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Even with my eyes closed, I knew he was there, somewhere. I didn't get any peace with that damn Kid Flash following me around everywhere. He found me at a beach one day, three weeks after the Brotherhood, and now he wouldn't leave me alone. So what if we had kissed? We weren't dating, I wasn't in love, I wasn't going to be a good guy, and I made that all perfectly clear.

But Kid Flash wouldn't have it. He knew I was living in the HIVE base by myself, and had taken to watching me sleep. It was pretty unsettling at first, but he never did anything. He just kind of sat there next to my bed, back against the wall. He spoke sometimes, telling me about his past, or what happened during the day when he wasn't with me. I couldn't help but think that if he knew I was awake, he wouldn't be telling me any of this. He wouldn't trust me. He shouldn't trust me.

"The crime rate's really gone down since we fought the Brotherhood. I'm not saying you've gone soft or anything, 'cause I know how much you hate when I say that, even though I'm not sure why. I think you'd do good on the good side. You could even team up with me if you wanted to. We could start our own little team. Or keep it just us."

God, he trusts me that much?

"You know, I don't think you're bad luck. I wouldn't come into just any girl's room in the middle of the night and tell them all the stuff I've been telling you. I don't know what it is about you, Jinx. I really have no damn idea."

I could almost feel his frustration with himself. I cautiously opened one eye a fraction of a centimeter, just to look at him. Just to see the one person on this planet who actually believed in me. He had his knees pulled up to his chest, and was running his hands through his deep red hair, covered in a thin sheet of moonlight.

"I just… you're different, you know? And I don't mean just because you've got pink hair and cat eyes and you glow. I really like the glowing thing by the way. Huge turn on."

He chuckled, though I could still tell he was serious. The Kid Flash I saw at night was a lot different than the every day Kid Flash on the streets of Star City.

"I really, really like you, Jinx. And I know you like me too, because you've kept all the roses I've been giving you."


"I'll wait though. I may be the fastest boy alive, but I'm willing to wait until you're ready for a relationship. You can take as long as you want. I'm not going anywhere."

He had no idea what he was doing to me. No. Idea. He makes me want to kiss him and hex him at the same time. But he'd probably like that.

He let his head rest against the wall, face tilted slightly upwards. I opened my one eye a little more, then both. I could feel my heart beating fast, trying to push its way through my ribcage. Kid Flash wasn't wearing his mask.

"I love you Jinx, I really do. I'm not just saying that either."

"You're an idiot," I whispered, half hoping he wouldn't hear me.

He chuckled. "I knew you were awake. Your breathing is deeper when you're asleep."

"I bet you say that to all the girls."

He smiled, the moonlight reflecting off his perfect grin. "Nah. Just the ones named Jinx."

I rolled my eyes.

"So why am I an idiot this time?"

"You're not wearing a mask."

"Why would I?" he asked.

It was such a simple question. Or a statement, really. Why would he? Who would I tell? I didn't even know his name…

"Wally West," he said, turning his head to look at me.

I stared at him, not even sure what to say.

"And you are?" he smiled.

I looked away. "Jinx."

"Oh come on, that's not fair."

"I don't think I have another name," I said, still looking away. "I've always been Jinx, for as long as I can remember."

"Jinx, I didn't mean to…"

"Don't," I said shortly. "I don't need pity, alright?"

He raised his hands in defense. "I'm here to make things better, not worse."

"You can't."

"Excuse me?"

"You can't make things better. I'm always going to be bad luck. I'm not happy-go-lucky Wally West. I can't get all the good publicity and the adoring fans. That's not me."

"Do you think I want all that?" he asked. "If I could live a normal life, I would. But there's people that need saving. Besides, if I were never Kid Flash, I would never have met you. And I think that's the best thing that's ever happened to me. You're the best things that's ever happened to me."

"Kid, I…"

"Wally," he cut in. "It's Wally to you. No more 'Kid Flash'."

"Wally then," I said, emphasizing his name. "Even if I wanted to be good, it wouldn't work out."

"Why not?"

"I'm bad luck! Dangers around every corner for me. And you come here in the middle of the night and tell me you love me? It would never work!"

He sighed. "Jinx. We'll make it work. Just trust me."

There it was again. Trust me.

"I… I don't know how."

"What do you mean? It's easy."

"For you. I've kind of been on my own my whole life, if you haven't noticed."

"Well not anymore." He stood up. "I'll come back tomorrow around noon. We can talk about it then, if you want."

I stared at him. Why was Kid Flash, Wally West, of all people, here in my room, trying to get me to turn over to the good side? Why was it me that he loved?



"Then how about Monday? Or maybe Tuesday? I can't Wednesday, the Titans have…"

"Don't leave."

If that didn't catch him off guard, I'm losing my mind. I could almost see his cheeks redden. "I… um… but you… really?"

"Yes really. Since when do I joke?"

"Well never, but I thought…"

"Stop thinking."

"Yes ma'am," he slipped back down into his previous position against the wall.

"Um… Kid Flash?"


I sighed. He was ruining this. "Wally."

"Yes Jinxy?"

"You can sleep up here, if you want…"

He instantly perked up, his eyebrows disappearing under his mess of hair. "Seriously?"

"Try anything and you're dead."

"Don't have to tell me twice. Move over."

I slid back in the bed, and lifted up the corner of the blankets for him to slide in. He did so happily, turning to look at me. "So…" I could tell he felt awkward. This from the guy who told me he loved me.

"God, you're such a child." I pushed him onto his back and rested my head on his chest, wrapping an arm around his waist. He instantly scooped me in his arms, placing a gentle kiss on the top of my head.

"Goodnight Jinx."

"Goodnight Wally."


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