Hey guys! This is finally (FINALLY) the epilogue. Thank you so much for sticking with me this whole time; I'm immensely proud of this story and the way in which it has been received. More than one hundred reviews! I cannot believe it. Remember that I don't own anything. Thank you so much again!

Medb looked at her book and pretended to read while her parents argued. Although argued wasn't really the right term... she searched her mind. Her mother's voice was too raised to call it a discussion, but it wasn't enough about opinions to call it a debate.

Dispute. Dispute would be a good word.

"Of all people, Hiccup, you should know why I'm against the notion!"

Her father sighed. "I understand you're against it. I was just telling you that it was a consideration put forth by Astrid and Snotlout."

"It's ridiculous!"

"She's nearly twenty, and she's known Ailill for forever and a day. Maybe she wants it!" Medb was glad her parents couldn't see her, reading just outside the room and out of view from the doorway. She was sure her face was flushed. It was true that Ailill was a good friend and she did like him a lot, and she was certainly more open to the notion than her mother was (according to Gram's stories), but she still wasn't sure how she felt about the possibility of political marriage. She'd have to evaluate it first.

Morrigan fluttered into the room, flying low and landing at Medb's feet. Unfortunately, she flew right across the doorway, and her father noticed. "Medb, are you out there?"

"Yea, Dad. I'm right 'ere." She walked into the ancient hall, sheepish.

"I took it you were listenin'?" Her mom rushed forward, tucking Medb's brown, curly hair behind her ear. "Now, my readin' rascal, do you have any opinions? I know you only just heard-"

"Actually, I've been hearing you discuss it for quite a while now."

Merida smirked. "Eavesdroppin' will get you in trouble, you really ought to mind your own."

"Says you," Hiccup added. He leaned on the table, smiling at his wife and daughter. Mum shook her curls at him, rolling her eyes.

"But the point is, I do like Ailill. And I know it could be very helpful. And so I'm willing to consider it."

As Medb walked out, done speaking for the time despite any questions left, her father sat down to draft a letter to his old friends.

"I canno' grasp why she's so willing to see how an arranged marriage would go."

"She's a bit less tunnel-visioned than her mother, I suppose."

"Oi, you. Knock it off." Merida sat on the table next to him. "Don't forget to add that we're having them meet, and this of course means nothing but a possibility."

Hiccup smirked. "And what's her ring size again? Just so I know."

"How did I ever find you sweetly awkward, when really you're the devil in earth tones?"

"Love you too, Mer."

Merida stood to leave. She dusted off her dress, in a huff, still acting eighteen. She strode out the door. A moment later, she ducked her head back in. "Love you too, Hiccup."

The End! I hope you enjoyed it. For those of you possibly interested in where Medb and Ailill came from, you should read the Tain. They're actually prominent figures in Celtic mythology and I really loved the idea. It was basically the only reason for this epilogue, not going to lie. Thank you so much for sticking with me!