Elementals and a Vampire

This is the first of a series of stories based off of the Elemental characters I had created. I plan on creating a few more fanfics, each with a different anime, cartoon, video game, etc. If you don't like one that I add, you don't have to read it. I respect your opinions. Please give me feedback on things I may need work on. Flames will be ignored, so if that's what you came here for, one: The Devil's on my side, you can't win at what I do,two: don't bother, I won't give you recognition (Only now will I recognize you, the rest of my time, ignore.) With all that said, please enjoy Elementals and a Vampire.

Chapter 1: Letters to No One

Deep within the concrete jungle of Chicago, Illinois, three teenage boys walked through the crowds with stoic looks on their faces. In the center was a tanned, black haired teenage boy, standing about 5'8", He seemed average, with bushy, wiry hair hidden behind a red stocking cap to match his red winter jacket. His name was Edward Mason. To his left stood an African American, standing 6 feet tall. He looked well muscled with a nearly shaven head and wore a grey winter jacket with a yellow shirt underneath. His name was Niko Robinson. Finally, to Edward's right stood a Caucasian teen with silky, milk chocolate hair. He stood about 5'10", wore a set of small glasses, and donned a thin, blue winter jacket. He was named Mark Wilson. These three teens each carried a suitcase that matched their jackets as well as black bags. They were soon to go on a trip. It had all started with a letter.

3 weeks ago

Edward called out to his two companions. They were currently residing within the sewer maze of the city completely isolated from the rest of the world. Well, except for the random food and clothing they "borrowed." Not to mention Mark was a big gamer and often borrowed technology to make his own games. The teen in question was working on new gaming equipment to help them pass the time while Niko was working out on the makeshift bench press he had made when Edward came in saying a word they hadn't heard in ages. "Mail?" Mark said dropping his unfinished project.
"Impossible," Niko commented, "No one in the world other than the great Goddess herself knows of our location."
"Well, read it and weep, three letters with our names on one."
Ed tossed two of the envelopes to their respective owners and sure enough, their full names were on the paper envelope. Ed was the first to open his. He took out a sheet of paper and scanned it with his eyes. "It's an acceptance letter. For some school in Japan... Uh... Yokai Academy..." The others tore open their letters and read them and sure enough, it was an acceptance letter to the school.
"I don't get it," Edward said, "How did they know where we are?"
"Maybe this explains it," Niko replied holding up another sheet of paper. It looked like the registration form, Niko's finger pointing to one of the boxes, labeled, "Monster Type." "If they know about the monsters, they gotta know 'bout us sewer elementals," Niko inquired.
Mark looked over at Edward with concern. "What do we do, boss?" Long silence passed over the three before Ed finally proclaimed, "Gentlemen, pack your bags, for tomorrow we go to Japan!"
"First off we dont have to leave for a few weeks. second, How are we getting there?" Asked Mark. Ed just smiled and held up what looked like a golden doorknob embedded with various colored gems. "Universal doorknob. Thank the Goddess for what we have."
Mark smirked and looked at the paper again. It said that uniforms would be provided after speaking with the owner of the school. Name: Tenmei Mikogami... Where have I heard that name before? he thought.
"Alright," Mark said, "I'm really hesitant about this, but you were made leader for a reason, Ed. I trust your judgement."
"Same here, Ed," Niko added, "We got your back through everything."
The Latino smiled, his hyphema affected eyes glistening with hope. "Alright, lets get packing."


The teenage elementals walked towards Millenium Park, their bags in tow.
"You sure about this Ed?" asked Mark.
"Positive," he replied, "If there's one thing I'm sure of, its that we'll be safe at this school. It has people like us. They'll know what to do. They just won't know... about them."
All three of them looked down. Their first friends...
Edward sighed and looked over at the others saying, "Alright, guys. Sulking around all day won't get us anywhere. To the Bean."
The Millenium Bean has always been a popular tourist attraction. People found it dynamic awe-inspiring, and sometimes even magical. What people didn't realize was the true power hidden inside the Bean itself. The three went under the Bean and looked around, making sure no one was watching. Edward took the golden doorknob and touched bean with one end. Turning it, several clicks were heard until he turned it 180 degrees. Niko and Mark held onto Edward's shoulders tightly and as he pushed forward, the three were sucked into a small, black door like space that appeared. As the three vanished, the Millenium Bean returned to normal, save for the three columns of red, blue and yellow light that not only vanished as quickly as they appeared, but also no one took any notice to...

The Elementals fell flat on the ground, their bags landing on top of them. Their vision was blurred and a ringing was in their ears, an effect of light travel.
"Next time," Mark groaned as he got up, "Let's take a plane."
"I will agree to that. I prefer not to have students landing on my rug."

Edward and Niko got up, them and Mark's vision returning from its previous state of blurriness. They gazed upon the room they were in. It was a dimly lit room with a very ominous vibe, similar to when a ghost is present. It had candles lighting up the room and several skulls and other items no normal person would have in a room. Before them was a desk and sitting in the chair was a small man, face covered by his cloak, watching them with a creepy smile.

"Hello, Elementals. My name is Tenmei Mikogami, and you have now arrived at Yokai Academy..."

Well, that's Chapter 1 everyone! It's actually my first completed published work, so please give me constructive criticism on what needs perfection! Thank you all for reading chapter 1. More are on the way soon. CPK signing out!