"Happy Halloween, everyone!" Amy was dressed as Kaos' Mom from Skylanders: Swap Force and was greeting guests at the front, also dressed in costumes. She saw Onnasuki with a younger girl entering the resort.

"You're that lesbian girl my son mentioned earlier."

"Onnasuki's my name, ma'am," the young woman greeted. She then presented her companion. "This is my friend Emi." She then leaned in to whisper to the resort owner. "She's been bullied in our world. I brought her here to cheer her up."

"I understand completely. Hello there, Emi! How about I introduce you to my son?"

"I-I'm a lesbian too, miss."

"Call me Amy, dear, and I didn't mean to set you up with him. He has way too many lovers already."

Marie walked over to them dressed as Ursula from Rayman Legends.

"Hey, Mom!" She hugged Amy tightly before lifting her trident onto her shoulder. "Hey, Onnasuki!"

"Call me Onna. This is Emi. Emi, this is Amy's son Mark as a girl."

"Call me Marie."

"I-I like your costume…" Emi said nervously. Just then Shelb, dressed as Ursula's twin sister Emma, hugged her boyfriend/girlfriend.

Another portal opened and Valentina walked out, dressed as a Shaymin. Following her was a Blastoise.

"Fontaine?" Marie asked in caution.

"Yeah, it's me," the Blastoise said in a deeper but still recognizable voice.

"How did you grow up so fast?"

"A lot of Rare Candies and the author's power of retconning things," the giant turtle replied.

Just then another portal opened and a brunet about Valentina's age stepped out wearing a black suit and top hair. Behind him was a Lucario wearing Sonic's gloves and sneakers.

"Adam? Mark?" Valentina asked in disbelief.

"Hey, Valentina," the young man said before being instantly hugged by the blonde nudist.

"Mark!" Fontaine bear-hugged the Lucario. "It's been too long, buddy!"

Before the canine Pokemon could say anything, NICOLE slapped a collar around his neck.

"What was that for?!" The Lucario said in a slightly growling version of Mark's voice. Marie's jaw dropped when she heard him speak for the first time.

"Marie?" Shelb asked. "What's wrong?"

Marie ran over to Mark.

"And who are you?" The Lucario asked the green-and-white-haired girl.

"I'm you…"

"WHAAAAAAT?!" Everyone shouted in disbelief.

"Well, I'm an alternate counterpart of you. My real name's Mark the Hedgehog."

Mark the Lucario's face went blank as he uttered unintelligible babbling.

Valentina and Shelb giggled.

"They're both so cute when they're shocked," Shelb said.

"I couldn't have said it better myself!" Valentina said in agreement.

Marie snapped her counterpart out of his state of shock.

"Since you're dressed as Dad, I take it you're a fan of his?"

"Your dad's Sonic?!" Mark gasped. He immediately hugged Marie. "I like you already!"

Marie tried to breathe after the Lucario released her from the hug.

"So… that's a pretty neat costume," Mark said, trying to break the ice.

Marie giggled. "Thanks, other me."

"Just call me Mark, please."

"Well, if we meet again and I'm a boy, it'll be too confusing."

"That's a good point," Mark's partner Adam said.

"So what's your story, Adam?" Shelb asked.

"Adam's my boyfriend!" Valentina interrupted. She then slapped the young man on the face. "That's for not returning my calls!" She then hugged him. "Where were you?!"

"I was away from all communication!"

Marie and Shelb decided to let the two bicker in private and headed over to the maze outside. Simone and Grimella had really outdone themselves. There were lifelike ghosts, spiders and bats. The gravestones looked authentic. There were even five singing busts in one area singing "Grim Grinning Ghosts". The bust that had fallen over was in Amy's likeness while the other four were made to resemble Shelb, Peridot, Nicole and Mark.

"Nicely done, you two," Marie said to Simone and Grimella.

"Well, we did have help from your new friend," Grimella replied with a blush.

"Ah, say no more," Marie replied. She then heard a delighted shriek come from Miko. The young girl ran out of the maze carrying an armful of candy.

"This place is great!" She said excited before munching on a caramel.

Suddenly all the lights went out, leaving the entire resort in darkness.

"This is part of the celebration, right?" Shelb asked nervously.

"Mom didn't tell me about this," Marie replied.

Just then, a crack appeared in front of them and then burst open. A horde of Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon swarmed out of it, cackling with glee.

"Now what's this?!" Marie said in alarm.

"It's an invasion, you fool!" An evil-sounding voice said with annoyance. A ghost-like being materialized in front of them.

"Oh, it's just Darkrai," Marie calmed down a bit.

Darkrai face-palmed after seeing the lack of horror on her face.

"B-But I'm the lord of nightmares! The ultimate evil!"

"I've seen puppies scarier than you," Marie replied before lifting her trident and heading off to fight the ghosts. She managed to whack a few before going to help her mother and Nicole.

Onnasuki and Emi managed to take out some by literally stabbing them in the back.

"Gaia, Earthquake these suckers!" Rosa-May called out to her Pokemon.

"Sure thing, boss!" The Grass/Ground-type creature replied. Mark and Fontaine were standing on his back, punching and blasting ghosts respectively.

"Fontaine, let's give 'em the old one-two combo!" The Lucario shouted. He leaped in front of the Blastoise's right cannon and prepared to charge a Focus Punch.

"Hydro Cannon!" Fontaine unleashed a giant stream of water directly at Mark, who finished charging his Focus Punch. The Lucario was sent flying right into Darkrai, causing the Pitch-black Pokemon flying back into the vortex he came out of. The Ghost and Dark-types began to panic.

"Darkrai's gone!"

"Who's giving orders? I need orders!"

"Run away!"

Darkrai's minions ran back into the portal, crying like babies.

"That was easy!" Marie cheered. She high-fived Mark in excitement.

"Let's head to the beach!" Amy called out after putting her Piko-Piko Hammer away. "We got one last thing for tonight!"

Several minutes later…

Amy's last surprise for Halloween was a (safely controlled) bonfire on the beach. DJ Pon-3 had set up her stereo system near the volleyball courts and was already playing a song. Marie and Shelb were both doing Barbara's victory dance from Rayman Legends. Miko was dancing with her Auntie Shel-ta, and Grimella and Onnasuki were dancing and making out at the same time.

"Best Halloween ever," Marie said at the end of the night.