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Matthew rushed outside, his jacket and backpack hauled behind him. It was the Canadian's first day of school and his alarm clock hadn't gone off that morning. His brother, of course, hadn't helped.

'I'm late I'm late I'm late! FML' Matthew chanted in his mind, running fast enough to be mistaken for an Italian.

Matthew was a small teen of average build and feminine features (not enough to be mistaken for a girl). He had shoulder-length blonde hair, with one long curl that always went in his face. He also had strangely purple eyes.

Matthew came to an abrupt stop as he collided with another human being, causing both to fall backwards.

"So unawesome," the other person groaned.

Matthew just lay there, trying to get his bearings to realize what just happened. As he opened his mouth to start apologizing, a pair of crimson orbs appeared right in front of his face, causing him to blush darkly.

"You okay?" a rough voice asked him, a single finger poking his cheek.

"Y-yea," Matthew stuttered, wishing whoever this was would back up. Right then, preferably. FML the Canadian thought to himself.

Luckily, the boy that Matthew ran into did back up, and also helped him up.

The blonde was shocked to see that the red eyes weren't the only strange trait of the other boy; he also had snow white hair. A slightly worried look sat on his face as he looked at Matthew

"Kesesese~ I'm the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt, but you can just call me Your Awesomeness," the other laughed obnoxiously.

"E-eh?" Matthew couldn't tell if the other kid was serious or not, but he was already acting a lot like his brother: not a good sign.

"So I take it you're okay?"

"O-oh yea… Y-yea, I'm o-okay," Matthew whispered, "My name is Matthew Williams."

"You're pretty cute," Gilbert smirked, causing the Canadian to blush once again.

Before the blonde could answer, the red-eyed teen had started dragging him away from the school.

"Where are we going?" Matthew asked worriedly, attempting to get himself out of Gilbert's grasp.

"You ran into me, so now you're going to buy me food," the albino said this as if it made perfect sense.

Matthew began to protest, but his words fell on deaf ears and the pair continued on their search for a good restaurant.

Twenty minutes later, Gilbert still hadn't chosen a restaurant, muttering nothings about 'unawesome people'.

His Canadian companion was beginning to get annoyed, wondering when this nightmare would end. No doubt his father had already heard that Matthew wasn't at school that day.

"Can you please hurry-?"

"This place is awesome enough!" Gilbert proclaimed suddenly, dragging Matthew into a nearby café.

"Café Sweden?" Matthew wondered aloud.

"A friend of mine owns it, he isn't very awesome but his food is," Gilbert did his strange 'Kesesese' laugh.

Matthew nervously followed the albino into the small café, jumping when a tall, super-scary man appeared before them.

"Hey, Berwald~!" Gilbert smiled.

"Hej," he nodded to Matthew politely (the Canadian returned the action, of course).

To Gilbert, he glared, another bad sign. "What do you want, Gilbert?"

Said albino acted offended. "I, kind sir, am a paying costumer, wanting only to quench my hunger… with entourage!"

The owner rolled his eyes, muttering something in Swedish. Matthew, meanwhile, was busy facepalming.

"Was that really necessary, Gilbert?" Matthew asked, exasperated.

Gilbert nodded childishly, pouting as he sat at a table by the window. The albino didn't say anything as Matthew sat across from him.

"So… Why weren't you at school?" Matthew said after an awkward moment of silence.

Gilbert laughed, but pouted before replying. "I could ask you the same thing! But… I'm too awesome to go to that unawesome place every day!"

Matthew rolled his eyes, but laughed. Gilbert looked ridiculous, pouting like that.

Gilbert soon joined in this laughing bout, and they attracted the attention of other costumers.

"What would you like to order?" Berwald appeared suddenly.

After a few minutes of them ordering (Gilbert couldn't decide at first, but soon chose wurst, Matthew chose pancakes), the pair sat in a content silence.

"So, Mattie, why did you move here?" Gilbert asked when they were done ordering.

"O-oh, u-um… W-well, I moved in with my dad and twin brother," Matthew explained, hoping Gilbert wouldn't ask any questions about why.

"What's your brother's name?" the other teen asked, sensing that Matthew wanted to change the subject.

"His name is Alfred F. Jones," Matthew answered simply.

"That guy is your twin brother?!" Gilbert asked, astonishment filling his face.


"But… that means you're… Francis' little cousin!" Gilbert looked shocked.


"How did you end up so… you?" Gilbert asked, gesturing to the Canadian.

"W-well, I didn't really grow up with them, so… yea… you know," Matthew laughed nervously.

Gilbert looked at Matthew for a second, but let it go.

"So you're the polar opposite of your family?" Gilbert asked thoughtfully.

"Y-Yes," Matthew responded.

"…" Gilbert suddenly got a look of concentration on his face.

"Gilbert?" Matthew asked, slightly worried as the albino ignored him.


"Gil?" Matthew asked, truly worried at the lack of response.

"… Did you just call me Gil?" Gilbert responded to that, which made Matthew sweatdrop.

"W-well, I- y-you w-we-weren't… a-and," Matthew babbled on, blushing lightly.

"Kesesese~ you look really cute blushing, Birdie," Gilbert laughed, bending over the table to poke Matthew's cheek.

"B-Birdie?" Matthew stuttered, turning a brilliant red.

"That's my new nickname for you, Birdie… It fits you well," Gilbert explained, still laughing at Matthew.

"…Don't laugh at me," Matthew pouted.

"Aww is Birdie mad at me~?"


Gilbert started to panic. "Don't be mad, Birdie!"

"You're making a scene," Matthew sighed, wondering if everyone in this town was like this.

"BIRDIE I'M SOOO SORRY!" Gilbert yelled, once again gaining attention, and once again reminding the Canadian of his overly-enthusiastic brother.

Berwald shot Matthew a sympathetic look from the counter.

"Please stop making a scene, Gil, you-"

"You called me Gil, again! I knew you couldn't stay mad at my awesomeness!" Gilbert yelled triumphantly.

Soon after that, their order came. They ate in comfortable silence, Matthew glad for the peace.

When the two were done, Matthew (of course) picked up the bill while 'His Awesomeness' (read: idiot) sat back leisurely.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow," Gilbert laughed as he stood up.

"Tomorrow?" Matthew asked weakly.

"Ja, school, remember Birdie? If you're Alfred's bruder then I assume that you are going to Hetalia High?" Gilbert smirked.

Matthew decided not to comment, standing up next to the albino. "Well, see you at school, Gil."

"See ya, Birdie!" Gilbert waved as he went off to God-knows-where… to partake in questionable activities, perhaps?

The Canadian didn't want to think about the inevitable explaining he would have to do to his father.

The blonde sighed, thinking for the hundredth time that day: FML.

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