Fairy Frost 1

Hey guys Diamondgigas here with TopazSunshine (Well Its just me for now). We're doing our first Rise of the Guardians nonfiction together as brother and sister.

A collection of one-shots and drabbles, mostly funny. Rated T to be safe.

And for Pokemon readers, Chronicles and Destined are going to be put on hold for a while until this fan-fic gets up to speed. While you wait, go check out the movie. I think its probably best animated movie of 2012, or best animated movie of forever. Seriously! Anyways, this first Chapter: Dreams draws inspiration from a story called:

I'll Be Home ( s/8755899/1/I-ll-Be-Home)

by Solara Goldsun! ( u/1639713/Solora-Goldsun)

I actually haven't asked for permission from her (I'm sorry!), so Solara if you're reading this please PM me if you don't like it and you feel I'm stealing your thunder or something, because I don't want to hurt anyone. I know how that feels. :P

Anyways enough Author Notes, Just read on and Enjoy!

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The clock struck, and I began to work. Sitting atop a cloud of golden sand, I flew across the city scape below me, watching the last few lights go off.

As I flew, streams of sand emerged from my cloud, winding their way into the children's rooms, by the window or by the chimney.

I took note of every child. Benjamin dreamed of dinosaurs, Sally adored her ponies and Christopher had his trains. Being in the business for over 500 years made it a breeze to memorize the names of each and every child.

I was done in an hour, surprisingly fast even for me. What's more, this was my last stop for the day, leaving me with much time to spare. I haven't had the luxury of this much free time since 300 years ago. But what would I do with it? Everyone was fast asleep. I decided to visit my fellow Guardians, starting with Jack Frost.

It didn't take too long to reach the lake only a stone's throw away from Burgess. Jack settled down there, from what I had heard. Circling the area, I found an icy cavern by the side of a hill. It remained frozen and covered in snow despite it being the middle of summer.

With no door to knock on, I entered cautiously on tiptoes.

His lodging was fairly standard, apart from the ice walls and snow-covered floors. A sofa, a love seat, a lamp that seemed to power itself with no electrical sockets in sight and a few wooden cabinets. Besides that, there was a bed in the corner of the room, with white sheets and a blue quilt. And in that said bed, was Jack Frost.

He was sleeping soundly. Not surprising, since there wouldn't be much to do for a Winter Sprite during the summer.

Well, this was just boring. If Jack had been awake, (Guardians didn't need sleep, or food or water, but they could if they wished to.) they could have done something fun, Jack being the Guardian of Fun and all.

Since I had nothing to do, I let off a stream of sand from my fingertips and entered Jack's dreams.

The moment I entered I shuddered. His dream was cold, in a bad way. Empty, dark and lonesome. Jack sat in a corner with his staff, curled up. He hadn't noticed me yet, thankfully. He probably would have confronted me if I had been caught.

"I should get something to brighten up this dream" I think to myself. Jack being alone for 300 years has clearly led to his 'lone-wolf' behaviour.

I searched through his subconscious for something that could be of use. Most of it was fairly gloomy, visions of his sister, his death, the thought of becoming invisible again. But in the grey there was a beam of light.

I squinted at it. It was faint, all the way in the back of his subconscious. And yet, it glowed brilliantly with such passion. What was it?

I made out the outline of a fairy, covered in feathers. No way, it couldn't be, could it? Tooth?

Although I knew I wasn't Cupid, I wanted to brighten up Jack's dream, so I brought out the image.

Dream-Tooth approached the Guardian of Fun, while I stayed hidden behind a wall of sand and concentrated on creating a realistic setting.

Gardens, sunshine, birds. I gave it the most Disney look I could. It worked much to my relief, as Jack was up on his feet and flying by the Tooth Fairy's side. I smiled at the pleasant sight of my work.

Just then, Jack flew towards Tooth and the two changed quickly from pure clean love to a heated kiss.

Things were getting too mushy for me, so I left hastily. Who would've thought. Jack had a thing for Toothiana. Although in hindsight it seemed pretty obvious.

The question now was, did Tooth feel the same way?

When I emerged, I looked at the clock up on the wall. 1:00. It was still fairly early. I decided to visit Tooth, partly to visit, but more so to do some investigating.

It took another hour to reach the Tooth Palace. Fairies were still hard at work. Some gave me a polite wave, others just scowled and had hoped I would have been Jack.

Oddly, the Fairy Queen herself was nowhere in sight. I flew to the top of the Tower, where Tooth rested. Then again, she didn't rest much due to her 24/7 job, so the odds of her being there would be slim.

But low and behold! There she was, lying on her bed, fast asleep. As awkward as it was to enter a girl's room without permission, my curiosity was aroused, and so I began my work.

Tooth's dreams were less dull than Jack's. However, that didn't make it much better.

She was dreaming of her work. Hundreds of small fairies buzzed around her head asking for further orders while she struggled with her clipboard.

I disguised myself as one of her fairies, although I avoided her just to be safe. Thankfully she didn't notice that one particular fairy had golden eyes.

I searched her subconscious when she wasn't paying attention. Besides her work, there was really nothing else. I frowned, as I had thought that she would have had at least one thought of her fellow Guardians. But it seemed that she was just too caught up in her work.

But then, just like it was with Jack, there was a radiant light. An azure beam illuminated the grey dreams.

As I had anticipated, from this light, the silhouette of Jack Frost was formed, followed by the Spirit of Winter himself.

Flying across the room (staff oddly not in hand), he hugged Tooth from behind. Her fairies and her clipboard vanished, leaving me the odd one out.

Thankfully, the Fairy Queen was too flustered to notice. Without hesitation, I formed the same Disney setting as before, and transformed into a bright yellow sunflower and surveyed the scene.

While Toothiana continued to struggle in the boy's arms, Jack chuckled and gave her one of his signature lopsided grins. She stopped flailing and gave in, her face beetroot red.

Jack released her, and the duo flew across the garden, not noticing the sunflower with freaking root-legs running after them.

The two stopped at the fountain, just as I planted myself in front of them.

And then the mush arrived. The two passionately kissed. Their forms fitted like a jigsaw puzzle, closing the distance between one another.

Tooth's feathered hands held the back of Jack's neck, reeling him in, while his arms held her back, moving lower, and lower, and OH GOOD LORD WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE THIS FORM OF TORTURE!

I couldn't escape as I was right next to the duo. If I did I would definitely have been found out.

Their love lasted for another half an hour, before they broke apart somewhat reluctantly. I'm pretty sure I"m mentally scarred now, thanks to their public display.

Jack turned around and plucked me from my stem.

Oh crap.

As the Tooth Fairy accepted the gift, she felt the sand in between her fingertips. Sure enough, she looked down and finally noticed the two glowing eyes on the flower.

She gasped, her expression switching between fright, embarrassment and rage.

Now was probably the best time to make my get away.

I left her dreams at light speed, while she struggled to wake up. I flew out of the window and made a dash for anywhere, so long as it wasn't called the Tooth Palace.

Behind me, there was a piercing, high-pitched screech. Thankfully, she didn't give chase.

I took refuge in North's fruitcake cupboard for the next 8 days.

AN: And that's all she wrote, although I wrote it, so it should be 'that's all he wrote', I suppose.

So thanks to everyone reading. I wrote this story to parody the fact that Sandy has to visit all kid's dreams, and who knows what that could hold. Poor Sandy.

Also, the next chapter is based off yet another writer's story. I won't say who yet, but don't wory, the story's already half done and I have gotten permission from said writer to use his idea. So chill bro.

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