newcomers' shoes. "Quiet a state you're in."

"As if I didn't know." She said snapped. Causing the man to laugh

"Really I save you and I get that?"

"I would be much more grateful if there wasn't a piece of wood in my back." She groaned in pain,

"Well I can help with that. This is going to sting…and don't kick out." The man ordered softly. Lily felt one of his large warm hands clamp down on the back of her thigh she felt a shudder go down her spine.

She bit down on her bottom lip when he pulled out the piece of wood. "You're healing up nicely-"he murmured helping her to sit up. Lily sagged against the wall her emerald green orbs met a pair of ocean blue ones.

"I hate the sixties." Lily muttered, the man smiled revealing his dimples. In the dim light she could see that he was handsome.

"Yeah not my favourite decade." He pulled out a handkerchief holding it out to her; she smiled at him gratefully and wiped her face.

"So do I get to know the name of my rescuer?" Lily asked, and was miffed when he took the piece of fabric from her. He wiped the blood off of her cheek that she had missed.

"I'm Niklaus, but please call me Klaus." He offered her his hand.

"Lillian, please call me Lily though." She took his hand and blushed when he kissed the backs of her knuckles, sparks and tingles erupted all over her skin.

"Lily it is then." Klaus smiled at her.

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