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The First Christmas

Their first Christmas in Narnia is barely a Christmas at all, full of uncertainty and nervous glances over the shoulder. Though they don't realise it at the time, it is also their first Christmas apart.

Lucy doesn't think of it, because a part of her childhood that she had been clinging to with defiant faith has just appeared in front of her and confirmed all of her belief. It doesn't feel enough like Christmas for Edmund's absence from the festival to be notable, but as she carelessly spills a few scalding drops of rich, aromatic tea onto the snow and watches as it pockmarks the flawless white blanket, she feels strangely sad.

Susan doesn't think of it, because all she can think of is incredulity and what would Mum say? And she's struggling with all of her grown-up ideas like Father Christmas isn't real being laughable to these strange people. Though she would never admit it, her hands are still shaking from the icy fear of the Witch that had accompanied their flight across the frozen planes and as she tremulously pours the tea, she feels a twinge of melancholy that she is pouring for five people and not six.

Peter doesn't think of it, because he's too busy worrying about Edmund's whereabouts and wellbeing rather than the fact that he is not sharing Christmas with them. He barely tastes the tea, because he has just been given a sword, and unlike the wooden play swords from his early childhood, if he tries to stab someone with this, it will kill them. But he hasn't got time to dwell on that, because Susan's hands are so cold she can't move them and Lucy keeps trying to shrug her heavy, stifling coat off and as he is chafing Susan's hands warm between his own and keeping an eye on Lucy, there is a third of him that feels at a loss, because there is no problem of Edmund's that he must address, even if it's only Edmund's refusal to let Peter take care of his problems.

Edmund doesn't think of it, because the last thing he cares about hunched at the Witch's feet is Christmas. All he can think of is the bone-piercing cold, and the fact that for the first time in his life, he would sell his soul to the Witch if it meant that he knew his family would be safe.

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