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Grimmjow stared at the spot where the garganta had been and bit back a sigh of annoyance. He only just got to see his Strawberry again after 7 years and now they had to chase after their children in separate directions. He hoped, however, this time it would only be a short separation and he could finally have his family back.

While deep in thought, Grimmjow didn't notice the figure standing a few feet behind him. Only when they cleared their throat did the Arrancar jump and whirl around, a snarl and a glare on his face.

Grimmjow blinked when the person he saw behind him was not a Soul Reaper, but his teenage daughter.

He straightened from the crouch that he had instinctively went into and said, "I thought you had left to go back to your house."

Aoi looked away from the man in front of her before her eyes met his in a harsh glare. "I only said that so my dad wouldn't follow me. But that's not the point here! Who are you?! How do you know my father? No, how do you know me?!"

Grimmjow scratched the back of his head awkwardly and thought, 'I pretty much expected this reaction…' Out loud, he replied, "I'm Grimmjow Jaeggerjacques and I met Ichi the first time I came to the World of the Living. And I know you," he pointed a finger at her and let a small smile grace his lips, "because you're my daughter."

Aoi stared blankly at Grimmjow, who was being uncharacteristically patient, for several minutes before the words 'my daughter' penetrated her skull.

Aoi blanched and pointed a finger at Grimmjow, who nodded, and then at herself, at which he nodded again.

Aoi gaped for 3 more minutes before her hands flew to her hair and she screamed, "How is that physically possible?! My dad doesn't have a uterus!...he doesn't, right?"

Grimmjow smirked and replied in a husky voice, "Trust me, I know for a fact that Ichi babe is 100% male."

"You didn't have to say it like that, you idiot!" she yelled, her face a bright red.

Grimmjow grinned at the similarities between Ichigo and Aoi, his eyes shining with joy. While Aoi sputtered about how she didn't need to know about her father's sex life, Grimmjow's feature softened. HE hadn't been in his daughter life 10 years, yet he already knew her like the back of his hand.

He knew that Aoi would have Ichigo's shyness about "sexual" things but would always think of her friends and family before she thought of herself. She would have his pride, never bowing to anyone unless the threat of someone close to them was in harm's way.

Grimmjow cut Aoi off of her ranting with a pointed look. "Look, I'm not good at these 'heart-to-heart' talks and I don't know what Ichigo told you, but you have to realize that I didn't leave because I wanted to."

Aoi frowned and asked, "Then why did you? Wait, was there…someone else?"

Grimmjow made a noise between a gasp and a snort. "If we were talking about anyone other than Ichi-babe, then yeah; there would have been someone else. I've never cheated on Ichigo before, so no, there wasn't someone else."

"I don't know, you pretty much just admitted that you've cheated before…"Aoi replied with a scowl and a raised eyebrow.

Grimmjow growled and threw his hands in the air, yelling, "I've never stuck my dick in anyone else while I've been with Ichigo! There, you happy?!"

Aoi blushed and ran over to Grimmjow, where she slapped the side of his head as hard as she could. "D-d-don't just causally talk about that kind of stuff, you idiot!"

Grimmjow, who was now watching Aoi clutch her right hand, blinked before grinning widely. Obviously a thought that only Grimmjow would consider genius popped into his head.

Aoi yelped as the tip of a sword appeared in front of her face. Jumping back, Aoi screeched, "What are you doing?!"

Grimmjow's grin grew wider as his lips peeled over his teeth, revealing sharp canines. He lunged himself at Aoi, who had managed to unsheathe her sword in time to block his attack.

Aoi's eyes grew a fraction wider when she realized the weight she was straining under wasn't a sword, but a fist.

Aoi narrowed her eyes and gritted out, "Why aren't you using your sword?"

"I don't need Pantera to fight you. Ready yourself, 'cause unlike Ichigo, I won't baby you!"

Aoi snarled in rage and managed to shove Grimmjow off of her. As he stumbled back, Aoi jumped forward with her sword held above her head. Smirking as she saw the perfect opening, Aoi swung down with complete confidence that she would hit the spot she wanted, that she would put this overconfident bastard in his place…

…when her sword met his right shoulder and her sword didn't even graze his skin. Aoi stared at the spot her sword was straining against his skin, trying her hardest to draw blood but failing to do so, in disbelief.

"H-how?" she whispered with wide eyes, her mouth pulled down into a confused frown.

Grimmjow, at seeing her expression, grabbed the blade with his right hand and shoved his daughter away from him. "You're gonna have to be a lot stronger than that if you wanna hurt me, honey."

Aoi visibly stiffened in rage at the word 'honey' and scowled in annoyance before she smirked. "Don't call me that, old man."

Grimmjow winced and clutched his heart. "Ouch, really felt that one. Too bad that's not the first time I've heard that before. Got anymore comebacks, sweetheart?"

And so, there physical altercation turned into a verbal one, neither willing to back down. So, this is how Ichigo and Anina found them, Grimmjow yelling with everything he had and Aoi screeching in rage.

Anina, after fighting with Ichigo that she could actually walk now, raised an eyebrow and clapped her father on the back, causing him to jump in surprise and seize his yelling.

"Anina, how many times did I- holy fuck, what happened to you?!"

Grimmjow grabbed Anina's shoulders and proceeded to shake her around, Anina screaming in pain and rage.

"Dad! DAD, FUCKING STOP ALREADY, THAT HURTS!" Anina punched Grimmjow in the face, making him stumble back before she screamed, "Why would you grab my shoulder when it's obviously torn to shit?!"

"I guess I just wasn't thinking…anyways, you okay?" Grimmjow scowled and, after hesitating when his had went to Anina's shoulder, placed it on her head.

Anina huffed and looked away, blushing in embarrassment. "Yeah, I think I used too much of my Spiritual Pressure fighting Kurosaki so it's not healing that fast."

Grimmjow raised and looked behind Anina at Ichigo, who just shrugged and motioned between the two, saying with action "She's our daughter."

Aoi, who had been too confused to say anything, asked, "Um, exactly who is that bleeding girl? You know, the one that tried to kill me?!"

Anina smirked and sauntered over to Aoi, who was visibly bristling at how close the two were, saying, "Is someone, dare I say, scared?"

Aoi clenched her fist before unclenching them and smirking. "Says the person who was going to lose if they hadn't appeared."

Anina saw Aoi's head jerk in the direction of their parents, and changed the topic, asking, "Do you really not know who I am?"

"While your reputation might perceive you in Hueco Mundo, I don't-" "I'm your sister, Soul Reaper."

Aoi blinked at the sudden interjection and then frowned. "Stop trying to mind fuck me, you bit-what are you doing?"

Anina, who was fed up with the dense Aoi, walked over to Grimmjow and Ichigo, placing herself in between them and making them bend down to her height.

Pointing to Grimmjow's hair as she held up a lock of her own cyan locks, she said, "We have the same color hair;" she let her hair go and pointed to Ichigo's eyes and her own, "we have the same color eyes;" Anina walked over to Aoi and pointed at Ichigo, "you have Kurosaki's hair," her finger mover to point at Grimmjow, "and his eyes. Explain how that's possible if we're not there kids."

Aoi gaped at Anina for a few seconds before she threw herself at Anina. Anina, who was expecting to be attacked, tensed her body for the attack that never came. Instead, Aoi had wrapped her arms around Anina's neck and her legs around her waist.

"I've always wanted a sister~!" Aoi squealed, already daydreaming about all the things they could do together.

Anina gaped and screamed, "What the fuck?!"