Short chapter

Gwen's POV:

Finals week was over. I finally finished my first year at Harvard University, was working on being happy, and living with an amazing boyfriend. The last piece to the puzzle was securing this internship in New York City so that I could spend the summer with Theodore in the city. He was renting an apartment to stay close to his internship at a law firm. Phoebe was moving in with us before she started college. She was getting to the point where even I became worried about her. From what Theodore was telling me, she refused to even acknowledge what had happened between her and Blaine. Phoebe was in denial and instead of facing her problems; she was staying away from her father.

I was still having therapy sessions with Dr. Nesh and I have made tons of progress over the past few weeks. I was able to go to sleep now without medicine, I trusted Theodore, I talked about my feelings, I was happy. The very idea of a future with Theodore did not scare me anymore and if that was not progress, I did not know what was. Today was our last session together before I left for New York.

Our apartment was fully packed and we were moving to the new apartment tomorrow. Vince and Mac were already gone. I was going to miss those two but I knew that they would come visit us before long. Theodore was at the apartment eating and watching television. He smiled when I walked into the room.

"How was therapy?" Theodore muted the television.

"It was great, I'm going to miss her but she promised to check in with me," I cuddled into his chest, "Have you talked to Phoebe?"

"Yeah, I just got off the phone with her before you came in. She's set to move in with us before she leaves for college. My parents want her to reconsider but she of course doesn't want anything to do with either one of them."

"Can you blame her for not wanting to be near them?"

"She's being childish by ignoring their phone calls. I get it, she's pissed. I'm pissed along with her but she doesn't need to shut my mom out."

He had a point there; Mrs. Grey did not know that Mr. Grey was paying Blaine to date Phoebe, "Maybe when we go to her graduation you can convince her to change her mind."

"I doubt it," he shook his head, "I just want this all to be a bad dream."

"I know," I squeezed his hand, "At least we get to move into the new place tomorrow. I can't wait to live in New York!"

"It's going to be great. Are you sure you don't mind if Phoebe comes to live with us for a while?"

Mr. Grey was paying for Theodore's apartment and when I insisted on paying for half of it, I was shot down. Their money knew no limits and it was hard to adjust to that. The place we were living was a condo in called The Visionaire inside of Battery Park City that had three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Theodore showed me pictures online and I was in complete awe. He was not as impressed as I was because he grew up with this type of luxury.

"It's going to be great, the three of us all living together in the City. Plus, we're going to be working the entire summer so we might not even have that much time with her."

"True," Theodore rearranged us so that I was lying on top of him.

"Cut it out," I tried to wiggle from his hold.

"What?" he acted innocent.

"I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you and you're trying to have sex!"

His boyish grin came out, "Is it wrong to want to have sex with my smoking hot girlfriend?"

"Only when she's trying to get you to open up about how you're dealing with your father's betrayal."

"You have five sessions with a therapist and now you're an expert on talking about feelings."

What he said hurt me. Maybe I was being overly sensitive but therapy was the only thing that made sense to me.

"I'm just trying to help," I pushed off of him.

Theodore held onto my arm, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap."


I walked away from him before either one of us said something we were going to regret.

Teddy's POV:

I knew I messed up once I said what I said. I was taking out my frustration out on Gwen instead of my father. He would call me sometimes and act like everything was fine in the family but we all knew that it was not. Phoebe did not live at home anymore, my parents argued more often, and I was torn between siding with my father or Phoebe. I should not have thrown therapy in Gwen's face; especially since I knew how important it was to her.

Feeling guilty, I walked to our bedroom and knocked. I should not have been shocked that she did not answer.

"I shouldn't have said that, I'm sorry," I said through the door crack.


"I'm an idiot."


"Please say something so that I know you're at least listening to me."


"I love you."

I was expecting silence but instead I got, "I love you too."

"Will you open up the door so that we can talk?"

A few seconds passed by before the door creaked open and Gwen's head popped into view. She had been crying which made me feel like even more of an asshole.

"Please don't cry because I was being a dick," I wiped away a tear, "I shouldn't have snapped at you when you were only trying to help. I'm stressed over this and I took it out on you. I am the worst boyfriend ever and as punishment, we will not have sex for an entire hour."

Gwen giggled, "Sounds fair."

"You were supposed to say something like 'I forgive you and won't punish you by taking sex away from you.'"

She opened the door the entire way, "Now that wouldn't be fair but thank you for apologizing. Since we have this free time we could go visit your family in Seattle before your internship starts."

"You still haven't heard back from the biomedical firm?"

My father knew the head of the organization that Gwen was trying to get an internship with but she refused to let my father step in. It made sense right now to not let him interfere with our lives like he did with Phoebe. It killed me watching Gwen stress out over whether or not she was going to get her dream job.

"I'm waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail. I was supposed to hear back from them two days ago!"

"I'm sure you're going to get it and then you're going to blow their minds with how smart you are."

"You're making up for being an asshole earlier, I like it," Gwen wrapped her arms around my neck, "Maybe going to visit your parents will be a good distraction for the both of us."

"Then it's decided, after we move our things into the apartment we'll go visit my parents," I kissed her on the nose.

"Can't wait."