Chapter 25: Perfection

Tails revved up the engine. The machine was brand new. He had made it before all of this with Chaos happened. Now, he would finally use it. The chaos emeralds were stored in separate segments of the cabin, one place for each, designated for a certain element. Even the Master Emerald had a place. The six of them went inside. They each had a segment. They each had a seat. They each had the opportunity to fly separately. Even Amy could figure out the controls on her part of the machine.

"Alright, team!" Tails called. "Ready?" He had gone way beyond his previous self-doubt. Sonic smiled proudly at him, but he didn't notice. "Let's go, guys!"

They shot off at top speed. With the help of the emeralds, they were able to find Chaos with ease. As soon as they did, they split off. Per Tails's orders, they circled the monster, who had indeed grown to a great size. Knuckles took his cue to call upon the Master Emerald. "Master Emerald! Hear my call! Use your power to help destroy this beast!" The Master Emerald in his segment began to shine, charging a beam at the front of his vehicle. The beam blasted Chaos, bringing it down to the ground.

Tails activated his electrical emerald, and caused a net of electricity to cover it. Sonic took his cue to use earth and fire. The earth brought a rockslide from thin air onto the creature, and the fire was used to make the boulders covered in flames like meteors. Chaos began to rise despite all of these attacks on it.

Rouge then activated her emerald, shooting down a pressure from straight above the monster. It came to its knees again as the radiation pushed and pushed.

Ready with a combo, Amy activated her water emerald while Tails used the grey one. A swirling whirlpool of water pummeled the beast.

It was effective, but not enough so. Chaos was still standing.

Cream shuddered in her part farther away. It's too strong… she thought to herself. She looked around at her control panel. She had been given as much as the others, and she knew how to work it, but she knew that the group did not expect much from her, being so young. She furrowed her brow. I'm not going to let that stop me from saving Cheese! She activated her emerald, the green one. A spiked plant came from her machine, shooting itself at Chaos, wrapping him in a thorny trap.

"Way to go, Cream!" Tails cheered.

But Chaos had had enough. He looked straight at the bunny, and from his eyes shot a beam of red. Cream screamed and tried to pull up. Suddenly, Knuckles flew in front of her and was shot critically. His machine started spiraling down to the ground, with an unconscious driver.

"Mr. Knuckles!" Cream cried out.

Sonic zoomed toward him, not really sure of what he would do if and when he reached his falling friend. Tails activated the wind emerald again to slow Knuckles's fall. His piece of the machine was sparking and smoking, completely damaged by that single blast. Sonic got out of his machine and waved away the smoke as he grasped Knuckles from the wreckage and pulled him out. "Knuckles, you alright?" he asked.

Knuckles struggled to open his eyes. "What are you doing here… get back out there!" he groaned.

"No way, buddy." He went back in the machine and grabbed the Master Emerald. "I can help from here, anyway. He grabbed the chaos emeralds from his own machine and stayed with Knuckles. "Don't worry, Cream!" he called up to the crying rabbit. "He's alright!"

Meanwhile, Tails was circling the monster, who had been trying to hit him with a red shot. Rouge was trying to use the pressure of the purple gem to hinder Chaos, but it barely had any effect. "We're fighting a losing battle," she snarled.

"Not quite!" Amy activated a button on her machine that brought out a hammer arm. She sped towards Chaos at high speed and slammed the hammer into it while it was distracted with Tails. Tails took the opportunity to blast it with an electrical orb of energy from his machine.

Chaos growled, "You have made a grand mistake taking me on so futilely!"

"Futilely?" Amy asked. "It looks to me like we're pretty successful."

"You're merely landing blows. You are not as powerful as you feel… and now… you will feel my true power!"

The glob began to transform from the giant humanoid form into a giant figure. It was like the huge head and neck of a dragon, with sharp teeth between which strung blue goo. Its eyes were still green, but now had black pupils within them. In addition to the neck and head, it had four tentacles that each grabbed one of the ships floating around it. "Witness my perfection! I am Perfect Chaos!"

"Guys!" Sonic called from the ground.

Knuckles struggled to his feet, "Master Emerald! Release its hold!"

The emerald shone and pulsed. Then, Perfect Chaos's tentacles let go of the team, making them fall into a crash landing. Perfect Chaos, they could see, was rising out of the ocean that separated Chao Island from Mobius. They were on the beach, gathering together in their group.

"If you ask me," Sonic started. "I think it's time for Plan Double S."

Tails looked at him, "Are you ready, Sonic?"

"I've been ready, buddy!"

"Then I guess I can't argue with Plan Double S!"

"Be careful, Sonic!" Amy grasped his hand.

"Please do, Mr. Sonic," Cream looked up at him.

"Ha! Don't even worry about it. My SuperSonic powers just about make me invincible!" He patted Cream on the head, "And I'll make sure Cheese comes back to you, Cream, by destroying this Chaos thing once and for all!"

"Well, you've got me convinced," Rouge shrugged. She held out her chaos emerald. "Use this precious jewel well, sugar."

Sonic nodded, then they all held up the chaos emeralds, which Sonic let gather around him as he jumped up. He floated in the air as the emeralds circled him in their rainbow glow. Then, he transformed, turning gold all over, his quills rising up. It was as if energy was radiating from him. He flew up above Perfect Chaos, then dove downward, spinning into a ball at the last moment and shooting right into its nose. The force of SuperSonic brought its head down into the rest of it, causing it to fall back into the water.

"Sonic!" Tails called. He knew his friend couldn't swim.

"He's fine, Tails," Knuckles assured him.

Sure enough, Sonic flew up out of the water, high above the tide. Soon, Perfect Chaos brought its head out and opened its jaw. Sonic spun into a ball once again and then unsnapped, pushing forth a golden ring of radiation, undoubtedly containing all elements of the emeralds. The ring went into Perfect Chaos's mouth. It fell again into the water. Meanwhile, Sonic dove down, fist first, into the creature. With a great splash, the monster 'popped', and out popped every chao it had taken.

The group could see the life returning to the island and to Mobius. Sonic landed back on the ground and returned to his natural blue. The chaos emeralds spread out once again across all of Mobius.

"You did it!" Amy cheered, running to hug him.

"Alright!" Sonic gave a thumbs up.

"What a battle!" Rouge smiled.

The team was circling around him.

"Cheese!" Cream smiled and reached her arms to her chao friend. He dove into her, and she hugged him tight.

"Well, I better get started on fixing all the damage to our Team Machine!" Tails lifted a wrench.

"Take a break first, bud," Sonic insisted.

Tails smiled sheepishly and put the wrench away for now.

"I'll be with the emerald," Knuckles started.

"Don't be a stranger, echidna," Rouge winked.

"I was going to say you guys can call on me when you need me."

"We know," Sonic extended his hand. "Same with us, buddy."

"Thank you," Knuckles grasped his hand and shook it.

"Or if you ever want a freshly cooked meal," Amy added.

"Or someone to just talk to!" Cream bounced.

Knuckles nodded.

"You are all quite a team," Rouge noted.

"You can't be a stranger either, Ms. Rouge!" Cream pointed out.

Rouge laughed. "Definitely!"

"We are a team, guys," Sonic told them all. "Never forget that."

And, for now, the six of them went their separate ways, ready to return to each other in a moment's notice. Because that's what friends are for. The sun set on another normal and peaceful day on Mobius. But while peace settled, Robotnik planned a new strategy to defeat his enemies. And Sonic watched the sunset, knowing that the group and each of them have grown, but still had yet to become even greater heroes on Mobius.

The End

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