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Our forks clinked against the cool plaster of the restaurant's plates; a somewhat musical accompaniment to the murmur of voices in the small room.

I watched with fascination as Wally elegantly twirled a forkful of spaghetti around the tines and brought it into his mouth. Where he learned table manners, I didn't know. He certainly didn't have them at home.


"I can't believe we get to move back tonight," I said, resting my chin in my hand.

Wally smiled at me across the table. "They fixed that hole in the wall pretty quickly, didn't they?"

I nodded; it had only taken a week and a half.

"You think they're done with us?" he asked, eyebrows knitted together.

He didn't have to elaborate on who 'they' were. "I think so," I nodded. "They're down a few members now."

Wally grinned. "It's a new world, Jinxie. They're putting foods on sticks, and villains are turning over a new leaf on a daily basis."

"Well, maybe not a daily basis," I said, dragging her pasta around my plate. "Wait. Food on sticks?"

He laughed. "It's getting big. Where have you been?"

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, I was busy trying not to be arrested for the longest time."

He pulled my hand away from her and placed a kiss gently on top of it. "Well that's not a problem anymore, is it now?"

"We'll see," I grinned.

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever makes you happy, Jinxie. As long as I'm along for the ride."

"And what a wonderful ride it has been," I said, thinking of what had transpired the past few months.

A wonderful ride indeed. And there was only more to come.


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