Naruto had done it again. It was as if by some instinct, the kid could smell out his parentage. In spite of all naysaying, the boy insisted.

"You're never going to be Hokage," Ebisu snapped, pushing his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose. Honestly, he couldn't understand why Sandaime didn't just explain to Naruto what a jinchuuriki was already.

He fumed. Jinchuuriki don't become kages. It's just not done. It's impossible. No one will let someone with so much power hold two positions. Jinchuuriki are the village's protection, and the kage is the village's leader. Letting a jinchuuriki become Hokage could be like letting Danzo become Hokage. It's not done for the same reason. You can't have a major military power also be a major decision-maker.

But his tongue was tied as long as Sandaime insisted on keeping Naruto in the dark about Kurama.

Ebisu weathered Naruto's yelling and insults and all the implications about Ebisu's nasty, horrible unfairness, turned the other cheek, and left. Because clearly nothing could be accomplished by staying and getting into an argument. He'd already said too many cruel things in the heat of the moment.