In the galaxy there are being of pure power that could choose the light or the darkness. The Jedi or the Sith. Here is my story of the ultimate Sith Lord.

On Coruscant

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, also known to a select few as the feared Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, sat in his newly acquired office.

"I need a new apprentice, Maul was powerful but more of an animal than a true Sith." Sidious thought barely above a mumble.

"Maybe I can use Count Dooku. He has turned away from the Jedi and he is a skilled master with connections I could use for my plan."

"I'd rather have someone younger and more powerful like that Skywalker, with his midi-chlorian count of 25,000 he would become the most powerful Sith the galaxy has ever known." Sidious said as he steepled his hands together.

Suddenly as Sidious continued his plots a wave of unadulterated power rippled through the Force. It knocked the Sith Lord from his seat and echoed a deep hatred and darkness that eclipsed his own.

"What caused such a wave of power through the Dark side of the Force?" As if to answer his question the Force showed Sidious a vision.

Unknown Planet

"Boy its time I did what should have been done when we found you on our doorstep." an extremely fat man with a walrus neck said as he stomped towards a small boy that couldn't have been more than four years old.

Sidious noticed that the Force rippled around the boy. Just looking at the boy was like staring into the heart of the Force itself.

"Now its time for you to join your freakish parents in the dead boy!" the fat man exclaimed as he brought an iron pole against the boy.

The boy didn't even flinch as he was beaten but his eyes held such hate that even Sidious flinched away from his green eyed gaze.

"Vernon beat him some more for our little Diddykums." a horselike woman standing to the side said.

Sidious noted that the boy had other injuries on himself besides those from the iron pole.

"Yeah dad kill the freak, make him join his whorish mother in hell!" squealed an extremely overweight child.

It was in that moment that Sidious noticed the green eyed boy eyes change from emerakd green to Sith yellow.

Although it was only a vision of the past Sidious could feel the ozone in the air. Black lightening with a red outline suddenly leaped from the boys hands and struck Vernon killing him instantly.

The boys eyes gleamed with malice as he then turned on the woman and with a hatred so potent said, "Well dear aunt it seems I have broken your walrus of a husband. I think I shall show you something I have been working on ever since I realized my freakiness."

The boy seemed to stare at her and the fat boy in her arms until suddenly the woman began to gurgle and then her eyes lost their light and she seemed to become a zombie in a sense.

"Now aunt Petunia I want you to empty you and your husbands life savings into an account put in my name and then go and kill your little Diddykums and turn yourself into the police." The boy said as his eyes became more instense.

"Yes my master."

With that Petunian left the house and took her Diddykums with her.

-Vision end-

"Whoever that boy was he must become my apprentice. To have such power at such a young age and he feels to have a deeper connection to the Force than even Skywalker."

Quickly pressing a button on his desk, Sidious had his fastest Sith Infiltrater ship prepared for his departure.

However Sidious was not the only one to feel the disturbance in the Force.

Jedi Temple Coruscant

"Masters, what was that? Such power in the Force and such hatred. It could only be the Sith." Obi-wan Kenobi said as he helped members of the Jedi Council to their feet.

"Disturbing this power in the Dark side is." a small and wrinkled being said.

"Master Yoda is correct, whatever it was is powerful and disturbing, just how much of the Sith really survived?" a tall and dark skinned human male said.

"I do not know Master Windu but we must prepare for whatever it is." Obi-wan said as he left to go begin training the Chosen One Anakin Skywalker.

3 Days later above Earth

"So this is the planet that houses possibly the most powerful Force-sensitive in the galaxy." Sidious said as his ship descended to the surface above a quaint neighborhood in a country called England.

"The Force is leading me somewhere."

Sidious quickly shrouded himself in the Dark side and followed the blackened trail of the Force left behind by someone powerful in the Dark side.

After a brief walk into a small park the Dark side screamed at Sidious to move. Ducking just in time to see three arching bolts of black lightening.

"Who are you? What do you want?" A childish voice asked with burning malice. Sidious usxed the Dark side to see that the boy he was searching for had used the Dark side to hide himself as Sidious had.

'This boy must be a prodigy in the ways of using the Dark side of the Force.' Sidious thought as he walked towards the boy slowly.

"I sensed your power from across the known galaxy to this backwater planet and came here to collect you and train you." Sidious said with his sinister voice.

"Why should I believe you? You could be trying to use me like that other old man with the long silver beard. I read his mind. He called himself the most powerful 'wizard' in the world and had delusions of grandeur. I escaped him by cloaking myself in my power bubble. He said something about binding my powers for the greater good. How do I know that you are know different? I can't read your mind like I can everyone else's." The boy said with his emerald eyes hardening.

"I am Darth Sidious of the Sith. You can not read my mind because I am using the Dark side of the Force to keep you or other Force-sensitive and trained beings from doing so. I know not what this 'wizard' is but I can train you to truly use your powers and I wouldn't bind your power."

"Instead I will make you the most powerful Sith that has ever lived!"

"Will I be strong enough to destroy anyone who ever gets in my way or tries to hurt me?" the boy asked with his eyes burning a whole into Sidious' being.

"Yes. What is your name boy?"

"Harry Potter."

"Well after your show of power and since you are now a Sith your new name shall be Darth Thanatos, the death and destruction of the Jedi and the Republic!"

"Yes my master." With that the newly named Darth Thanatos bowed deeply to his master as he felt an energy around him grow in darkness.

"That is the Force my apprentice."

"What is the Force my master?"

"The Force is an energy field that surrounds us and everythinbg else in the galaxy and binds it together. It gives us our power and we command it to do our bidding."

With that both Master and apprentice made their way to Sidious' ship cloaked in darkness.

In Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore sat seething at his desk in his office.

He had tried to get control of the Potter brat as soon as the blood wards had went down at Privet Drive.

The blasted boy somehow saw through his grandfather facade. No matter what insurances he tried the boy didn't let his guard down.

He tried to use legilmency to read the boys mind and see what had happened to the Dursley's but the boy had some kind of impenatrable barrier around his mind.

Never in his 105 years of life had he seen such barriers.

Like some Force had kept him at bay.

And then they boy had done the most impressive piece of wandless magic that Dumbledore had not thought possible.

He vanished!

At that point Albus was ready to bind the boys magic and obliviate him until only a willing and moldable puppet was left to be sacrificed for the greater good of the wizarding world.

And of course the Potter and Black fortunes would be his by default for being such a kind and caring mentor to the Boy-who-lived.

Just as Albus' devious mind came up with plans to use Harry Potter as a sacrifice, his many siler instruments keyed into the boy began whirring and belching smoke at an increasing rate until they exploded in a shower of shrapnel.

'What the devil is going on?" Albus thought as he looked at the locator trinket which would let him know at least the general area of Harry Potter.

The results were more than shocking!

The tracker pointed into the sky before whirring around more fervently and then exploding.

"What does this mean? I must call Severus and go look for the Potter brat again."

With that Albus quickly left to find the Potion master and gain his aid in finding the Boy-who-lived and hopefully to subjugate the boys will.

Little did Dumbledore know that when he next met the ex-Potter the world would burn around him.

Coruscant 3 days later

"Master this is a wonderous planet." one Darth Thanatos said as he was awed by the view of the core of the galaxy.

"Yes my apprentice and one day we shall rule it and more."

"When shall my training begin my master, I am ready to become a true Sith like you?"

"Your training shall begin immediately, I will have a special double moved in for me to act as I would while I take you around the galaxy to be trained as a future Sith Lord."

"Yes my master."

With that Sidious set about getting his double in place so that the Jedi and Republic will not suspect anything. After everything was set he quickly 'claimed' Count Dooku as his apprentice so that he could further his future war against the Republic.

So as to not violate the Rule of Two set by Darth Bane, Sidious made sure not to really train Dooku in anything that a normal fallen Jedi couldn't figure out. Such as Force Lightening.

With Darth Tyranus now working against the Jedi he could focus on his true apprentice.

After putting his plans in place Sidious took his apprentice in his Sith Infiltrator and headed to the Sith homeworld of Korriban to begin the training of his most powerful apprentice.

10 years later Coruscant

Darth Sidious had finally returned to his place as Chancellor for the last time. Over the past decade he had been back and forth from Coruscant and other planets to train his apprentice on.

From Mustafar to Hoth and Korriban to Dromund Kaas. His apprentice survived everything he threw at him and more. His apprentice was everything anyone could ever want in an apprentice.

The boy was beyond a prodigy. Even Sidious knew that within the next few months that Darth Thanatos would become more than a match for Dooku.

The boy had threw himself into his training with a fervor that even Darth Maul would have found hard to match.

Within the first six months of his training Darth Thanatos had mastered most if not all of the basic Force powers that younglings were taught over a period of years.

Force push, pull, sense and repel. The boy didn't stop at learning them he took each ability to its limit and mastered it them in ways even Sidious had trouble comprehending at times.

His meditation had gone beyond even what Sidious would have expected from certain masters on the council much less of a young boy.

While meditating he had found a leech attached to his being through the jagged scar on his forehead. After using Force Drain on it to gain its abilities he discovered his heritage from the memories of the 'Dark Lord' that had attacked him as a baby.

The memories lead to Thanatos hatred becoming more potent than before. He gained the ability to talk to snakes from the apparition and used that ability to gain a familiar in the form of a Kashyyyk Anakkona. This Anakkon was altered by Sith alchemy to shrink its size to four in a half meters so that it could go with Thanatos anywhere.

And was also given a venom so potent it could drop a great Krayt dragon.

His connection to the Force was more powerful than when Sidious had first felt it and after a blood test found that the boy's midi-chlorian count was 40,000. Almost double Skywalker's.

Darth Thanatos began to quickly master the powers of the dark side at an astonishing rate. His special Force lightening was more than three times as powerful than anything Sidious could make.

His ability with Force Dominate and crush were astounding. He was able to dominate the minds of hundreds of beings at once as he proved on Hurrikaine when he confronted hundreds of the natives at once while in search of the powerful Hurrikaine crystals for his lightsaber.

He forced them to lead him to their secret trove of crystals before slaughtering them with Force lightening.

Thanatos had even become a master of Sith alchemy and sorcery which he had a pension for.

Just like his abilities in the Force, his abilities with a lightsaber also proved to be very deadly.

Within the first six month period Thanatos had mastered Shii Cho, and Soresu. He mastered Soresu only so no one could get through his offense.

For the next six years the boy mastered Jar'Kai and Niman, Djem So and Shien, Makashi, Juyo and the strong style of the ancient Sith Lord Darth Malgus.

He had saved the fourth traditional form Ataru for last due to the strains it put on the body.

His main form of attack was mostly based off of Makashi's principle for economy of motion combined with the passion and unpredictability of Juyo and a defense based off of Soresu that wore down the opponent.

However if he ever became truly angry he would switch to his strong style Jar'Kai varient that totally overwhelmed the opponent with its verocity.

After mastering most of the lightsaber forms Thanatos began to work on constructing his own lightsaber. He decided to use two sabers with slightly crooked handles for a longer reach while dueling. They would be able to connect at the hilt when needed to form a double-bladed lightsaber to help overwhelm multiple opponents.

Both sabers had an electrum shell to prove his mastery over the Force with a slight covering of cotorsis to prevent other lightsabers from cutting through it. However it was the crystals used for his lightsaber that really were intriguing. Instead of the synthetic crystals most Sith had used, Thanatos had used two Hurrikaine crystals, two Permafrost crystals and shard of Kaiburr crystal he had come across.

Sideous had felt that finding that shard had been a sign that Thanatos would make the most powerful lightsabers in the galaxy.

After their construction which took an entire week of meditation as Thanatos had enforced the crystals with the Force and his hatred.

The emitters on both blades had guards (think Malgus's saber).

However it was the colors for both blades that were really surprising.

They were an icy violet that really entranced you before they killed you.

With his sabers Thanatos mastered the saber throw and many other abilities related to saber combat including the use of trakata.

Sidious remembered how close he came to being decapitated by that particular technique during a spar that got out of hand.

The boy was also trained in hand to hand combat by the Mandelorian Jango Fett as well as learning Teras Kasi from a very adept assassin droid. After those first six and a half years Sidious took his apprentice to the Echani home world to train more.

There the boy grew under their teachings. Able to tell much about any opponent from their fighting.

However there was one thing about his apprentice that Sidious did not know how to react to.

His apprentice kept having visions of a certain Rutian Twi'lek Jedi that Sidious identified as Aayla Secura.

While his apprentice would never tell him what these visions were about Sidious was able to guess.

The Force told him that a union between his apprentice and Aayla Secura would cover the galaxy in a darkness so impregnable and endless blood.

Only time would tell how a relationship between those two would work out. In fact his apprentice was even now scouting the Jedi Temple to search for the Twi'lek Jedi.

Soon the galaxy wouldn know to fear the Sith and all would be as it should.

I know everyone is like where the heck you been. Update! But I have been busy with school and now am on vacation. I shall now be updating a few stories. I have half a chapter ready for Maelstrom Saiyan Redone and need just a few more pages for it. If anyone is willing to toss me some ideas just pm me. Anyway here is a new story that was just cooking in my brain for a while. Yes it will be a Sith Harry Potter story and it will be a Harry and Aayla Secura pairing. I like her and think its a nice pairing. Well tell me how you like. Oh and Aayla will be only a few years older than Harry/Thanatos in this story. Harry could be the Chosen One but I won't say yet.