Chapter 2: Saved By The Bell 1

Jonah was unable to sleep that night: the idea of a madman like Davie plagued him, keeping him wide awake. So, when he began his walk to class, he found himself dragging his feet. He was halfway to school when two men stepped in front of him. One was a grizzled, rough looking man with hazel eyes, black hair shaved short and bristly stubble who looked around 55, wearing a double-breasted suit ensemble, made with a striped fabric, designed in black, blue and gold. The other was a guy of about 19, with auburn dreadlocks, wearing a red translucent visor that was turned slightly to the left, a open leather jacket, black denim jeans, hiking shoes, mischievous green eyes, and a white shirt. "Yo," said the dreadlocked teen, "Can we ask you a few questions?"

Jonah sighed in exasperation. "Not now, I need to go school." he said. The dreadlocked teen scowled and grabbed Jonah by his collar. "Listen punk, you need to tell us what you know about a guy named Davie Viscido." Jonah's eyes widened. "Why the hell are you asking me?" The older man put a hand on dreadlock's shoulder. "Rivers, calm down." The teen grunted and let go of Jonah. "Pardon my colleague's aggression. My name is Bud Hollister, and his name is Rivers Jagger. We are members of the Stand Combat Patrol- SCP for short. We're looking for Davie Viscido. The slimy bastard keeps eluding us, and we're running out of time."

"Running out of time?" parroted Jonah. "Viscido is a dangerous man," explained Rivers. "He's obsessed with evolution, and wants to use the Arrow to force it, exposing humanity to the Arrow's powers." Jonah shrugged. "So? Everyone gets superpowers, what's the big deal?" Bud's mouth tightened into a grim, thin line. "Not everyone has the strength to use a Stand. Some can't handle the Arrow's power." Jonah recalled what Viscido had told him about the Arrow potentially killing him. His face paled. "Th-then..."

Rivers nodded grimly. "A huge friggin' chunk of the human race would die."

Jonah shook his head. "Sounds awful. But I can't help- I barely even know how to use my Stand." Jonah stepped around Rivers, eliciting a nasty look from him. "Where the shit are you goin'?" shouted Rivers. "To school. Thanks for making me late..."

45 minutes later

Jonah had found a pretty good use for Radiohead: he could look at other people's tests through the eyes of his Stand, and he could get away with it because nobody could see the ghostly golden man as he peeked at the answers. Jonah suppressed a laugh as Radiohead spotted a test with some deliciously bad answers. Well, someone's gonna bomb this test...

After cheating the test, Jonah began finding ways to make mischief with Radiohead. After a few minutes of peeking down girls' shirts with his Stand, Jonah began playing tricks on the teacher. First he began picking the pencils up off the teacher's desk and tossing them aside, then, he moved to typing on the computer with Radiohead and spinning the teacher in his chair. The teacher was on the verge of pissing himself when the sounds of screaming interrupted Jonah's mischief. Without warning, the door evaporated, and in walked a woman clad in a black jacket and pants, a tiny bird-skull hanging from her neck on a necklace. She strode in like she owned the place, holding up a pistol. "Alright, hand over Jonah Joaquin and some of you might make it outta here alive."

Jonah could feel a few traitorous gazes aim at him. "God...dammit..." he hissed. The woman smirked. "Alright, maggot. Time to die." She aimed the gun at Jonah's head, a human skeleton wreathed in blue flames appearing behind her. "Point and click life away... AUDIENCE OF ONE!"

Jonah instinctively dove out of his chair, watching as it crumbled into dust along with his desk. Radiohead appeared behind him. "Gotta run bye!"

There was a terrific 'boom' as Radiohead blew up a hole in the wall, facilitating Jonah's escape. "What the hell is going on?" shouted Jonah, bolting down the hallway. "Why the hell is she after me? Who the hell is she, for that matter?"

Jonah heard the sound of a crumbling wall, followed by the pursuer's mad cackling. "You can run, Jonah Joaquin, but you can't hide! AUDIENCE OF ONE!"

The blazing skeleton reappeared, holding its hands out and there was a buzzing sound as the ground underneath Jonah's feet crumbled to dust. Jonah screamed, falling to the floor below with a heavy 'thud'. He groaned, struggling to get back to his feet. The woman dropped down, standing over him with a smug grin. "V-Viscido..." mumbled Jonah, struggling to remain conscious. "He sent you, didn't he?" The woman nodded, crouching down so her face was right next to Jonah's. "I'd love to have some fun with you, kiddie, but I got a job to d-"

The woman was cut off by the sound of a deafening shout which blasted a chunk of the nearby wall in, sending the would-be assassin flying. There stood Rivers, his Stand behind him: a muscular man with sleek black metallic skin, with massive speakers and subwoofers built into its chest, stomach, shoulderpads, kneepads, and even on the backs of its hands. Instead of a head, it had a giant amplifier on it's neck. Rivers smiled as Bud stepped into sight, right behind him. "Yo," said Rivers. "Are we late to the party?"