A/N entering this one is a nice short and to the point chapter. I have more written but I'm choosing to spread it out a little bit. But I might put the second longer chapter up today haven't decided. This is my first delve into the world of Katniss and Peeta so I hope you enjoy

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I watch as Peeta walks away from me and I know that I have fundamentally broken him. It is only as he moves away that I truly realise, the games weren't an illusion for him. He truly and one hundred percent showed me that this was him, that he really did feel for me and I have let my worries and fears corrupt something pure that he tried to give me. I turn and head back into my new home suddenly feeling heavier then I think possible.

My mother is gushing over the new house, our new home in the Victors village, but I don't hear it. Instead I side step her and head upstairs my thoughts drowning in Peeta. Suddenly the thought of not seeing him every day is making me ache, and now with no cameras around I have the urge to search him out and kiss him. It's such a strange impulse that it shocks me for a moment.

I find myself suddenly in my room with no recollection of climbing the last few steps to the landing and entering the bedroom. What is wrong with me, why am I so lost? Shaking my head my hands go to my hair delving into the braid and undoing the slinky knot. My hair falls to my shoulders in soft waves, and my fingers turn to the buttons of my dress undoing them nimbly until the material is able to slip easily from my body and I leave it pooled on the floor at my feet as I step out of it heading for the bed. I kick of my shoes, marvelling that soon I will be left to my own devices and able to wear my boots once more.

Soon I've peeled off the stockings and under skirt leaving me in nothing but the soft silk of my underwear. This I will miss, I enjoy having something so soft next to my skin after years of roughness, but I want nothing more than for things to go back to normal as much as possible.

Heading to the adjoining bathroom it hits me and I grip the doorframe to steady myself, flashes of horror that haunt me even in the daylight hours. It's worse at night, and I dread tonight knowing Peeta won't be there to climb into bed with me and chase away the worst of it. Shaking my head I pad into the bathroom and turn the water on hot letting it fill the room with steam. Stripping off the last of my clothes I slip into the hot water letting it cascade down my body and trying to warm my startling cold skin. Sliding my hands over my smooth arms my mind is filled with nothing but blue eyes and flashes of blond hair. How can he be haunting me when I know he is safe less than twenty metres from me? But he is, the boy with the bread, my saviour, I know he's going to have a starring role in my nightmares tonight.