Fairy Frost 2


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Anyways, this story is based off the story:

Under the Mistletoe ( s/8781784/1/Under-the-Mistletoe)

Captain Unstoppable! ( u/1419908/Captain-Unstoppable)

Be sure to check out his story. I got a lot of inspiration from him, and I had gotten permission this time. So hoorah. Also, shoutout to creatorX333 for help with the Halloween dude. I made tweaks of my own to him. Nonetheless, enjoy~

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25th December. The day had arrived. My day. Christmas!

The anticipation I've built up since the start of the year can finally be put to use! I was going to make this year's Christmas party (that I hold annually) the best one yet, to celebrate the stopping of Pitch's 'World Domination' scheme.

I had everything needed for a party. The drinks, food and cutlery have been spread out on the long table. Red and green decorations had been put up. And the elves had been stowed away nicely.

Now all that was left was to wait for the guests.

Sandman was already here. I had found him in my fruitcake cupboard 6 days ago. I didn't bother him, for he seemed persistent to stay there. I just got one of the Yetis to leave a glass of milk there for him every day.

Now that he was finally out, he seemed to have returned back to his usual jovial self. Just in time for Christmas too.

Next came Toothiana. She seemed troubled at first, and then she saw Sandy. She excused herself and dragged the Guardian of Dreams into a corner of the room.

I heard screeches and what seemed to be death threats. Afterwards they came back, Sandy's face as pale as Jack's, Tooth's flushed pink.

Nothing out of the ordinary there.

After those two came Jack Frost. He was as cheerful as his usual self. However, something was off.

Sandy fled frantically to the fruitcake cupboard at the sight of the latest Guardian. When Jack and Tooth greeted one another, both appeared embarrassed. The Guardian of Memories face turned even redder than before, while the Guardian of Fun's turned blue.

Now this was strange. Very strange indeed.

I excused myself and confronted the Sandman.

"Sandy, you know what happen between Jack and Tooth, no?" I asked, my Russian accent kicking in.

He covered his mouth with his hands, shaking his head and refusing to speak.

"C'mon Sandy, we are good friends. Pleeeeeaaaassseeeeeee?" I stared at him with, eyes wide and pleading until he finally gave in.

He formed a sand image of Tooth, followed by one of Jack, and the two merged together into a heart, inside a thought bubble.

It took me a few moments to get what Sandy was trying to say.

"WHAT? TOOTH AND JACK?" I exclaimed in disbelief.

The Guardian of Dreams hushed me frantically and showed me even more images, one of which portrayed Tooth holding a knife in one hand and a very tiny Sandy in the other.

I understood perfectly. "So you want get them together on Christmas Day? Splendid!"

The little blond was now jumping up and down like a madman. The images above him changed too rapidly for me to get completely, but I got the general idea.

"You're saying that you want do this, by yourself? Fine! Then I challenge you! To see who is better matchmaker!" I exclaim, my competitive spirit growing at the thought of a challenge.

Sandman face-palmed and returned to the fruitcake closet.

I sneaked off to my private office. I pulled open a lower drawer to reveal an arsenal of mistletoe-related items.

"Hehehe" I say to myself. "They won't know what hit them."

The party was already 30 minutes in. Most of the guests had already arrived.

Mother Nature, Bunnymund and the Groundhog were talking in the corner, probably about their plants.

Mother Nature wore her signature green-and-lime robe, finished off with a necklace made of magic autumn leaves for the special occasion, complimenting her myrtle coloured hair. She chatted enthusiastically with the bunny and the land-beaver, occasionally translating anything the Christmas Tree had to say.

The Groundhog, the mythical being in charge of Groundhog Day, as well as anything and everything that happens below the earth's surface, wore his turquoise overalls with some soil and a yellow miner's hat. His brown, bristly fur protruded from his get-up, his large, spade-like hands waving up and down while the trio discussed about the importance of fertiliser.

The two eldest Guardians next to the Man on the Moon, Grim the Reaper and Father Time, were bickering about who was born first, as always.

Grim, in his pitch black robe and hood that hid his entire body besides his bone hands and a small portion of his skull face, would seem horrifying to anyone who didn't know him. But when you get used to him, he's actually a pretty nice guy. Pretty nice, that is, if you can ignore the fact that he takes the souls of people who die and sends them to either heaven or hell.

Father Time, on the other hand, wore his white robe with crests of the Sun and Moon on the chest area, as well as a humongous gold watch on his wrist. His face had sharp features, and wise white hair. Although he hadn't had any wrinkles before he was made into a mythical being, he was fairly hard of hearing, making it difficult to form a conversation with the old coot.

Fourth was trying to flirt up Nessie, the siren who was in charge of the Loch Ness Monster, much to her annoyance while Cupid was reasoning with Fourth that the two didn't match at all, but to no avail.

Fourth, with his red, blue and white soldiers uniform and neatly maintained mustache stood proudly, although inside he was desperately trying to find a girlfriend. His rifle was slung behind him on a leather strap.

Nessie wore her satin blue dress that looked almost like rushing water. Her golden trident was held in her right hand, while she drank from a cup in her left, her short, curled, sapphire blue hair hiding an annoyed face. Atop does luscious curls was a gold tiara that sparkled under the light of the chandler.

Cupid had his bouncy, pink hair that jiggled while he floated around the two. He wore a pink vest over a white shirt, but persistently continued to wear those diapers that he adored for who-knows-what reason. A bow was held in his right, and a quiver of arrows was slung behind his back.

Stingy Jack (who now insists to be called O' Lan from now on so that he wouldn't steal Jack Frost's 'thunder') stood by himself in a corner, watching the rest. His pumpkin head fitted onto a purple robe that was partly opened to reveal a grey shirt, a brown leather vest and sage Bermudas.

Last but not least, Len the Leprechaun was busy spiking the punch 'discreetly'.

The Leprechaun had a sneaky grin over his face, clearly giving away the prank. His bright green top hat (that clearly didn't fit him) hid his blonde hair, leaving a few messy strands protruding from underneath. The hat also covered one of his eyes, only revealing one emerald orb. He wore a green tuxedo with a four leaf clover tucked in the shirt pocket.

The Winter Sprite and the Fairy Queen were seated on the couch. Their blushes seemed to have faded and they were speaking as per normal again. Jack did his job as I had requested, freezing up any escaping elves and sending them back to the cellar with his wind.

I hid behind the couch with a fishing pole and a bunch of mistletoe. Stealthily, I attached the festive flower to the end of the hook without a sound, and when the time was right, I made my move.

"MERRY CHRIST...mas?" I look down on the couch to see not the expected target, but instead, Bunnymund and Rose, aka Mother Nature.

The two seemed stunned at the sudden outburst, until Cupid came in to interrupt the awkwardness.

"Ooh No way~" he gleefully chuckles to himself as he flipped out a small handheld device.

"It says here that you guys have a 80% compatibility rate! Hoorah~ Thanks a bunch, Northie!" the pink haired fairy exclaims for the rest of the room to hear. Everyone stops what they're doing and turns to look the duo, before cheering along.

"Alright guys cut it out! There is no way I'm going to kiss my best friend for the sake of some old-fashioned, over-rated belie-"

Bunny's retorts were cut off as the myrtle-haired lady stepped up to kiss him on the bunny lips. Everyone was stunned.

Bunny' s feet began to thump the floor rapidly, opening up many rabbit holes, resulting in a few Easter eggs to jump out and run amok in the workshop. Everyone cheered despite the havoc the blind eggs were making in the background.

Rose finally let go of the Guardian of Hope. "Don't take this the wrong way please. This is a one-time deal alright?"

Without waiting for an answer from the dazed bunny, Mother Nature sauntered away to gossip with the Christmas Tree.

Regaining his senses, Bunnymund turned to glare at me and my fishing pole, although that glare was rather half-hearted. He then hopped off to gather up the runaway eggs.

But where was Jack? Where was Toothiana?

They had walked off just before I pounced, so it seemed. They now stood in a completely different area. It seemed that the Tooth Fairy was introducing the latest Guardian to the other mythical beings.

No matter, the night was still young.

About 30 minutes later, I found the twosome by the punch bowl. Although we mythical beings didn't actually need to drink, they could if they felt like it. Sure enough, Len was there, trying to trick anyone into drinking the punch.

"Len, meet Jack. Jack, Len." Tooth introduced. Both greeted one another.

"So, Jack, being a Guardian must be thirsty work huh? Why don't you take a swig of punch?" Len suggested, mischievous intent hinted in his voice.

"Nah, I'm sure Jack's just fine, right?" Tooth gave a fake laugh as she snatched the glass out of Jack's hands and returned it to the St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun.

"Tooth, don't be such a worry wart. C'mon lad, drink up." Len urged, his green eyes glowing with glee.

"Len, everyone here knows you're a prankster. Everyone knows you spiked the punch." Tooth said fiercely, snatching the glass yet again.

While the 3 of them bickered, I sneaked up behind them and add some of my own ingredients into the punch as well. I poured in a bottle of love potion I borrowed from Cupid and snuck off.

"This was my own special blend of drink! I worked hard to make this. Who hurt you so bad that you can't trust?" the small, green clad blond argued, pointing an accusing finger at the Fairy Queen.

"Thanks for the offer Len, but I think I'll side with Tooth this time." Jack tells the Leprechaun nicely.

"It's got peppermint in it."


Jack grabbed a glass and chugged it down. The Tooth Fairy made a small shriek, while the green boy finally let a loud chuckle out, yelling "He fell for it! He fell for it!"

As Jack put down the glass, pink flowers began to sprout out of his white hair.

Jack looked at the mirror to his left and chuckled along.

"Well played, Len. Hey, is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here?" the Winter Sprite asks.

"Err, lad, your face is getting real red. That's not supposed to happen." The blond replies, reading the labels behind a small paper bag that read 'Magic flower seeds'.

"JACK! YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE!" The Fairy Queen screams, throwing politeness and etiquette to the wind.

"My...my wha- OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!"

As the winter sprite ran around the room, hair ablaze. I mentally slapped myself. Whatever Len put in that punch must have reacted with the love potion resulting in...this!

While Tooth spun circles around the Guardian of Fun and Len still frantically reading through the labels, Nessie conjured up a ball of enchanted water with her trident, sending it towards Jack's head.

The flames were doused from the water, but the impact sent Jack flying 5 meters before slamming face first into a hard fruitcake.

After a bit of shock, everyone (except me and Tooth) whipped out their phones and took some pictures of the unconscious Guardian.

It was only about 5 minutes later when someone exclaimed "He's unconscious!" did everyone begin to worry.

Luckily, Jack didn't receive too much injury. His white hair now had a big black scorch mark in the middle, and there was a bruise forming somewhere within that forest of white and black.

Toothiana and Jack now sat by the fountain, the hummingbird fairy continuously checking on the winter sprite's condition, while he reassured her as many times as needed. A blue blush crept up the boy's face as Tooth continued to worry over him.

Meanwhile, I was making a negotiation with Fourth not too far away.

"So, you want me to shoot a firework, indoors, that makes a mistletoe, just above those two's heads?" The soldier asks.

"Yes yes, with the word 'Kiss' in yellow." I reply, impatient to get this done ASAP before they run off again.

"And then you'll help me out to get a girlfriend?"

"Sure. Just hurry up will ya Fourthie? "

The patriotic soldier grumbled something about an impatient old geezer and how Christmas was overrated and that he was supposed to be born on the second of July. He held his rifle tightly and pointed it in the air above the couple's heads.

"Hold on, it takes a while to get the image right. Just a little longer..."

"Just shoot you moron!" I yell in his ear.

"Shut your mouth, fatty!" he turns around swiftly, rifle now pointed at me. I grab my machetes from my sides and get into a battle stance just as he fastens a bayonet to the gun.

"I dare ya to shoot me..." I threaten, eyes squinted.

Probably not the best thing to have done. Luckily, the rounds Fourth had created were still ones for beauty rather than harm. Despite so, the explosion packed a mean punch, sending both of us flying from the close range blast. Sparks flew, one landing atop of Jack's head.

"Oh not again!" the boy groans as his hair goes ablaze with crimson flames for the second time this night.

Tooth, now determined to do something besides screaming, grabbed the boy's skull with both hands and dunked it into the fountain water behind them.

After 5 seconds of submersion, the boy was allowed to return to the air. The flames were gone, yes, but a dumbfounded expression remained plastered over the winter sprites face.

"Are...you okay, Jack?" Tooth asks worryingly.

"Err, yeah. Just a little surprised." the boy manages to stutter out, still stunned.

I was staring at the two, flabbergasted. How...how on Earth do they always thwart my plans? My mouth is agape, despite my singed clothes and beard. Fourth was blasted a long distance away, probably where the others were.

Sandman walked up to me, hand holding a glass of milk.

"ALRIGHT SANDY YOU WIN! I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING I COULD, BUT THESE TWO ARE CRAZY! YOU WIN, OKAY?" I wail in sadness at the thought of losing, while the short mute just stares at me, taking occasional sips in between screams of sadness.

Just then, two of Tooth's fairy helpers flew up to Tooth and Jack, holding a piece of -you guessed it- mistletoe. Both stared at the piece of grass for a while, none daring to make a move.

Cupid happened to be flying across the room to the men's room when he spotted the two. Completely forgetting about his bladder, the pink-haired diapered boy flew around the two, yelling for everyone to gather. Everyone was chanting for them to kiss. Tooth's face was as red as a tomato, while Jack's mouth was left open, not sure whether to laugh, or cry.

All of a sudden, the fairy queen dove into the boy's lips. The teen needed a few seconds to resister what was happening. His eyes were still open, cheeks turning cyan. Tooth's eyes were shut tightly; cheeks flushed dark pink, probably unsure if enjoying this was wrong.

Moments later, Toothiana pulled away, apologized quickly to Jack before flying off, clearly embarrassed. Jack was about to chase after her, but Bunny stopped him before he could and dragged him off to join up with the rest of the crowd.

I however took advantage of this.


Sandy gave me an indifferent stare, before pouring the rest of his milk over me and trudging off.

What a sore loser.

There you guys guys Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Peace and see ya. Really gotta go now. Bye~