Magic is the only way

Emma stormed throughout the castle outraged. How could she have been so stupid? The thought of Henry spending time with the newly redeemed Regina hadn't worried her. The thought of Cora taking Henry just to get back at Regina for shunning her and Emma for besting her hadn't even occurred to her, which it should of. It was her fault, Regina should have been closer, close enough to watch and keep an eye on. Emma slammed her bedroom door and threw herself on to her 4 poster bed, holding her head in her hands "it's not Regina's fault." She muttered out loud, she had to remind herself of that, she had to remind the whole kingdom of that. They still didn't trust her, they hunted her, despite the fact she brought back all the realms.

Emma sprung upright again, the rage on her expression slowly drifting as she called for her mother. "Snow," she yelled at the top of her lungs, not bothering to hide the rage from her voice and hoped her it would travel throughout the huge castle.

Her father burst through the doors mere moments after she called. "Emma, are you okay? I heard you call Snow, but she's out…"

Emma threw her hands up in hope to shush him from his rambles "I just needed," Emma stood to lean against the bedpost "Well..I just needed a reassuring hug to be honest." She said begrudgingly. Hugging and soppy moments weren't exactly something she enjoyed, but sometimes she needed it and Snow and Charming were always there for her when she did.

James made no hesitation to pull his daughter into a fatherly hug "I'm always here for that." He smiled, still enjoying the fact he had his daughter. He let go and held her at arms length and began to speak with regret dripping from his voice "I'm actually glad you called, I was coming to find you. Regina wants to speak with you….at her Palace."

Emma gave a sharp nod. "Then I'm getting changed" she sighed and tugged the dark red dress that she could only describe as medieval. She shooed James from her room and strolled over to her wardrobe, pulling out blue leather pants and put a similar coloured blue waistcoat over a long flowing sleeved red top and covered herself with a white cloak in an attempt to hide herself from the remaining dangers a.k.a George, possibly Cora, definitely Hook and probably least likely Rumplestiltskin. He had been off the radar lately, Belle was certainly one of the better things that happened to him.

Emma jumped from the window and landed firmly on the ground. She took her own brown, speckled white horse from the stables and hastily jumped upon it. She tapped the belt making sure her sword was in place and her bow was attached to the horse along with the spare dagger in her boot. It was definite that Emma Swan was always prepared for anything.

"Ah, my dear," Regina turned from the window to see Emma standing firmly in front of her "I was beginning to think you weren't coming." She spoke, almost mockingly, which made Emma bubble with anger.

"My son is in danger because of you and your mother. Of course I will come when you call." Emma snapped.

Regina observed her, registering what she had said "It's not just my fault Henry is gone," she almost yelled "My Mother took him to get at you too." stopping as quickly as she started she changed the subject abruptly "Unfortunately, because of my earlier actions, before the curse, finding him is up to you. My movements in this land are very limited, I'm only still alive because of you." She frowned "But I can help you to an extent " she added, grinning once again before walking over to a beautifully carved, and enchanted none the less, wooden box. Inside the box lay a small white bean. Regina went to meet Emma and held out her hand where the little bean sat "Henry's in Neverland. That's where you have to go."

Emma observed the bean, luckily they were not as rare as they used to be. Giants were almost as accepted as Rumplestiltskin now, maybe more so and were happily growing more but they could still be a huge rarity. She tore her gaze from the little bean to meet Regina's stare "How do I find my way around Neverland, and more importantly, how do I get back?" she sighed exasperated.

Emma's temper flared as all Regina answered with was a smirk. But before she could retaliate in any way, a familiar voice startled her with a simple "Magic is the only way." and the flare of anger left her to be replaced by one much greater. The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows and Emma's natural reaction was to draw her sword to point at the threat "Hook." She fumed, feeling her heart sink to the bottom of her stomach.

"It's good to know you haven't forgotten me. I do like to make an impression." Killian joked stepping dangerously close to Emma's outstretched sword, to be greeted by it being dug painfully, but not hard enough to injure him, into his ribs.

"How could I? We locked you up and you escaped, you were no where to be seen. My whole kingdom is still looking for you." Emma ranted, bitterly.

Before Killian could reply Regina shot him a glare and placed an almost reassuring hand on Emma's shoulder, pulling her backward from Hook "He is taking you to Neverland." She explained, throwing another sideways glare at Killian.

Emma watched Killian's increasing satisfied expression, There was no way 'he is taking you to Neverland' could ever be a good sentence when involving him. I've watched 'Peter Pan', she thought, I know what goes on there. Emma slashed her sword at Hook, missing him by inches "I will do better alone in Neverland and will be much better of when you're no longer a threat." Emma hissed, swinging her sword at him again.

Killian had been aware of her intentions this time and speedily caught her sword with his hook. Before she could pull it back to attack again, he twisted it from her grasp and threw it to the other side of the room. Emma reached for the dagger in her boot but Killian had grabbed her wrist and backed her roughly into the nearest wall, keeping her arm firmly against it and held her other arm firmly behind her back by pressing against her elbow with his hook.

Regina watched in enjoyment from the middle of the room, "Now this is exciting," she commented "To bad we don't have popcorn in this realm". Killian leaned in closer to Emma, whispering softly in her ear. Regina flicked hair from her face and listened attentively as Killian whispered to Emma "Now, now, love. I'd stop if I were you, that is, if you want your son back."

That caught Emma's attention. She stopped struggling and relaxed, which earned a patronizing wink from Hook. "Good girl." Killian mocked. He brushed a stray bit of hair from her face, which gave Emma an opportunity to wriggle her arm free from her back and push Killian out of the way "I'm pretty sure you can explain without having me pinned to a wall." she stated bitterly

Killian edged slightly closer to Emma "As true as that may be, love," he smirked mischievously "It's not nearly as fun."

Regina approached the arguing couple shushed them "I believe you both need to be on your way, for Henry's sake, who knows what my mother is up to. And so I wish you luck Emma." Regina smiled. She handed Emma her sword, that she had acquired from the ground and placed an enchantment on "Your sword is now enchanted, Emma, quite like your friend Mulan's was, it can deflect my mothers magic and once in Neverland it will lead you to Henry."

Emma shoved Killian out of the way again bitterly, which was only greeted by an annoying, 'pleased with himself' smirk. "Thank you, Regina." she smiled assuringly "I will get Henry back." and with a final nod and smile from Regina she turned back to Killian for the final orders.

"My Ship awaits, Princess." he held out his hand for her to take.

The bean grasped tightly in Emma's hand, She glared and finally pushed her free hand into his. With the help from Regina, a haze of purple smoke enveloped them and the next thing she saw was Captain Hooks ship. "To Neverland." she sighed, trying to hide the slight buzz of excitement from her voice that was the realisation that she was actually going to Neverland.

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