BEFORE YOU READ: Just so you know, I'm going retro. So, what that means is, Sonic lives on Mobius and saves captured creatures from the evil clutches of Robotnik, aka "Eggman." That being said, I'm basing this off the original story of Sonic, you know, back on the Sega Genesis? Knuckles is there, and so is Tails. Amy will be there, don't worry. I'm including Cream and Rouge. But none of that 3-D stuff happened. (I'm only including Rouge for her awesome personality… and a little for her love interest with Knuckles...but don't worry, I'll introduce her because she's not an original friend of the bunch.) Sure, I base most of the characteristics and attitudes of the characters off of what I've played, including the 3-D games, and what I've watched in Sonic X, but don't be upset if I take a few liberties. After all, no traits were really established in those first games. So… keeping in mind that Sonic's past has never been more than facing a pathetic look-alike robot along with other machines of Eggman's, let the story begin…


Chapter 1: The Least of Their Worries

"Angel Island… the resting place of the biggest emerald in the world! …A girl can't resist such a jewel, especially a girl like me!" Wings flapped silently as the animalistic creature hovered above the hovering island. "But how to get rid of that guard?"


Mobius's sun rose, just like every other day. The moon was concealed in the bright blue sky, vanishing as if it was never there. "Soooooooooooonnnnnnnnnniiiii iiiiiiiiiic!" rang out through the air like every other day. "My life is a bore, but at least Amy's chase brings some excitement," Sonic shrugged. He looked past the green hills of the place he called home and saw that the pink hedgehog was advancing toward him. "Well, better get going!" And with that, he took off, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust behind him.

"Ugh! Sonic!" Amy was dragging her hammer behind her. "Sonic! I swear I'll catch you one of these—Oh, who am I kidding? First of all, he can't hear me!" She put her hammer down and sat with her head in her hands. "And I'll never catch up to his sonic speed." She sighed and smiled, lost in a dreamland, "That's what I love about him."

Meanwhile, Miles, or "Tails" to his friends, was working hard on a faster, more powerful plane for Sonic. "What's up, Tails?" he zoomed in.

"If we've got to deal with Dr. Robotnik, we've got to keep up with his machines," Tails did not look up from his work. He continued twisting in the next screw.

"Come on, man! Eggman is no one to worry about!"

"You know he hates it when you call him that," Tails finally turned around to face his friend.

"All the more reason to, little buddy!" With a laugh, Sonic flew out, as quickly as he came in.

Tails smiled. Don't worry, Sonic. This baby'll be done in no time!

"Tails, why don't you come up for dinner? Aren't you hungry?" The fox turned to see a tiny, soft-spoken rabbit in the doorway.

"Yeah, Cream. I'll be right out. Just as soon as I'm done attaching the last part."

"You work pretty hard on those flying machines, Tails. Don't you ever get a break?"

"Nope! Sonic never takes a break, and neither should I!"

"Hmm… Well, come up soon. Or your supper will get cold."

"Don't worry. I'll be up in a sec."

Cream went back up, out of the cramped workshop and into the open outside air. Amy's still looking for Mr. Sonic, I guess. That's okay. I'll set up everything to eat.


"This guard isn't moving! Does he even eat? Is he alive? Maybe I should take a closer look…" Gliding down gracefully, the creature stepped onto the grass. Hmm… He's staying completely still… Maybe… he's a statue? She stepped forward, slowly, one step at a time.

The guard twitched. Someone's here. I can sense it. Closer… closer… "Begone!" the echidna leapt from his spot and tackled the intruder, a tall white bat. "Who are you?"

"Well, well, quite the violent one, aren't you? A little hot-tempered?" She pushed him off of her. "Obviously… If you dared to hit a girl."

"Leave this place! Why are you here?"

"Hmph! You don't deserve to know after that stunt."

"Grr… I'll strike you again if you—"

"Temper, temper," the bat waved her finger an inch from Knuckles's face, which twisted into a scowl. "I won't disturb your little rest anymore, mkay?" She turned and started to walk off, then looked over her shoulder, "The name's Rouge, by the way." She flew off. "See you around, sugar!"

"That bat was after something…" Knuckles growled. "And I have no doubt that something was the Master Emerald."


"Mm! Something smells good!" was Sonic's greeting. Then he shoveled his food and chowed down. "This is delicious!"

"Thanks, Sonic…" Amy grinned. "I made it myself!"

"Why don't we bring some up to Mr. Knuckles?" Cream asked. The group stopped eating and stared at her. "What?" She looked around at them, who uncomfortably put down their utensils. "He's up there all day, and I don't doubt he gets kind of lonely."

"That's the way he plays, Cream." Sonic shrugged. "That's just the way he is."

The others nodded in agreement.

"But he needs to eat," Cream urged.

"He doesn't even like us," Tails pointed out. "He thinks Sonic is a menace!"

"Yeah, I'll show him a menace if he ever insults my Sonic like that again!" Amy grasped her hammer and gave it a swing.

Cream turned to her Chao friend, Cheese, who shrugged.

"He's hot-tempered, not to mention no fun at all," Sonic grinned. "That's why he doesn't fit in with us. We're fun-loving!"

"Sure…" Cream forced a smile to equal her friends'. "Sure."


"If it's that bat again, I swear—!" Knuckles tightened his fists and glared at the approaching figure in the air. "The bunny?"

"Hi, Mr. Knuckles!" Cream smiled happily as she landed with Cheese.

"What do you want?" Knuckles snarled.

"I thought you might be hungry." The tiny rabbit held out a boxed supper to the red echidna.

Knuckles was somewhat shocked. "Wh-Why?"

"I don't know, people just get hungry."

"No. Why are you giving me this?"

"Oh!" Cream laughed. "Because you're a friend, silly."

Knuckles looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"Isn't there some saying… Hmm… I've heard Tails use it before… Ah-ha! The enemy of an enemy… something like that. Since you're the enemy of Dr. Robotnik, doesn't that put you on our side?"

"Um… I guess." Knuckles scratched the back of his head.

"Well, enjoy your supper! Amy wants me back home at a decent hour, and it's getting pretty late. Bye-bye, Mr. Knuckles!"


"Hey! Eggman! Lay off!" Sonic called.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that?! My name is Dr. Robotnik you good-for-nothing rodent!" The doctor pressed a button on his hovering orb and another batch of robots came at Sonic.

"You know, these robots are getting to be a bore!"

"Yeah!" Tails agreed behind the control panel of his newest vehicle. "I'm keeping up with your updates! Face it, you'll never win, Robotnik!"

"I'll show you!" the doctor yelled. "I'll show you and your blue friend!"

What's going on here? Rouge flew closer to see the battle. Hmm… Interesting. Those robotics are using the power of a jewel. I didn't know that jewels had that kind of power!

"Sonic, what's he doing?" Tails quivered.

"Ha, ha, ha! I've got a Chaos Emerald on my side! It's power can destroy you!

"What?!" Tails's eyes grew wide. "A Chaos Emerald?! Sonic!"

"Don't worry, Tails, I'm on it!" He ran across Tails's machine and jumped up at Robotnik. "Hey Eggman, give up the Emerald or else!"

"Ha, ha, ha! Even if you get this Emerald, there are plenty more where that came from! You have no idea what we have in store for you, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"'We'?" Tails noticed. "Who else is with him?"

"Alright, Emerald, show Sonic your power!"

An explosion, then Sonic was thrown back, along with Tails and his machine.


"Robotnik… used to be no problem…" Sonic huffed. "I didn't know… the Chaos Emeralds had that kind of power…"

"You've used them to turn into SuperSonic," Tails reminded him.

"Yeah, all together! Not separate."

"But why did he say 'we'?"

"What do you mean?"

"He said, 'what we have in store for you.'"

"You're right! He did."

"Who else was he talking about?"

"I hope Knuckles hasn't joined up with him again."

"Knuckles is against him, Sonic," Cream interjected.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."


Mobius's sun set, just like any other day. The moon reappeared in the clear black sky as the stars came out of hiding. Sonic leaned back in the grass. His dull day had gotten a bit less dull. Careful what you wish for, Sonic. It might just come true. Now it seems that Dr. Robotnik's robots are the least of our worries…


So there you have it… the first chapter of Sonic's new…erm old… adventure. You got introduced to the retro-styled characters, which aren't that different than what you'd expect, I hope. Sonic is care-free and fun-loving, Tails will do anything for Sonic to appreciate him, Amy will do anything for him to love her, Knuckles is the enigma atop Angel Island, Cream is the polite innocent rabbit with her Chao friend, and Rouge… well, she's a smooth-talking jewel-obsessed bat. And Robotnik, or "Eggman" to his enemies, seems like he has more than Metal Sonic up his sleeve.

So stay tuned for drama, a sprinkle of romance, and some puzzling characters and betrayals… plus the new spin on the Chaos Emeralds (they have elements!)… Of course, it all can't happen at once, so keep reading! And reviews are appreciated!