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Me: Hey folks! Welcome to another episode of randomness talk show! Today's is a post Christmas special. Introducing the guardians!

The ever so famous steam door opens. A weary looking North appears.

North: Er.. Hey everybody.*I can't help noticing the dark eye circle around his eyes*

Me: Welcome north, did you not sleep well last night?

North*mumbling*: Finally I delivered all the Christmas presents correctly, there was a misunderstanding between two yetis who painted the trains red instead of blue...

Me: Come, come, North, you have worked so hard. Have a seat.

*audience claps to show their appreciation*

*North drags his feet to the seat*

Me: Next, lets welcome Tooth!

Steam shoots out and floods the area around the doors. When it clears, a tired looking tooth appears.

Me: Oh no, not you too!

Tooth: There was a surprisingly large number of children losing their teeth on Christmas, so I personally had to collect some of the teeth myself. Probably had too much sweets during Christmas. *eyes North*

North: what? *feigns ignorance*

Me:*not wanting to let the matter escalate further* Okay, please have a seat.

Me: Next, lets welcome Sandy!

The doors open and steam shoots out. A golden present box is revealed.

Me: Oooo what's that?*begins to walk over to open it*

The present box suddenly opens and Sandy springs out.

Me: Whoa! Hey there little guy!

*Sandy smiles and waves*

*audience waves back*

Me: Sandy somehow looks more energetic today, don't y'all think? Please have a seat, Sandy. Up next, is Jack!

The door opens and steam begins to shoot out of the steam jets. However, they were all turned into icicles.
When the icicles dropped and smashed onto the ground, a proud looking Jack is revealed.

Me: Hey Jack!

*fangirls scream*

Jack: I took part in most of the snowball fights this Christmas. And I won all of them! Every single child was caught off guard by my snowballs. *smirks*

Me: Awesome! Expected from the winter guardian! Now please have a seat.

Me: *clears throat* now that we are all gathered here, lets start the talk show!

Jack: Wait, aren't we forgetting someone?

*Sandy flashes a picture of a bunny*

Me: You're right! Smart guy! *pats his head* now where is he?

The ground beneath our feet rumbles.
*audience start panicking and screaming*

North*wearily*: don't worry people, we will protect-*falls into a slumber*

Me:Everybody stay calm! *feeling a little panicky myself*

Suddenly, a portion if the ground gives way and a hole appears. Two furry ears pop out of the hole.

Jack: Oh look who's here.

Bunnymund hopped out of the hole.

Bunnymund: Folks, I apologise for being late.

North:*suddenly snaps out of sleep* what do you mean for being late? What excuse do you have? I was up all night for Christmas and I still made it on time!

Tooth:*nods head vigorously*

Bunnymund: Look, I know this is not Easter, but there was an emergency at the Warren.

Everyone: what emergency?

Bunnymund: umm well, it's not really convenient to say it here.

Jack:*floats over to him* you can tell me in secret here, I'm right next to you.

Bunnymund: What makes you think I'm gonna tell you, frostbite?

Me: Bunnymund, for being late, you must give us a reasonable excuse to explain for your actions. It is really rude and irresponsible of you to come so abruptly.*awww I didn't want to reprimand Bunnymund but I really wanted to squeeze the excuse out of him*

Bunnymund:*ears droop, looks sad* I... I...

Me: *cant stand him being so sad* Wait, wait its okay! You don't have to tell!

*audience chants, tell, tell!*

Bunnymund: okay, okay, fine! *takes in deep breath* today was Sophie's birthday and she was pleading to visit the warren again so I brought her there and played with her! (Says all these in one breath)

*awkward pause*

*someone in the audience starts clapping causing everyone to follow suit*

Me: My, my. What a benevolent figure. That's definitely a valid excuse, and Bunnymund, please have a seat.

Bunnymund: *gratefully accepts*

Me: Now lets finally begin with our long awaited talkshow! First off will be a question for North! So, how was Christmas?

North: The yetis were working their hardest, the elves were just getting in the way, and one of my prized reindeers, Rudolph, fell sick the night before Christmas, thus slowly down the delivery of the presents. Whoo! You have never seen me as tired anytime else in the year.

Me: yes indeed. Poor North, you deserve a huge pat on the back.

*audience claps*

*north looks tired*

Me: okay next up is a question for Bunnymund.

Bunnymund: *arms folded* Bring it on mate.

Me: How were you chosen as a guardian? Did the man in the moon choose you?

Bunnymund: Yes he did. He chose all the guardians. You see, I used to be this- well never mind.

North:*suddenly became energetic* you should have seen him! Look at the tiny little fluff bun with his little bobtail waving about!

*oooos from the audience*

Bunnymund:*whiskers twitching* North, I would very much prefer that ya didn't say anymore beyond this point.

North:*ignores Bunnymund* he used to live with a family of bunnies a quarter of the size he is now, and scamper about living his life eating juicy carrots! *waves hands in the air dramatically*

Bunnymund: Sandy please stop this crazy ol' man!

Sandy:*gives okay sign and shoots dream sand at North*

North falls into a deep slumber dreaming of bunnies and candy canes.

Me: okay, looks like North's unavailable at the moment. So,*tries to maintain my composure while having an ominous feeling that the talk show's gonna get out of hand* a question for tooth. If you could be another guardian for a day, who would you be?

Tooth: I will probably...be Sandy!

Sandy:*smiles and flashes an image of a thumbs up*

Tooth: I always wanted to try giving sweet dreams and interacting with children. Look at their adorable little faces when they sleep! It just makes me feel so happy.

Me: Wow. I never knew you had a motherly side to you, but that was rather expected from being the only female out of the guardians? What do you all guys see tooth as?

Bunnymund: A great friend. *tooth smiles at him*

Sandy: flashes image of a fighting woman

Jack: Family.

Me: awesome! Tooth, you must be feeling touched right now! *tooth's face was scrunched up*

*some parts of the audience tears up*

Me: I don't really feel like breaking the mood of this tender moment, but we must really get on with the truth or dare segment. The participants will be Jack and Sandy as they didn't participate last week. Muhahaha! *i don't know why I did the evil laugh* Questions or requests from the audience are welcome!

A Fangirl stands up.

Fangirl(kitty1221): Will Sandy give me a hug as a friend? *big brown anime eyes*

Sandy: *smiles and floats over*

*fangirl hugs sandy*

*sandy turns pink and erupts into a shower of golden sand*

Audience: Ooooo~

*the sand turns back to Sandy and Sandy hugs her back*

Audience: Awww...

Me: *suddenly feels elated* this calls for a celebration!

The talkshow staff helps to pop some streamers into the air.

*Audience cheers*

Me: Okay now a question for Jack!

*Three fangirls stand up together*

Me: okay, one at a time.

*Fangirls refuse to give way*

Me: okay everyone sit down. AT the count of three, shoot your hands up and the first will get to ask Jack a question first. 1, 2, 3!

*I call the fastest Fangirl to stand up.*

Fangirl(SoulEaterEvansFan): Could I sit next to Jack please?

Me: Err I apologise as you may not sit for the whole talk show as everyone would then request to sit too. And besides, Jack wouldn't be able to keep still as well.

Jack:*suddenly stops in the midst of making a snowball* Did I hear my name?

*fangirl sadly sits down*

Me:*feeling sad too* okay next question.

Another fangirl stand up(TheGodlessAngelOfDarkness): This question is not exactly for Jack, but more of a request for Bunny! Do something naughty to Jack!

Bunnymund: Oh gosh did y'all not remember the previous episode? My poor cheek was covered with that imp's saliva!

Jack: I had fun while it lasted!

Audience: Do it! Do it!

Bunnymund:*pressurized* still no. I'm not gonna risk it.

Me: How about to Sandy?

Bunnymund: Sandy's fine.

Audience: make him kiss Sandy!

Bunnymund: Oh no.

Audience: Make him flirt with Sandy!

Bunnymund: That sounds fine...

Me: So it's settled! Now start!

Bunnymund: Ehem!*clears throat and hops over to Sandy* hey little guy, you wanna hang out?

Everyone: Not good enough!

Bunnymund: okay! Mind my delicate ears!*clears throat* Err...Hey good looking! You look as bright as the sun! *Bunny raises his paws dramatically and pauses in mid air with a goofy smile*

Sandy:*stares back, amused*

Me: Sandy! Is he flirty enough?

Sandy: *vigorously shakes head*

Me: again!

Bunnymund:*fluffs up his fur, takes a few steps back. His back is facing Sandy. Bunny slightly tilts his head down and spins around in a cool pose* Hey sexy, *slowly advances towards Sandy* wanna dance?*slowly licks lips*


Me:*cannot stop screaming* that was so cool and sexy!

*Fangirls cannot stop screaming too*

Me: Sandy? Sandy? Come back!

*the shower of golden sand slowly forms back a dazed looking Sandy*

Me: that's definitely a pass, right?

Sandy: *thumbs up*

Bunnymund:*still frozen in that position, blushing*

Jack and tooth: *open jaws* Awesome!

*audience claps and cheers*

Bunnymund: please lemme die in a hole right now.

*audience continues clapping*

Me: Today we saw a new side of Bunnymund*grins* and it's time to move on to another question. Oh but before that, we have a new guest. This is due to some requests made from the audience. Lets welcome...


Pitch suddenly appears in a dark corner of the talk show room.

Pitch: I don't mean to be rude, but this is how I make an entrance.*evil grin*

*audience gasps*

Me: Pitch is a guest today and we have some questions for you. Have a seat.

Pitch: I'd rather not be with those guardians over there*emphasis on the words guardians*. Especially the ball of golden sand.*shudders*

Me: okay, question time!

A Fangirl stands up.

Fangirl(Bookworm208): Have you ever fallen in love with anyone?

Pitch: I can't recall anyone...

Tooth: Want me to show you your memories?

Pitch: No! Those ghastly memories. Let me think...*finger tapping his chin* I remember I had a daughter, and I loved her very much. She was the world to me. Well, my wife was also just as important. I loved my family so much and now I miss them...*starts to tear up*

Me: Don't cry Pitch! *he's such a bad guy but I can't help feeling sorry* Sandy, do something! (I have no idea why I said that)

Sandy:*floats over to Pitch and shrugs*

Me: Do anything to make him stop!

Sandy:*takes him deep breath and kisses him on the cheek*(this is a request in the review section)

Pitch:*eyes wide open, shocked* whatt... Did you just do? *a tear rolled down, not sure from his memory or Sandy's kiss*

Sandy:*does not reply and smiles at him. Many images flash above his head*(basically he's trying to say that he can't stand pitch being so sad but comforting him does not mean that he forgave him for creating nightmares)

*audience awws even though most of them sort of dislike Pitch*

Jack: Suck those tears up, or I'll freeze them.

Pitch: Who said I was crying! *trying to force on an angry look* Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Jack: Pitch, you fail at that, no offence.*snickering*

*fangirls giggle along*

Me: Hey everybody I just thought of an interesting question! If the guardians were a family, who would be what? Pitch you're included.

Bunnymund: No way am I gonna be part of his family.

Me: come on, just play along!

Bunnymund:*reluctantly* fine.

Jack: I think Tooth would be the mother.

Sandy and Bunnymund agrees. Pitch sullenly stares at tooth.

Tooth: Ooo! I don't mind!

Bunnymund: North will be the father.

Jack pokes at the sleeping north.

Sandy:*flashes an image of Bunnymund being the older brother*

Bunnymund: that role sure suits me.

Tooth: I think Jack would be the youngest son.

Jack: Why?

Bunnymund: Cause you're always so impish, mischievous, trouble making, and the list goes on and on. Oh and one important thing, Immature.

Jack: Who are you calling immature!*glares at Bunnymund*

Sandy:*gulps and waves frantically to me*

Me: Oh, right. Judging from this little situation we have here, Sandy should probably be the older brother as he is more mature.

Bunnymund and Jack: What?

Sandy:*smiles and sits peacefully*

Me: see?

The duo retreat back to their seats.

Jack: Pitch should be the servant.

Bunnymund: For once ya said somethin I approve!

Pitch: No, I will not and never will.

Sandy: *shows a pic of a grandfather*

Jack: I wouldn't want to have a creepy old grandfather like that.

Tooth: Nor would I want a uncaring, selfish father like that.

Bunnymund: Uh-huh.

Pitch:... No one will ever accept me! I will never have a family!*wallows in self pity*

Me: Come on guys just play along!

Tooth:*relents* Pitch can be the cousin.

Bunnymund: Yeah a distant cousin.

Jack: So distant that we don't remember him at all.

Pitch:*glares at them* And then one day your cousin decides to visit but no one remembers him! This game is getting on my nerves. I have much better things to do. *pitch marches off and disappear into the shadows*

Me: Okay...

*awkward silence*

Me: Anymore questions or requests for the guardians?

A Fangirl stands up.

Fangirl(stonygirl1999): I was wondering if Jack would date a girl like me? And I bought you a new hoodie!

Jack: Thanks! It's been ages since I received a present!

Bunnymund: Ehem! Is someone forgetting the candy canes he got for Christmas?

Tooth: And the quarters?

Sandy:*shows an image of a present*

Jack: Oh yeah... But it seemed like ages. *floats over to the fangirl and accepts the hoodie* You have good taste and since you were so awesome to buy me something I would gladly go on a date with you!

Fangirl: Really?

Jack: You bet!*bends down to her ear and whispers* meet me at the Rose garden tommorow.

*fangirls craning neck to hear*

Jack: *gives his trademark smirk and returns to his seat*

Me:*secretly thinking* why didn't I buy Jack anything! Sigh!

Suddenly a North yawned.

North: I want my cookies...where's my cookshies? *mumbles*

Jack: Is he sleep talking?

Bunnymund: Apparently.

Tooth: Oh No! You know what that means... Remember last time North sleep talked?

Bunnymund:*suddenly remembers* Oh yeah! Then he did the most shocking thing!

Jack: Oh now I remember!

Sandy: *nods head*

Me: What did he do?

Tooth: It's a guardian thing.*secret smile*

Me:*cant stand the suspense* What is it?

Tooth: It's nothing, really. What North needs now is a long rest.

Me: I understand. And today's talk show was rather long. So folks! That's all for the talk show today! Hope that it was interesting!

ROTG talk show will be on a long long hiatus due to the starting of the new school term. Sighs! Once again thanks to all the awesome readers for liking this fanfic! I'm so sad that the holidays are coming to a close.