The night air was quiet, and deathly still. Not a sound could be heard save the low gurgling of a nearby brook and the heavy foots of the two hikers as they trekked along the narrow forest paths. The beam of their flashlight cut through the darkness like a knife, casting an eerie glow along the bush. An owl hooted in the distance, and one of the hikers inadvertently shuddered.

"I think this has to be the stupidest idea you've ever had, Mike," the hiker tagging behind grumbled, adjusting her pack higher on her shoulder.

"What, scared the Headless Nun's gonna grab you?" Mike teased his sister. The girl rolled her eyes. "No, but we saw this place in the daylight. Some of these paths are fucking dangerous. It's practically suicide to hike at night." As if on cue, the girl tripped on a rock and nearly fell on Mike. "Shit, Lauren, be careful! You almost knocked me flat on my ass! You try finding your way out of here without me to guide you out."

"I think I can figure it out, thanks."

Mike grinned slyly. "Whatever, sis."

Lauren groaned. Sometimes her older brother was really a pain in the ass. A lover of ghost stories and all other things supernatural, Mike would drive her nuts with the latest shit he'd seen on Ghost Hunters or even that stupid knock off, what was it called? Ghostfacers or something like that. Total bull, she thought, but Mike was all into that stuff, and of course, wanted to drag little sister along. Hence this latest trip to French Fort Cove, a hiking ground in Miramichi, New Brunswick, which was supposed to be haunted by some headless nun or whatever. To be honest, Lauren didn't really mind, at least, not that much. She enjoyed Mike's crazy idea to drive to the most haunted places in New Brunswick; it was a nice road trip, the province was beautiful in October, and besides, as annoying as Mike was, he was still her big brother and she enjoyed spending quality time with him.

The two continued on in silence, until Mike stopped short, causing Lauren to almost bump into him again.

"Shh, did you hear that?" Mike asked in a whisper.

"What? I heard nothing."

"Listen carefully."

Lauren obliged, and sure enough, she did hear an eerie sound coming from ahead, just to her right. It came from what she remembered was a little bridge which connected one half of the park to the other, sprawling across a portion of the Miramichi River. She shuddered despite her skepticism. Surely it wasn't the Headless Nun….was it?

Mike clearly thought that the noise was, and his voice rose a little in excitement. "Come on, Lauren, let's check it out!"

Reluctantly, Lauren followed her brother to a little hamlet near the bridge. They stopped, listened. Not a sound, not even the rustling of the wind dancing among the autumn leaves. Mike guided the beam of his flashlight across the bridge and along the water's edge. Nothing.

"Well, guess there's nothing here. We should probably go." Lauren was surprising herself with just how frightened she really was. Maybe she believed in ghost stories after all. But Mike was not about to leave that easily. "You stay if you want," he whispered. "But I'm checking it out."

"Michael, don't!"

But Mike wasn't about to listen to his sister anytime soon. Without hesitation, he crossed the bridge, his heart pounding in anticipation. Lauren watched as her brother made his way across, trying to ease the feeling of dread that was settling in the pit of her stomach. Stop being ridiculous, Lauren. Nothing is going to happen. Mike is gonna cross that bridge, and come back realizing all disappointed because he didn't s-…

Lauren's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden scream from ahead. "Mike!" She saw the flashlight drop from her brother's hand and roll off the bridge and into dark abyss below. Heart pounding, she ran across the bridge, following the blood - omigod is that really blood!? – trail along the warped wood. She dreaded what she would find when she crossed that bridge. No doubt her brother's mauled body or something equally gruesome. She stumbled her way through the darkness and almost tripped again – this time on her brother's headless body.

The stillness was broken by a young woman's ear piercing shriek.

Hey guys, this is my first full length fic. I'm hoping to put as many chapters up as I can, but as I'm a student, and about to start my internship in January, I may not have as much time as I'd like to write. In case you guys didn't catch on, I'm a New Brunswick girl. Kinda tired of watching Sam and Dean check out all these haunted places and avoiding Canada completely, especially the Maritimes!

Just to let you know about the lore, there really is a ghost story about a headless nun in French Fort Cove, in Miramichi. I haven't heard that she is a violent spirit or not, just added that point on my own for the sake of the story. Will go on a bit more on the lore when our lovely Sammy does his research Anyway please feel free to review, so long as we're all nice and mature about it! Have a good night all!