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Danny Fenton: So this is what Facebook is like!

Sam Manson: Wow, Danny. Just….Wow.

Paulina Sanchez: Ew! Get off my page!


Danny Phantom: Hey!

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Maddie Fenton: Get off of Facebook you putrid protoplasmic scum! How'd you get a computer anyways?

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Danny Phantom: That hurt. Like a lot. And I have contacts.

Paulina Sanchez: OMG! Will u go out with me!?

Danny Phantom: No, sorry. I kinda like another girl.

Paulina Sanchez: :'(

Sam Manson: Who exactly do you like?

Danny Phantom: eiwufirtgne u1038 Sorry about that. Skulker happened.



Tucker Foley: Ridiculous things on products. Go!

Sam Manson: Do not iron clothes while on body-Clothes ironer

Danny Fenton: Shake well and buy often- Silk soy milk

Tucker Foley: Do not use while sleeping- Hair curler

Paulina Sanchez: Warning, this is not underwear! Do not attempt to put in pants-on a wrist watch package

Kwan Ki : Caution: knives are sharp- on a knives sharperner

Star: Contains nuts-on a package of peanuts

Danny Phantom: Do not use for drying pets - on a microwave oven manual

Jazz Fenton: Do not attempt to stop moving chain with hands- on a chainsaw

Valerie Grey : use like regular soap – on a bar of Dial Soap

Vlad Plasmius: Jack Fenton's face- on just about every Fenton product

Jack Fenton: I resent that!

Maddie Fenton: Don't insult my husband!

Jack Fenton: Thank you honey! Where did you put the fudge?

Danny Fenton: *facepalm*